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    (HEY! Got your attention? Good, then add me on PS4, my username there is Zaziuma as well, let’s party up sometime!)

    Since I’m sure a lot of us are playing, I thought we should have a discussion page! Share your favorite heroes, your favorite moments while playing, or discuss strategy, whatever you feel like. I had a good moment that inspired this thread:

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    Favourite Offensive Heroes: Pharah.
    Favourite Defensive Heroes: Mei (maybe), and maybe Bastion (though he might be a pubstomper and not very good vs experienced players).
    Favourite Tank Heroes: I like all of them.
    Favourite Support Heroes: All but Symmetra.

    I suspect I’m going to end up playing a lot of tanks and supports since people seem to like offensive heroes and snipers. I don’t mind too much. I don’t like payloads that much though, I hope they’ll give us an option to disable some maps (probably depends on how healthy the playerbase is).

    I’m playing on European servers and on the PC.



    I love Tracer. I love causing problem on the back line, and such. Still a bit slow to try now heroes, but I been trying, it not easy, hehe.

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    Favourite Offensive Heroes: McCree
    Favourite Defensive Heroes: Mei, but I really like both Bastion and Torbjorn.
    Favourite Tank Heroes: Reinhardt, but I am trying to learn D.Va and recently started to use Zarya more (she was better than I had originally thought!).
    Favourite Support Heroes: Easily Lucio but Mercy is fun too. I like Zenyatta but not as much as the other two. I really dislike Symmetra.

    I am really loving this game and Fraser’s shows ended up convincing me to pre-order it. Originally I was planning to skip the title completely without even trying the beta!



    Symmetra I been comming around to. She might not have the heals of Mercy or Lucio, but she allow for support with turrets, her attacks, and a teleporter to the front lines, are a huge help sometimes too. I even manage to do a couple plays of the day, thanks to picking up weaken enemy running to health, or stumbling on my turrets in suprise of attacking others.



    I suppose I should do favorite heroes too.

    Favorite Offense: Pharah (I played Soldier in TF2 a lot when I used to play, so she’s perfect for me)
    Favorite Defense: Torbjörn (I like Bastion on somewhat equal level, but he’s not as interesting to play as Torbjörn is.)
    Favorite Tank: Reinhardt (Roadhog is fun too, but I feel like I’m pretty bad at him.)
    Favorite Support: Lúcio (Mercy almost equal, but the ability to heal a lot of guys at once and deal damage as well is more my playstyle.)



    Favourite Offensive Heroes: Mccree or Genji. Both are just fun.. no real reason besides that.
    Favourite Defensive Heroes: Hanzo or Widow. I like sniping
    Favourite Tank Heroes: The monkey! (Winston) Really fun to jump around and rage all over the place. Big fan of D.va also.
    Favourite Support Heroes: Zenyatta. I like the flexibility of this character, both offensive and supporting.

    Great game. Love almost all the characters (Some make me rage too hard)..



    Good news, beta extended by 24 hours



    These next 2 weeks will probably be the longest of my life.
    I’m not even a fan of team-shooters (played TF2 for a day and got bored), but fell in love instantly.
    Really hope this’ll be the new VGA game to play, replacing TF2.
    Had the time of my life playing with some of you dudes and dudettes.

    Favourite Offensive Heroes: Soldier 76. Very solid, not all that fancy. I’m pretty shit at aiming, so his ability to just kinda spray and pray and get results is right up my sleeve.

    Favourite Defensive Heroes: Bastion. There is a good reason why people used to complain about him in the alpha (was it the alpha? Like the pc thing a few months back). Partner him up with a good support and he’ll hold anything forever and probably get more kills than most offensive heroes.

    Favourite Tank Heroes: Roadhog. I’m not a tank player, but he is super fun. Like a Pudge with shotguns.

    Favourite Support Heroes: Mercy (obvious for everybody who played with me, I guess). I love that character. The perfect support. Heals, buffs and can fly around between characters to be all over the battlefield. Her gun is a lot better than most people realize, seen quite a few killstreaks. And at the same time she is slow and squishy when she’s alone, so new players won’t try to use her as a dps.
    The normal walking speed is probably one of the slowest, but she can fly to characters she sees, so being in a group is a must.
    She is useless alone, but probably the best character for groups of 2+.



