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    I’d like Devolver to plan each conference next year, please.

    To The Fresh Eyes Brought By E3

    If you’re new this week, hello! Welcome to the community!

    We got some rules you might wanna check out!

    Just in case you find yourself unable to access the chat, after, say, using emoticons, spamming smileys or strings of words, or using all caps, don’t worry, you’re very likely only timed out, and will be able to rejoin chat after a few minutes have passed! We’re not interested in banning people who aren’t yet used to our style of chatting, we’re just giving you a soft reminder to check out the rules and come back with a fresh perspective.

    We hope you enjoy your time with us.

    August 31st to September 3rd – Pax West

    I mean… yeah, no, that’s why.
    mellisbaker: I’m tired, so much to do with moving and planning and whatnot.
    Acevil: Just make the new mods do it Mellis
    Acevil: that is why they are here

    We know just how to motivate.
    Chrya: We’ll leave the corpses for you
    ATruTruTooToo: Yay!

    “What’s wrong?” “I had the fart dream again.”
    Stephasaur: i found out what a fart dream is!
    Quazi: go on

    I just spent the last few days watching trailers for movies and video games. I have nothing for you. My brain is mesh, and all my thoughts have fallen out. 76.

    Time for the new installments of Adventures AWESOME! Last week’s results were:

     1. Swam to the surface for a breath. – 0
     2. Desperately searched for a source of oxygen without surfacing. – 1
     3. Ran (/swam) out of the lake towards the rabbit. – 2

     1 to 3. And she dreamed. – 2
     4. That other thing. – 1

    Nah, K-16. Let’s get stuck in. Enjoy this week’s installments, and for the full story so far check out the archive!

    In a fresh panic, Al swam out of the lake, inadvertently running straight towards the rabbit. She froze as she saw him staring at her, his eyes wide and jaw gaped. He sprinted to the table and grabbed the microscope-in-a-bag before carefully walking towards Al.

    Speaking aloud to himself, the rabbit said, “I can’t believe it… a find like this so soon…”

    He stepped closer to Al, holding the microscope-in-a-bag as if trying to find a way to fit Al under the scope.

     1. Go with it.
     2. Run back into the water.
     3. “What?”

    Or maybe it wasn’t a rush. Maybe it was a compression, and her brain was just having trouble deciding exactly what was happening in her ears. Her stomach certainly wasn’t helping figure out her now many rushes, as the butterflies there weren’t so reminiscent of a fall as just a tumble, the rush (as it were) of a quickly subsiding river rapid.

    And as she oriented in this new space, and as the white noise slowly faded away, she took stock. Two arms, two legs, a head… she assumed, and roughly the rest of it. You know, a torso, clothing, an infinite expanse of pale-lit blue. The usual.

    So she figured she’d float it out and see what happened. Maybe set some simple goals, nothing too stressful. Like…

     1. Try to figure out how she’s floating.
     2. Try to figure out where she’s floating.
     3. Try to find a source for the light.

    How about that… one video game, with the things. That looked really interesting. I’m being told this all isn’t over yet. I wish only for the void.

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    I am so new that I have no clue what anything means beyond the first paragraph.
    Unfortunately, I had to learn the hard way about the rules on my first chat today. I did read them before joining chat at least. I got timed out for a while. A half hour to an hour I think before I could get back in. My fault though. I put 3 question marks in a row.
    No complaints from me, it definitely makes me watch everything I type. I’ll break myself of decades old habits though!! LOL
    Glad to be part of the community. This old dog will learn new tricks, that’s my promise.



    Welcome! Glad you’re here, and appreciative of your patience. :)



    So no news for the MC server? What are the chances of the mods working out the bugs for the plugins to bring over our items to the new world?



    @dawnhawk We have told you multiple times, don’t count on being able to transfer items to the next minecraft world.



    How dare you quote me!



    Damn it! So we dreamed after all! Damn it I say!

    Better throw some votes down quick!

    Knives: Option #1.
    Fondant: Option #3. I think the area is too large to have any idea where we are. As for how we’re floating, I don’t really care. So might as well have some sort of a goal on where to go next.

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