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    So since they’ve decided to start showing film trailers, why not have a thread gathering them together?

    Since Fraser doesn’t keep up with movie trailers all that often, be sure to include all the regular trailers (I don’t think you should bother with TV spots or trailers shown in foreign languages, unless the extra footage shown is truly AWESOME!) and possibly some cast and crew info to make it easier (IMDb would be a safe bet).

    And Fraser/mods, let us know if youtube or Apple’s movie trailer links would be preferable for putting it together for the show.

    Let’s kick this off with the trailer for perhaps my most anticipated film of the year, The Hobbit!

    Peter Jackson returns to direct, along with Ian McKellen (Lord of The Rings) Matin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch (both from Sherlock). It’s filmed in 3D and 48 fps, which it will also be shown in for some theaters.

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Viewing 6 replies - 631 through 636 (of 636 total)

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