    The beta was fantastic, and I had immense fun playing with all of you guys (Especially the all Bastion team, god that was stupid and hilarious) Overall, my favorite characters are:
    Offense: Tracer – I mained Scout in TF2 and Tracer is the closest to that kind of playstyle, hit and run, kill stragglers or loners really quickly and up close. I’m going to try to main her when the game officially comes out. Hilariously, the two characters that I found counter her aren’t the Tanks, but McGree (Fucking Flash bomb…) and Reaper (Two good shotgun blasts and she’s dead).
    Defense: Mei – She needs balancing, without a doubt, but I love her ability to simply cut off paths of entry for the team using her ice-wall.
    Tank: Zarya – To me, she feels the least squishy of tanks, which is hilarious if you look at her health bar, as she has the lowest. However, her ability to giver herself and allies invulnerability, while also improving her own weapon, is a great setup that I love.
    Support: Lucio – I’ve never liked “static” or “passive” supports, I want my healers to have to do as many crazy combos and moves as the offense. For that reason, Lucio is my favorite, as he’s the most mobile and active Support out of the 4.



    I’ve stuck to one character and that’s Reinhardt. You can create some great offense if you help protect your teammates. With Reinhardt you’re basically a bullet sponge until your shield is destroyed which takes quite a while. I found out Bastion + Reinhardt is a great combo team. Bastion as a turret while shielding him does wonders if done right. Reinhardt is also good for pushing up and have everyone else follow behind. He only had one long range shot attack that’s good for when a enemy is almost dead. His “power dash” move or whatever it’s called is very strong, basically the power dash is very linear as you can barely turn left or right but once you catch a enemy, they are stuck until you hit a wall that half the time kills them depending on their health. It’s more fun when you catch more than one person in the move. His ultimate basically knocks enemies down in a bit of a stun, perfect if crowded so other players can take the opportunity to kill them. As a tank, he’s more like a defense character if you choose to be.



    My current thoughts on every character (14-20 hours of gameplay + a bit of reading guides and theory crafting):


    Genji: Ninja assassin who seems somewhat lackin’. He is quite good at sneaking up and assassinating squishy targets, but he faces fierce competition from Reaper and Tracer. He still does his job as an assassin fairly well, having the niche of being better at mid-range than the other assassins. Furthermore, his reflect can be really useful, and his dash gives him decent mobility (especially if he manages to kill with it). His ultimate is great for pub-stomping, although it’s a bit risky to use versus organized teams. Overall, I think he might be the weakest offensive hero, but he’s still a pretty decent character.

    My personal thoughts: I don’t like playing Genji. His overall damage seems somewhat low compared to other alternatives, and I tend to go too offensive with him, getting myself killed too often. I suppose if I played him a bit more I’d get better at him, but he doesn’t really seem to fit my playstyle.

    McCree: McCree. This character is one of the best (perhaps the best) offensive heroes. His flashbang straight up wins him duels in close range, and his mid-range damage potential is quite scary as well. His ultimate is a bit hard to pull off (easier if you have a friendly Reinhardt) and his mobility is rather lackluster, but his damage potential and hard cc from his flashbang makes him a top threat.

    My personal thoughts: McCree is fun to play once in a while, though I’m not that good at landing headshots, so I generally prefer playing Pharah or Reaper if I’m playing offense.

    Pharah: Pharah is an overall solid character. She provides good sustained damage, good burst damage, and her aerial mobility is the best in the game. Her ultimate is great, although it does leave her somewhat vulnerable. Still, she’s a great character overall.

    My personal thoughts: In Team Fortress 2 Soldier was one of my most played characters, so switching to Pharah felt good. I like her a lot, and she’s probably my favourite offense hero.

