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    Welp, Steam summer sale’s here. Good luck.

    Do You Ever Just Listen To Songs From Follow That Bird

    I do. It’s got some good songs, guys. And now I’m assuming Frash and Becks are getting to Japan via Waylon Jennings’ turkey delivery truck.

    August 31st to September 3rd – Pax West

    oh no
    Stephasaur: I dropped my taco!!!!
    ATrulyAmazingToaster: Is… is that a euphemism?
    Syretha: its a tragedy
    ATrulyAmazingToaster: It could be both
    Syretha: a tragemism? or a euphedy?
    Chrya: It’s atruphemism
    ATrulyAmazingToaster: Don’t bring my name into this! … even if I started it

    Ace! Language!

    Dance! Dance! Dance!

    Time for the new installments of Adventures AWESOME! Last week’s results were:

     1. Keep still.
     2. Scream.
     3. Whisper, “… what are you doing?”

    The same thing from last week, find the light!

    I’ve accidentally written a really long entry, whoops! Enjoy this week’s installments, and for the full story so far check out the archive!

    She held her breath to avoid inhaling any more of his. The rabbit huffed in frustration.

    “This won’t do,” he said. “I can’t see a thing.”

    He walked back to the table and unscrewed his thermos to pour himself some coffee. While drinking it, he looked back at the poster he’d hung on the tree: A picture of a coral reef with the word, “Determination,” underneath. The rabbit nodded, grabbed a knife from the sack, and started back towards Al.

     1. Run to the water
     2. Keep still
     3. “What’s that for?”

    As Al floated, she came to notice that the light of this place wasn’t completely even. It was just a tinge brighter on her left side, just on the edge of her vision. She swung her head left, or as left she could possibly manage, and her body lazed along after her, slow to catch on to her impulses. The light, however, stayed firmly attached to that one point in her sight.

    It was only the light jingle and a giggling that finally shook Al out of her efforts. She laboriously stretched and bent her arms around her sides, feeling for what she realized was a weight extending from… her head, of course! And with that she merely reached up and hooked the long spindle extending from the helmet she was wearing, rotating it on its axis until it sat directly in front of her. On the other end of the rod hung a small, glowing orb, shimmering faintly as it said, “Oh! Hello! This is all very strange!”

    Al assumed her agreement would be implied by her silence.

    “I’ve just drank you, you see. Yes, this was truly my goal all along! They told me it was I who should be drank, but I knew I’d teach them, one day!” The light dimmed somewhat, and the orb seemed to shiver. “Sadly, this was my only goal in life, and now that I’ve achieved that, well, it all feels so hollow.”

    The orb continued speaking, but Al’s attention was drawn away by her now quite familiar friend, the glint in her eye. Another spindle click, click, clicked into view from her right, and from this one hung the cat from the baker’s kitchen. Its fangs were bared, and its eyes kept locked with Al’s as it eclipsed the orb and slowly swung back out of view.

    “… and of course, there was that one horrible beaver from the taste tests, she had some nasty things to say about my flavor profile. I think that’s where my fears about…”

    Click, click, click came another figure around the orrery that was Al, and this one… was Al. Or, at least, it looked like her. Maybe a bit more bedraggled (though she realized she hadn’t looked in a mirror lately). However, this Al, unlike the cat, wasn’t interested in making eye contact with her. No, this Al was staring back the direction she’d come, and, sure enough, with ever further click, click, clicks came a fourth figure, the White Rabbit.


    This White Rabbit was dressed like an astronaut and had a knife, and was advancing click, click, quickly on orrery-Al’s spindle. This didn’t seem conducive with Al’s efforts at stress reduction, and as the two figures clicked closer, she wondered just what, if anything, she should do.

     1. Attempt to move orrery-Al along her axis.
     2. Attempt to move the White Rabbit along his.
     3. See if the obviously-enthusiastic-about-murder orb has any ideas.

    TFW when you realize the Grouch Anthem is your core ethos. Come back next week for more of whatever random things I type!

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    In case anybody was wondering, the previous Knives story only had one vote, which was my vote to stand still.

    Knives: Option #3.
    Fondant: Option #1. I don’t think Google Orb has anything interesting to say.



    Option 3: “What’s that for?”

    Option 3: Murder Orb

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