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    Four days later and I still can’t stop thinking about that adaptive controller from Microsoft. For all the mistakes they’ve made with this generation, that one’s gonna be well remembered as a good thing.

    Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah

    I’m still the local Mod Reporddah.
    Time is wastin’, my foot is tappin’.
    But if I sit here long enough somethin’ will happen.

    Nothing at the moment. ;_;

    And his partner in crime, Jem Hologram!
    Illiterate Sophist: This is an e-mail my dad just sent:
    Illiterate Sophist: Would stephen of the universe playing cards be a good idea?
    Syretha: I like the Stephen of the Universe

    Some good advice during webcomic week: make sure to have your plan for the future worked out. This new, silly comic from someone I follow has been going long enough to feel like I can share it. And here’s a Zelda comic from our far flung past.

    Time for the new installments of Adventures AWESOME! Last week’s results were:

     1. Greet the figure. – 0
     2. Spy on the figure. – 4
     3. Attempt to rediscover the path. – 0

     1. Wait patiently. – 0
     2. Continue silently along the path. – 2
     3. Turn around, and keep turning around wildly until the speaker is revealed. – 2

    Always makin’ me tie up. If you guys aren’t careful Al is gonna split again. Enjoy this week’s installments, and for the full story so far check out the archive!

    Al ducked back into the treeline and moved closer to the figure in the diving helmet, which upon closer inspection, appeared to be a simple glass bowl that pressed the figure’s rabbit ears against their rabbit head.

    From here, Al could hear the rabbit whistling a somber tune as they unpacked. On the table was a microscope in a plastic bag, a damp legal pad, a thermos, and several soggy books. They then unrolled a large piece of paper and started walked towards where Al was hiding.

     1. Keep hiding
     2. Approach
     3. Sneak around to the table

    A few minutes later, Al was stalking up the path when the voice finally piped up again. “I didn’t mean to impl—whoooa!”

    Al spun around quickly enough to get slightly light-headed, but saw no one behind her. The voice sounded so close, but with further spins she was met only with the same forest on the same mountain, made to feel slightly steeper until her inner ears finally caught up with the rest of her. “Show yourself, you, you… voice!”

    “I would, I promise, but it’s kind of hard to get out of a pocket all on my own.”

    Al paused, looking down at the front of her dress. She then reached into her pocket and pulled out what she could first feel, the two iron-hard tubes of fondant from the chef’s house. She studied one inquisitively. It was a pastel green, and she could see a smudge on the covering where it had hit her head.

    “Nope, not me.”

    She turned her attention to the other tube, this one the color of lemonade.

    “Sooo close, but no good.”

    She placed the fondants back in her pocket and brought out the only other object, her freshly acquired phial of what she now realized must be… sentient poison. Yes.

    “Hi! Nice to meet ya.”

     1. “…Hello.”
     2. “…Aaaah!”

    Report OVER!

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    Knives: 1) Keep Hiding, knowing Wonderland he already knows we’re there and if he doesn’t he’ll literally just walk directly around us without realizing we’re there yet.

    Fondant: Option 3) Drink the Poison Option 4! Drink the *Beep*ing Poison Sell the poison on Ebay, we’re gonna be rich! (Option 1…no 2! No 1, no…gah can’t decide!)



    3-sneak around



    Knives: Option #3.

    Fondant: (Hey not my fault! Just stating what was probably going to happen! I didn’t expect so many to latch on to the opportunity I mentioned!) Option #DRINK THE ****ING POISON!… Ahem, option #1. Al never seems surprised at anything since hour 1 of being here. Confused perhaps, but reasons things out almost immediately. So a simple hello seems more in-character. Also, DRINK THE ****ING POISON!

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