    Reaper: Reaper is probably the best assassin in the game. His burst damage is incredible, and he can even burst down tanks fairly quickly. His shift ability grants him a way to escape easily or approach long-range targets if he wish, and his teleport gives him some map mobility. His ultimate deals an incredibly amount of damage, and if timed well it can really turn a fight around. Like all assassins he falls off versus teams that group and turtle, though.

    My personal thoughts: I quite like Reaper, actually. Roaming the map and finding targets to duel feels good, and his shift ability has saved me so many times.

    Soldier: 76 Soldier is surprisingly good. He deals good damage and offers a nice AoE-heal. Soldier is a really good pick if your team only has one healing support (or zero, for some reason), and he probably still works on comps with duo supports.

    My personal thoughts: Eh, he’s rather vanilla, I’m not all that much of a fan.

    Tracer: Tracer can be surprisingly hard to kill due to her mobility and Recall ability. Her damage isn’t great, though, so as an assassin she somewhat struggles to kill semi-bulky enemies fast. She can really mess up supports, though, and her ultimate is good for wrecking defensive heroes and tanks. She can play hit ‘n run quite well and can really annoy enemy teams that lack a good healer. Overall, I’m not super-impressed by her but she’s probably better than Genji at least.

    My personal thoughts: Her mobility is fun to play with but I find her damage a bit too low for my taste.


    Bastion: Bastion is a pubstomp hero. He destroys unorganised teams and get crushed by organised teams. His damage potential is insane, but his weaknesses are many, mainly due to his immobile status in sentry form. His tank ultimate is somewhat of a high risk, high reward ultimate, which works great against unorganised teams but against organised teams he tends to be focused down and killed quickly more often than not.

    My personal thoughts: I like playing Bastion against teams that aren’t that great. He can pretty much win the game by sitting in a spot and destroying anyone who comes there. I don’t like playing him against players who know what they’re doing, though.

    Hanzo: Eh. He’s meh on coordinated teams. Tanks and supports sort of act like amplifiers for offensive heroes, but Hanzo is more of a lone wolf, snipin’ away from his team. That’s not to say that he’s a bad hero, but on coordinated teams you would generally be better off picking someone else.

    My personal thoughts: He’s quite fun to play, although I don’t play him much since I generally feel I would bring more power to the team by picking someone like Pharah or McCree instead.

    Junkrat: He is great at setting up traps, and his ultimate can really destroy the enemy team. I wonder if he falls off versus stronger teams though? They might destroy his traps and his ultimate before he really gets to use them. I’m not quite sure how strong he is, but he seems somewhat decent, probably one of the better defensive heroes.

    My personal thoughts: I don’t really like playing him. It generally feels like I’m exploiting my opponents poor positioning whenever I hit my traps rather than me outplaying them. His grenade launcher feels too spammy for my taste.

    Mei: I am not sure about Mei. She’s actually great at close range 1v1s thanks to her freeze, her shift ability is really cool (no pun intended) and her wall can be great. Still, I’m not sure if she really adds that much overall to the team compared to other characters. I suppose she might fall under “decent”, although I’ve seen some consider her one of the worst. Her ultimate is useful if she can keep the enemies inside of it, although many heroes have enough mobility to escape it.

    My personal thoughts: I haven’t played that much Mei aside from some 1v1s (where she was a lot of fun), but I could see her being a fun character to play. She might be a bit weak in 6v6 fights though since she needs to be close to the enemy to really do anything aside from walls.

    Torbjörn: I think he’s pretty bad, overall. He might be a pretty good pub-stomp character but organised teams should generally be able to deal with his turret. His accent doesn’t sound very Swedish either.

    My personal thoughts: I never liked Engineer in Team Fortress 2, and from what I’ve seen I won’t like Torbjörn. I got like 8 kills in a row without dying and it felt so hollow since the turret did most of the job.

    Widowmaker: She’s probably a bit better than Hanzo, although she suffers from roughly the same issues as Hanzo: Being a lone wolf in a game focused on teamplay. I doubt she’ll see all that much use in competetive play (though if you’re an amazing Widowmaker you could do really well), and randoms sure seem to like picking her and not contributing all that much… Anyway, she’s not bad, but she has some fundamental issues that’ll be hard to fix just by balancing.

