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    Putting together the info leaks from reliable sources and what Nintendo has said/done I pretty confident in the following points about the NX:

    • It will be a console box + a dedicated handheld device (which is also a controller for the console)
    • The NX handheld will eventually replace the 3DS line of handhelds
    • You will be able to download titles to either machine, or purchase the games at retail
    • The console will NOT have a disc drive. Instead both the handheld and console will play the same games (memory cards similar to the 3DS. High capacity memory cards are now cheap enough for even large games)
    • The console and handheld will automatically adjust the graphics of the game to what each device can handle (think of it like how you set the graphics settings on PC games)
    • Memory cards for games are a good idea because disc drives are slow, power hungry, and a relatively expensive part of a console. This way Nintendo can spend money on the CPU, GPU, RAM, etc.
    • This unified platform will allow Nintendo to release a steady stream of 1st party games instead of splitting their resources between 2 platforms
    • Zelda Wii U will be on NX as well (just like Zelda TP was Gamecube/Wii)
    • They will try to have a brand new main-line Mario in the launch window (pending how Miyamoto feels about how the game is progressing)
    • The console’s power and chipset will be similar to PS4 & Xbox One to make porting for 3rd parties easier
    • NX will release holiday 2016

    Here are a few things I hope Nintendo does, but there is no indication that they will:

    • Launch the NX with a Super Smash Bros Ultimate Edition (The Wii U and 3DS game in one with all the DLC included)
    • Allow owners of Wii U games to transfer their downloaded titles to NX, and somehow accommodate Wii U disc games as well.

    I tried to put my personal feelings aside and looked at what information we have gotten and what makes the most business sense for Nintendo. Although you may be upset about Zelda being cross-platform, they need to have strong titles for the launch of the NX.

    What do you all think?

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    I have a few problem making an uninformed opinion about a device about something the company said itself is not going to be talking about yet. So while some of these leaks may be true, they are very possible not the finished product. Until I can actually see the device itself and know for sure what it will do I can’t speculate on speculation of rumors of a device we don’t know a whole lot about.



    It just doesn’t make sense to me for them to merge their handheld and console lines. Why would they do that when they can sell two different devices to the same person? Also add on top of that the fact that they always come out with special edition or larger screen handheld devices that cause us to buy more than one and resell the the old ones. It just doesn’t make much sense to me from a marketing point of view why that would be the next great innovation.

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    The wont be able to get people to buy a handheld and a console separately. The 3DS is selling, and the Wii U is floundering.

    And they can still redesign the handheld part of it. Will just be harder to sell on, unless it works without the main console part.

    This all sounds really appealing. I am not much of a portable gamer, but I occasionally do like to play my Vita in bed late at night when I cant sleep. If you are going to give me an actual Pokemon game I can play on my TV and continue it in bed? Sounds pretty good.

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    Initially, I think the handheld portion will only be available with the NX console, but sometime after launch it will be available as a stand alone handheld. They will still be able to sell you upgraded/special edition handhelds. The new one you buy will become another screened controller for your NX console.



    Y’all make an appealing point. As much as I’d love a handheld/console crossover and how close they were to that with the Wii U, I’m not sure we’re at the point where it’s reasonable to have literally the same games playable on both devices. It just feels to me like there should be a difference between the processing powers.

    Also, I have been meaning to apply to this thread for weeks, but never got around to it. Found an interesting article about how the NX isn’t supposed to be anything like the Wii U. I feel like if it were a handheld/console hybrid, they wouldn’t say that because the Wii U already looks like it should be a hybrid.



    Memory cards being cheap is still relative.
    Even with DVD and Blurays being more expensive to produce than CDs, with their multiple layers its still only a tiny fraction of the costs of a cartridge.

    I fully agree that from a technical standpoint, the cards are the better, faster and more robust solution.

    It would be a very interesting concept to have 2,3 or 4 quality settings for games, tinkering with resolution, antialiasing and level of detail to adapt for handheld processing, handheld displaying, 1080p Display and 2160p display. (if they would aim for 4k, but i doubt that, post processing AA would be cheaper on the Hardware.)

    Knowing Nintendo, the full program of versatility would only come for first party titles though, everybody else will go the cheap route and only aim for one of the possible processing ways.

    I also would hope that they have some form of screenless controller as an option to…i find the wiiU-pad still to big, bulky and heavy, whenever i play a game that does not use the touchscreen.

    something to consider is that portable CPUs usually use a RISC architecture, not a CISC, which is more powerfull and easier to program for. so either the portable would have shitty batterytimes or the entire console would have to be based of a complicated architecture that is harder to program for. (unless AMD has created a miracle with their next x86x64 design that is coming 2016)

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    Isnt there a rumor out there about the NX doing some weird thing where multiple consoles can be tethered in the cloud to increase processing power or something like that?

    Its still a year away so Im holding out on getting hyped or getting critical for something that far away.

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