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    Ok so here is what Nightmare On Sesame Street is going to be. it’s going to be the houses of sesame street maybe made more dilapidated to go with the horror theme with the characters inside. we will be building the counts house, big birds house, basically a bunch of the major characters houses with warped twisted horror versions of the characters inside. maybe have a story to it where one of the characters like maybe big bird went crazy and murdered everyone.

    The Counts head will be on a pike and his arms will be on the ground near the pike. his hands will have finger guns like becky does and the interior of his house will be a crouch room. the word Dickwad will be on one of the walls in large print. (this might seem out of place but this is part of what I originally intended and I don’t want to lose that part of the build)

    Big Birds body will be on a rack (the torture device) with red stone blood on the rack (or something else that could be construed as blood I’m open to suggestions) his wings will be where his feet would be and his legs will be where his wings would be like a mad scientist went to town on him.

    Elmo will be hung with something that looks like intestines (nether rack?)  and the area where his belly would be will be open. his gold fish will be out of its bowl and on the ground dead.


    the cookie  monster will have what looks like cookies have been forced down his throat so much so that cookies are bursting out of his chest.


    burt and ernies heads will be switched

    I have decided that for a story as flimsy as it is, is that oscar snapped and went batshit insane and murdered everyone.  needless t o say I need quite a bit of help. I am also open to build suggestions.

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    While I will not be able to help with the building itself, I will be able to provide supplies if requested and given reasonable time to collect.



    Alrighty gents and ladies. Jmizzle has taken over in Bacon’s absence. Help still needed



    Great-grandmother is in the hospital. Something with kidneys. Don’t know when I’ll be on.



    I just want to formally apologize for my disappearance I did not expect school to be as intense as it was and had no time for minecraft. In hindsight I probably should have made people aware of this but at the time it did not occur to me and for that I sincerely apologize.



    Okay, starting today (with Fraser’s blessing) I’m going to be heading this build project. From our mod meeting yesterday, we were disappointed with how the situation between the builders and leader(s) were handled on this challenge, which overall effected the look of the build. Fraser wants this build to be great, and we were VERY close of cutting this build out of the show, so with that said, I will point out some things that I want to see and that I will help work on in this project.

    1. The Sign (Nightmare on Sesame Street), which is by far the best part of the build, will need to be raised up 10-20 blocks *This will allow for us to expand the area, instead of making it look like a shell of a town.

    2. The buildings will need to be reworked and detailed. When I was looking at the site, it didn’t really give that city street look. Every building looked like a cookie-cutter box, with little charm. I have some ideas on how to make it look great and incorporate the “Scary” that this build really needs.

    3. Actors! instead of focusing on huge versions of muppet characters, I’d rather see Muppet actors in gross, or deformed skins (I can easily make some skins for this build). I do have some things that will look good as huge Muppets… see below for more details. (And I know that we can find actors!)

    4. Story. Here is my pitch of the story, I would love the idea of an overturned Toxic Waste truck that turned all the Muppets into psychos, monsters, and overall killers. I want Big Bird to be a 6 story tall monster, stomping on buildings, leaving huge footprints around the town, and holding Snuffys decapitated head, that shoots blood. I want cookie monster to be like Hannibal Hector, craving human flesh instead of cookies, I want Elmo to be a psycho-killer like Dexter, and kills people by tickling them to death. I want Bert to throw a toaster in Ernies bathtub. I want Gore, Scary, and the polar opposite of what the PBS show really is. I know that we can pull it off, and I know we can make this build look like a Gem in this Halloween Minecraft show.

    So I am welcoming those that have built on this, and those that want to help with this project. Let me know. I am open for suggestions, but I will not tolerate any fighting. If you have any questions, feel free to message me in the forums, or when im in minecraft. I work during the week, but im free on weekends and after work.



    I’m leading the Rocky Horror build and as such won’t be able to help with this, but I just wanted to say that I am SO happy this is going to be in the show! ^^ I was bummed when I heard it was going to be cut, this is one of the ones that I was looking forward to the most! In case you guys need any brick for your build, we should have quite a bit left over from ours that we don’t need anymore. ^^


    How about putting your giant Big Bird in a Freddy Krueger outfit since the name of the build and signage are referencing Nightmare on Elm Street? Fedora, red-black striped shirt, claw hand (w/ Snuffy’s head in the other), etc.

    You could start the segment inside a room where one of the actors is asleep as a Sesame Street character. When Fraser opens the door to the bedroom, he’s suddenly outside where all the carnage and mayhem is happening. Another actor wearing the same skin as the sleeping character is running around outside being chased by monsters. Maybe? I don’t know, I’m just trying to connect this to the movie somehow because one of the gang might call you out on it.




    Heya Martin. I helped on the build when Mizzle was in charge. I made the Sesame Street theme in redstone. Seems as though there’s a better idea for what’s going to happen with the build than there was before. That AND it seems a lot more feasible to make then simply “Oscar went nuts and killed everyone.” I’m glad you were allowed to change the base plot from what we were told we had to follow.

    I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to help as, like you, I’m working all week long, though I generally have nights off. Let me know and I’ll do my best to get what materials are needed.



    @barrenfigtree: I love the idea of a Freddy Kruger Outfit… that is an awesome idea!
    @khroal: any help is most appreciated, for now, im jotting down ideas and making some concept art in creative. I brought various materials from my stash for the build, but I am in need of various wool types… mostly yellow for big bird. And of course, anyone that is interested in acting is most welcomed.



    What’s the plan now?



    Well, seems like I wont be available this weekend… had an unexpected funeral to go to. I dont have the skins for the show, but most of them are on the skindex. Hope it goes well, I’ll see everyone next week!

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