    My personal thoughts: Playing a sniper is fun, but I’d rather play a Team Fortress 2 sniper in a fun-map like orange or mario_kart. Snipers in capture/push-oriented game modes? Meh.


    D. VA: She’s probably the worst tank, but that doesn’t mean she’s necessarily bad. She can deal a decent (not great) amount of damage while being bulky, and she can block attacks, including many ultimates, which is quite useful. Her ultimate is somewhat mediocre versus skilled players, who’ll often run away. Her Zero Suit form deals surprisingly high amounts of damage, and her ability to regenerate her mech means she can often stay in the front line for quite some time.

    My personal thoughts: She has less utility than most tanks, and feels like less of a tank and more of a tanky damage dealer, but she’s still pretty fun to play.

    Reinhardt: Reinhardt is potentially the best tank in the game and one of the best characters overall. His shield is really useful and enhances his teams potential quite well. He tends to do better with teams that pick characters that do well in teamfights, and he does worse with teams that have a lot of snipers and assassins. His ultimate can really turn fights if used right and his charge allows him to one-shot non-tanks. His ranged ability (Fire Strike) isn’t bad either, dealing 100 damage.

    My personal thoughts: Reinhardt is so much fun to play and easily one of my favourites.

    Roadhog: 600 hit points, 300 hp heal, and a hook, combined with a shot gun. Roadhog is great. If he manages to land a hook on a non-tank he can often score a kill, and his tankiness lets him live quite long. He struggles versus long-range characters and Reinhardt in particular, who can block the hook with his shield. Winston is an issue as well.

    My personal thoughts: Roadhog is so much fun to play, he’s easily one of my favourite characters. Landing hooks feels really good.

    Winston: Winston is easily one of the best characters in the game. He has great mobility thanks to his leap, and his damage isn’t bad when you factor in his tankiness. Aside from that, he can set up a barrier to aid his team (and help him act as a semi-assassin, jumping on a target, setting up a barrier to prevent their team from helping and then he eliminates the target). His ultimate basically acts as a massive heal and shield combined with increased mobility and melee damage, which can often let him go aggressive and punch a hole in the enemy team.

    My personal thoughts: Winston is a lot of fun to play, although his skill cap is a bit higher compared to most tanks, I think.

    Zarya: Zarya might take a few games to get used to, but once you do the reward is great. She can add a barrier to one of her allies, giving them great bulk for a few seconds, and she can add a barrier to herself as well. Additionally, when the enemy attacks her barriers Zarya’s damage potential increases. She’s essentially a bulky warrior who has great potential to deal damage in close combat. It might be a good idea to have another tank though, since she’s not very bulky when her barrier is down.

    My personal thoughts: I like playing Zarya.


    Lúcio: As of right now, Lúcio is probably the strongest character in the game. His mobility is great, and both of his auras are really useful, and his ultimate is massive too. Killing Lúcio is surprisingly hard since he has great mobility and a self-heal, while his damage isn’t too bad. Also, his secondary fire can score surprise kills by pushing enemies to their death.

    My personal thoughts: Lucio is a lot of fun to play, he’s easily one of my favourites.

    Mercy: Mercy is a great character and probably the best single-target healer in the game. Her ability to increase the target’s damage by 30% means she has some use when following someone who is at full health too, and 30% extra damage can mean a lot (it lets Pharah one-shot squishy characters, for instance). Her ultimate can really turn fights and charges fairly quickly.

    My personal thoughts: It feels really good to see those health bars go up, and reviving allies feels pretty good too. I like her a lot.

    Symmetra: Symmetra is the one support that cannot heal and that puts her at a significant disdvantage. As such, she’s the worst support in the game. With that being said, she’s still fairly decent. Her mini-turrets can be surprisingly annoying and forces the enemy to either spend time destroying them or lose health, and her ability to grant armor is nice (though not as nice as the heals of the other supports). Placing a teleporter can be really useful, though good teams will often make an effort to destroy it. Her damage potential isn’t too bad though in close range.

    My personal thoughts: I dislike playing as her. Most of her abilities make her feel like more of a builder than an active character.

