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    Google might be making a console. Expect the beta test in a couple of years, apologies and cancellation of the console 6 months later, and them deciding on the final version of the UI they’ll use for it in 2050.

    This Report Is Late

    Never mind you how late. You’re reading this on a Thursday evening, after all. But I have judged that it was news enough to report on.

    August 31st to September 3rd – Pax West

    Mostly, we have fun.
    Stephasaur: Aww old man bonefoot
    Stephasaur: Cute!
    Stephasaur: slurp sound

    Illiterate Sophist: I’m so bored I’m watching Alien 4.

    Sideways put out another video, this time aboot Fantasia as the diametric to a soundtrack, and I guess I gotta link it, because I link all of his videos now. I guess. I’ve been enjoying the Gourmet Makes series from Bon Appétit. Also: kitties.

    Time for the new installments of Adventures AWESOME! Last week’s results were:

     1. Run to the water – 0
     2. Keep still – 0
     3. “What’s that for?” – 2

     1. Attempt to move orrery-Al along her axis. – 1
     2. Attempt to move the White Rabbit along his. – 0
     3. See if the obviously-enthusiastic-about-murder orb has any ideas. – 1

    Time for a close-up. Enjoy this week’s installments, and for the full story so far check out the archive!

    “Ooh!” she cried and skipped towards the rabbit. “What’s that for?” kneeling down to stare at the knife. The rabbit froze in place, eyes wide.

    “Y-You speak!?”

    “Uh… yes?” Al said. “May we speak about the knife?”

    The rabbit hid the knife behind his back, sheepishly, and stuttered, “Well, I, uh, you see… you are- were- too large to fit under my biologist’s scope, so… I needed more malleable samples?”

    “I suppose that does make sense. What are you trying to study, though?”

    “… I’ve been working to establish myself as a marine biologist and you,” he gestured with his hands, revealing the knife again, “ are a magnificent find!”

    “That is quite exciting… but is the knife absolutely necessary?”

     1. Offer to find another water-girl.
     2. Offer some hair.
     3. “Anything for science!”

    Well, that wouldn’t do at all! In her haste to solve this problem, a nervous flinch from her hand had sent Orrery-Al clicking speedily towards that worrying knife. Orrery-Al and the Maybe-Not-White Rabbit were now at a standstill, having clicker-clacked into a kind of locked position, frozen in a close-range face-off in front of Al. “Oh, what do I do now!?”

    “Maybe you could try drinking them?”

    At that, Al snarled. “You know what? I did not ask you!” And with that she pushed the rod the glowing orb hung from, sending it careening off along the axis of her helmet. Which meant it promptly spun back around into view, and left again, and so on, creating a somewhat annoying strobe effect on the blue of her surrounding void.

    It was not, perhaps, her best moment, and she still faced the same problem she’d had at the start of this.

     1. Attempt to move Orrery-Al along her axis.
     2. Attempt to move the Maybe-Not-White Rabbit along his.
     3. Try to swivel and spot the cat again.

    Next week: Hot takes! Hope you guys had a good Day O’ Canada and Month O’ Pride.

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    Knives: 3 “Anything for Science!”

    Fondant: 3 Find that Cat!

    The new Gorillaz album ‘The Now Now’ is out! everyone go listen to it! please



    Damn it, how did the Fondant universe loop itself?!

    Screw this! I wish to empower syretha’s votes!

    Knives: Option #3!
    Fondant: Option #3!

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