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    The year is 20XX. Report, a small town in Modland. aughts’ house.

    My Hopes

    I hope if you’re ever stuck in a zombie infested town, you can at least get a spa/coffee break. I hope if you’re ever lost in a cave, it at least ends with a heartening message. (Just before you end up in the land of the dinosaurs.) I hope if you’re ever stranded in a robot body in the past, you’ve got some friends to help you out.

    Nothing at the moment. ;_;

    aughts, professional wholesomeness ruiner
    Quazi: Can I be a Toaster Oven then
    ATrulyAmazingToaster: No
    Quazi: Can I be an Easy bake oven?
    ATrulyAmazingToaster: Okay, for real, I always wanted an easy bake oven
    ATrulyAmazingToaster: I debated last christmas buying myself one :(
    Quazi: You are an adult
    Quazi: You should do it
    aughts: just think how easily you’ll be able to bake with it
    ATrulyAmazingToaster: I just wanted to be a cute girl like the girls in the commercial but I was the weirdo girl that played video games, and soccer and beat up the boys that picked on the girls
    Quazi: I was friends with those girls. Child Quazi would have been friends with Atru
    Quazi: or got beeten up by her in her soccer fueled rage
    ATrulyAmazingToaster: Well, Child Quazi would have had to hang out with toddler Atru
    ATrulyAmazingToaster: But Teen Quazi could have hanged out with Child ATru
    ATrulyAmazingToaster: :)
    Quazi: I’m going with fantasy team time travel pairings. like getting babe ruth to be on the same team as Iron man. It don’t have to make sense
    ATrulyAmazingToaster: Okay, then yeah, we’d probably be friends
    ATrulyAmazingToaster: Hell, we could have been besties
    aughts: but alas, it was not meant to be
    aughts: and thus a great rivalry was born

    Tribal Drum beats stop dejectedly
    Aqws: I know when atrus birthday is
    Quazi: Tribal Drum beats sound in the distance
    Quazi: go on
    Aqws: I will keep the secret until i die

    In case you missed it (and that seems unlikely) James put out a Smashing! AVGN episode about Earthbound a few weeks back. To go along with that, here’s one of my fav crew fARTs, c/o mooot. And now, Sy returns with a freshly opened present. There is a Cookie inside! You take it.

    Happy Womb Boom Day! Celebrate by treating the maternal figure in your life to a treat from the Chocolate Chip-tune Cookie Jar!

    This week’s chip-tune comes from Super Metroid, a game from 1994 that was released for the Super Nintendo. With today being a parental holiday, what better track could there be to visit then the theme for Mother Brain – Final Battle, composed by Kenji Yamamoto and Minako Hamano.

    A simple, yet effective, theme, it succeeds in filling the player with a menacing dread. There is a ever repeating progression of 4-5 notes being looped by a drum beat and what sounds like a brass horn. As the notes repeat you are unable to escape the ever mounting danger you find yourself stuck in.

    Another constant aspect of the theme is the alarm like chords, with a few variations being played, that sound of an old church organ. This nerve-racking wails are perfect accompaniment for this boss battle, as Mother fires upon the player with lasers, fireballs, and bombs. You could easily listen along and picture the attacks being rained down.

    Together, all parts of the Chip-tune create a terrifying cacophony of other worldly horrors that perfectly fits in with the ghastly appearance of Mother Brain herself, making her all the more threatening.

    Time for the new installments of Adventures AWESOME! Last week’s results were:

     1. “I’m good, thanks.” (walk away) – 3
     2. “Yes, please show me.” – 0
     3. “You go squish, now!” – 0

     1. “Perhaps.” – 0
     2. “And perhaps not!” – 0
     3. “Wait. Who’s talking right now?” – 3

    Someday somebody else besides him will call him by his stage name. Someday. Enjoy this week’s installments, and for the full story so far check out the archive!

    “I’m good, thanks,” Al said, and then simply walked away.

    The worm sighed and slowly begun disassembling his drum kit.

    Al continued through the forest for what seemed, to her at least, but perhaps wasn’t, although maybe really was, like a really long time. I can’t tell if I like this place, she thought. I suppose I must do since I’m not particularly in a hurry to get home. Though I’m not having a terrible amount of fun. Or am I? I haven’t quit, yet. Perhaps this is what fun is and I’ve just never really experienced it before. I can’t tell if like fun or not.

    As she contemplated her current existence without distraction, she also happened to walk off the path she’d been following. Al found herself approaching the edge of a lake; one surprisingly large for being within a forest. A figure in an overly large diving helmet was unpacking a sack onto a table at the coast of the lake, not far from Al.

     1. Greet the figure.
     2. Spy on the figure.
     3. Attempt to rediscover the path.

    “Wait.” Al stopped and looked around warily. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, as far as she could consider current events ordinary, but she was sure that she had been having a conversation with someone. “Who’s talking right now?”

    The woods were quiet, or as quiet as woods could be. The leaves whispered in the breeze, a runoff from some point higher on the mountain softly bubbled along a depression in the path, and the rocks… well, she suspected the rocks were conversing in hushed tones to each other, but they didn’t make any indication that they had held her ear. She sighed and said aloud, “Never short of company, but somehow always alone. Mother would be surely be gossiping about me.”

    “You’re certainly making your home life sound appealing.”

    “Well, there’s more to my home life than my mo—” Al pursed her lips together and breathed loudly through her nose.

     1. Wait patiently.
     2. Continue silently along the path.
     3. Turn around, and keep turning around wildly until the speaker is revealed.

    Happy Mother series day, everyone. That’s… uh, that’s my joke. Come back next week when I will no longer have an excuse to endlessly reference Earthbound. Please.

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    Knives: Option #2.

    Fondant: Option #2. #3 would only have the disembodied voice make fun of Al for spinning like a top.



    Knives Option 2, Fondant Option 3 If we make the speaker make fun of us we can search for where that voice is coming from and find it!






    #2, #2

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