    Zenyatta: Zenyatta is a support, but his damage potential is surprisingly high. Orb of Discord is a fantastic ability that really helps his team shred through enemies quickly, and it gives him surprisingly good damage output on his own. If you want to play a support but still add a lot of damage, pick Zenyatta. His heal isn’t the best but it’s still pretty good, and his ultimate almost makes his team invulnerable for a few seconds (the heal is pretty massive). He is one of the squishiest characters in the game and dies a lot, so he probably ends up being the third best support overall, but I don’t think he’s far from Mercy.

    My personal thoughts: He’s a lot of fun to play.



    @sylian Just a couple thoughts towards your post.
    D.VA as a tank is sometimes misunderstood. She not like the couple that stay infront of them to take dmg for the team. Her ability allow her to travel through choke points and survive. A little like tracer in annoyance that way. From there you can pick off alone target. Pretty much D.va will almost always win 1v1 fights. Her shield allow her to get in close, booster for escaping. She can boost through target to push them around. Also booster for regrouping too. Since her gun never needs a reload it allow you to keep pumping in the hits.

    Symmetra support the team differently from a healer, but she still adds up. Shield help keep your team alive. Her sentry turrets are great for distraction and picking off weaker or weaken targets. They also alert you when someone may be there. Teleporter as you mention, and charge up shot easily goes through player giving this great dmg while at the same time, charging your ultimate for teleporter.

    Torbjörn had an interesting style to him. Placing a turret down in the right spot can be a big help, then you stand elsewhere, shooting at the enemy so they normally have their back turn to your turret. Your ability to give your teammates, 75armor can be a help, more so to player with low health, or even your self. His ultimate not only auto upgrades his sentry to 3, if you have your level 2 out, but you your self an attack speed boost, 300 armor points, and you could help turn the tide in battle.

    Mei is hard to say without playing her more. She can be an extreme help to a team, and sometimes, can be bad. I enjoy playing as her, and freezing the other team, and at least slowing them down can be a huge help to wining. Her ability to heal in battle is great too since she takes no dmg, and if other team mates are around, can help them if the enemy were focus on you. I love using her on King of the hill maps so far, since you know the enemy want to be in one area, more so when you already own the space.

    That about all I can say for now. Your other points seem fair enough on other hero, either cause I agree, or a lack of playing them my self. More or less, I feel like, you should not count any of the hero out, as they can surprise you when you get that good play with them.



    For competitive play, Torbjörn and Mei seem to be considered trash tier, and Symmetra struggles to fit in a support slot when Lúcio and Mercy are so strong. D. VA sees some play in competitive but she’s considered a niche pick. Of course, the vast majority of games are not going to be top level competitive, and there are going to be various levels of play, even moreso if you stick to quick play and avoid ranked.

    The same thing could be said about Team Fortress 2, I suppose. Demoknights and spies might be really good in pugs, but I doubt you’d see them much in tournaments (I could be wrong though, I haven’t been following the competetive Team Fortress 2 scene).

    For quick play with low-mid MMR (ie what most Open Beta players had, including me) I think all characters are viable. Symmetra is pretty good as a secondary support I think, although you might still want a primary healer (Lúcio, Mercy, or Zenyatta).

    I don’t value Torbjörn that much since I think that, well, if enemies don’t know how to deal with Torbjörn, they probably don’t know how to deal with Bastion either. In fact, I think Torbjörn is probably a bit easier to deal with, since Reinhardt can easily block his turret (Bastion wrecks Reinhardt’s shield).

    I really don’t know about Mei. I think she could be a really good character with some buffs. I could see myself playing her a bit, probably more than most other defensive (though stomping with Bastion can be pretty fun too).



    Yeah, for the most part, it hard to say while people learn the game, the maps, and maybe if balance changes happen. I can only go by how I played or seen other play.



    Stop hating Symmetra, she’s my waifu… hahaha, I really like to kill tanks with her running around them with the beam (except that stoopid monkey). And I agree, she’s an honorary builder, the shield support can save lives and the teleport is useful, you have to attend too many things with her, it’s totally not a pasive character… Her turrets with like 1 hp makes you put another at the minute. Really fun to play with her (specially with the lag for being at the end of the world).



