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    Alright, so I finally got this team thing rolling and the Turbo Club has a team that will represent it in the UGC, the United Gaming Clans. Windtrouser and I are currently the co-leaders of the team. Here is the lineup:

    Windtrouser as Scout
    Teckham as Soldier
    Daverball as Pyro
    Bench as Demoman
    Totalnonsense as Heavy
    Greensombrero as Engineer
    Numberfox as Medic
    I Am Castle Crashers as Sniper
    Zoku as Spy

    Windtrouser-Medic (Sub)
    Cainson-Soldier (Sub 1), Scout (Sub 1), Demo (Sub 2)
    KRSD-Sniper (Sub 1), Pyro (Sub 2), Engineer (Sub 2)
    Twitches-Demo (Sub 1)
    Darkavenger-Soldier (Sub 2), Heavy (Sub 2), Engineer (Sub 1), Sniper (Sub 2)
    Otakudan-Scout (Sub 2), Pyro (Sub 1), Demo (Sub 3)
    Kota90-Spy (Sub)
    5Two-Heavy (Sub 1)

    The way the sub system works is sub 1 is the first sub we turn to, then if he or she can’t make it go to sub 2. This way, all the subs have a main sub for one class or another, maximizing all the sub’s chances of participating. During the actual matches, our team should have “[Turbo]” after our usernames, which is what our “clan tag” is. We won’t participate in the summer season, instead we’ll play scrims or practices, and try to get a feel for how the team chemistry is. Something that I’ll need the main members to do is to periodically tell me when they’re able to play during the week, because although official UGC matches are held Monday at 6:30 PST, scrims against other teams can be held at any time on any day as long as we agree on it beforehand. I’ll create a google docs for this.

    Also, if you haven’t joined the team on the UGC website, you have to. Only members on our team roster on the website can participate in matches, so please do so if you haven’t already. The way to do this is Log In Via Steam>Go To Profile>Join A Team>Highlander>Pick “[Turbo] VGA Turbo Club!”>Type the password “waterfox”>Submit, and then I’ll accept you and you’ll be recognized as a member of the team by the UGC.

    Other than that… I guess team members introduce yourselves? Maybe give some of your TF2 playing history. We’re gonna be fighting alongside each other, might as well take the time to get to know each other :P

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