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    It’s 1 AM on a Monday morning and I’ve only just started writing the report, so welcome to STREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS: A MOD REPORT!


    Okay, Minecraft! I meant to have a small update today on things, but as it is, everyone’s asleep (and has been pretty busy this week) so here’s the quick and dirty of it.

    Obviously the Java Edition has a new version out, 1.13, that’s chock full o’ new stuff for the oceans (and probably a couple of other things)! Our current server will likely remain at 1.12.2, as 1.13 is largely worldgen focused and the 3rd World wouldn’t really benefit. However, we’d like to reconfirm that there will be a fourth permanent world that will start on 1.13 and get all its salty changes built in. There will not be crossover between our 3rd and 4th worlds, so no inventory transfer.

    August 31st to September 3rd – Pax West

    Welp, let’s see if anything funny was said this week… hm… is ISo dying funny?
    Illiterate Sophist: I’ve died.
    nulani: Hello Zombie/Ghost/Ghoul Sophist.
    Illiterate Sophist: A woman who only spoke Chinese was in the store today using her phone to translate, and I could barely speak for it.
    Illiterate Sophist: She probably has the plague, now, too.

    Sure, why not. And here’s what came (relatively) immediately after, since we now have some context.
    Illiterate Sophist: … the fireworks are back.
    Illiterate Sophist: I’ma drink all the cough medicine.
    Chrya: leave some for the rest of the week
    Illiterate Sophist: No!

    I can’t find media quickly, but I can cheat! It was Comic-Con, so here’s what I liked from what I saw of trailers: Shazam, sure, Aquaman, why not, new Fantastic Beasts, looks fine, GODZILLA HEY SURE I’LL WATCH YEAH, Zim, yes yes yes yes yes, and I’m sure I spotted a few other things, but it is late and I cannot remember them.

    Okay, two weeks strike. We’ll blame me this time, that’s fine.

    Though you guise know ISo doesn’t write out ties like I do.

    But we’ll still blame me.

    That was not the best day. Let’s hope for better tomorrows.

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    Yay 4th world!! Good to know RPG month will be Permanent ? but when will 4th world be ready?
    I’ve been watching the start of hermit craft season 6 and I’m getting twitchy!



    Probably safe to say that the 4th world will come within the next month or two, barring the unpredictable.



    So, August? For my birthday!? Awesome!



    The end is nigh!



    To a brand New beginning ?

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