    I think she works quite well against teams that aren’t good at destroying her sentry turrets and teleporter. Still, you do give up the advantages of running a second healer while still being forced to run two supports. Either that or you run without a healer, which is kind of bad even for non-competitive play.



    How do you counter that

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    Reinhardt would probably be a pretty good choice, with his shield. Winston could work too, with his shield and that jump.



    I would have gone Pharah, go out the top entrance, rocket jump and rain down attacks on that sniper. Mei could have ice wall too.

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    My favorite character when attacking is Tracer, and my favorite character when defending is Symmetra. Though with Symmetra I switch off of her if we’re down to the last checkpoint. Keeping a teleporter up is my main goal as her, and at the last checkpoint a teleporter isn’t that needed.

    Defensive class I was using Bastion, and for tank class I was using Reinhardt. I need to experiment more with the defensive class. I didn’t play that much with the tank class either, but I was starting to like Reinhardt pretty quickly. Fraser’s streams got me interested in Zarya. I can’t wait for the game to be released.

    At first I wasn’t that interested in Soldier 76. He seems so traditional, and I wanted to use the more crazy characters. But I started picking him whenever there was a Reinhardt on the team, and I spent the entire match making use of Reinhardt’s shield. That buddy system was fun.

    Before playing the beta I wasn’t even considering buying the game. I didn’t think I would get into a class based shooter. Letting people try the game two weeks before release was genius.



    The new over watch cinematic out, and all I can keep saying about it is, wow.



    Something for Show & Trailer, perhaps? Not sure if I should watch it now or wait until they watch it, hmm… I’ll probably watch it now.



    DO what I do, watch it like 100 time, that way you know when to watch them at the key points of the reaction to see them react.



    I added the latest animated short to the Show and Trailer. Blizzard should consider making movies, because these shorts show that they know their stuff.

    As for me, I have 3 characters that I mainly go for:

    Reaper’s my main go-to guy. I usually play to take out snipers and Bastions using his Shadow Step while my team holds down objectives. I’ll also go behind enemy lines and pick off opponents from behind.

    Pharah’s my secondary, and I use her mainly due to her mobility. I’ve gotten her Rocket Jump down well enough that I can pull off some pretty decent aerial offense.

    My latest that I had picked up shortly before the beta had ended was Mercy. I’ll mainly use her when my team really needs a healer, or if we have Snipers, in which case she’s got her buffing ability.



    They are making a movie, a WarCraft movie. They’ve been great at making shorts since StarCraft, though.



    Don’t forget though, Sometimes shorts work so well because they are short. Full length may be hard, more so, since there are atm, 21 main hero and a few background people that appear to be important too.

    Official site says one more short is coming.
    “I didn’t start this war. . .but I’m damn well gonna finish it.”

    Old habits die hard for one ex-Overwatch agent in our fourth and final animated short for this season: Hero.

    “Hero” follows the masked vigilante Soldier: 76 on a personal mission to Dorado where he’s set to investigate the illegal activities of the Los Muertos gang—but an unexpected complication threatens to compromise his objective.

    Target acquired: “Hero” premieres right here on PlayOverwatch.com on May 22 at 10:00 a.m. PT!

    I do wonder if this might have to do with a couple rumor that sprouted up because it comes out Sunday, and Tuesday is the release.

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    Overwatch servers go live 4pm PDT/7pm EST on MONDAY! Pretty interesting how they’re doing a simultaneous global launch.




    Oh god, I’m getting the shakes man! I need some more of that crack Overwatch. I’m freakin out…



    They just release this trailer for their cinematic, and it got me hype. FYI, there does seem to be some spoiler towards the new short not out yet, but as far as I can tell, nonthing really spoiler, just a couple things we not seen yet.



    Well you guys, I just bought the game, there’s no turning back now, I may need an intervention soon!

    But really, hope it will be a fun game, and hope to see you guys who play on PS4.

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