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    (HEY! Got your attention? Good, then add me on PS4, my username there is Zaziuma as well, let’s party up sometime!)

    Since I’m sure a lot of us are playing, I thought we should have a discussion page! Share your favorite heroes, your favorite moments while playing, or discuss strategy, whatever you feel like. I had a good moment that inspired this thread:

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    I’ve developed an Overwatch peeve already. Constantly getting Temple of Anubis in random quickplay. What makes it worse is that it’s probably my least favourite map because it took me forever to become familiar with it with all the walls and twists and turns. Ugh. Stop coming up so often!



    Anyone else see the poth on Reddit?

    Bastion’s Mistake

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    I got to play with and against Fraser for a good while tonight (mostly against) which was fun. He seems to be rockin’ Winston a lot tonight. I’m still really mad that for some reason I lost footage from an epic match that lasted 14+ minutes (I killed Fraser quite a bit!) where both sides kept contesting the goal and so overtime seemed to last forever. I don’t think I will ever get this many kills with D.VA or with any other character again. Once the match was over I hit the “Share” button on my PS4 controller to save the last 15 minutes of gameplay but when I checked later on the saved video clip had just a whopping 3 seconds of my results screen (screenshot attached). I don’t recall hitting the Share button multiple times or anything so I’m still pretty angry that I somehow lost the footage from that epic match.

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    Some updated thoughts on some of the characters:

    Reinhardt: Reinhardt is one of the best tanks, but he struggles somewhat against double Winston comps.

    Winston: Winston benefits a lot from another Winston. Double Winston comps are super scary.

    Zenyatta: Zenyatta is not as good as I originally thought, simply because of his squishiness and lack of mobility. Mercy and Lúcio are generally superior to him. Mercy’s ulti will be up more often and will often be more significant, and her healing potential and mobility are both much better, and she’s much harder to kill thanks to her extra health and dash. Lúcio is Lúcio. Meanwhile, Zenyatta gets killed extremely easily, limiting his potential as a support. He does still have a lot of damage and his Orb of Discord is great for focusing down targets quickly (perhaps especially tanks and Bastions). I’d still rate him as the third best support, but he’d really benefit from an extra 25-50 health. If that would make him overpowered (I highly doubt it) they could slightly nerf his damage or ammo count or ultimate or something to compensate.



    I’m so moderately grumpy that overwatch is not on MAC’s otherwise I would so enjoy talking shop with y’all



    This is how I feel when I’m not playing it:



    My sentiments exactly, @dwarf.



    Here is my asshole move of the game:



    My copy finally arrived! Just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean it will arrive fast, but hey, I can play with you guys now.



    zaziuma: Which system are you playing on? :)



    Been having so much fun playing as Zenyatta. Super rewarding to play as.



    I’m on PS4.



    I’m sure most of you have seen that, but for those who didn’t.
    That pretty much sums up the Overwatch:





    So I’m currently attending an anime convention this weekend and today I ended up buying some Overwatch waifu fan-art posters. And I’m not ashamed!

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    I thought it would be fun to make some concepts heroes, feel free to comment on them or make your own. I made mine using the Overwatch Wiki’s hero pages, so that’s why you see similarities.

    Name: Natalie
    Real Name: Natalie Jackson
    Age: 21
    Nationality: Canadian
    Occupation: Programmer/Hacker, Student
    Base of Operations: Toronto, Canada
    Affiliation: None
    Role: Defense
    200 Health

    Cyber Shotgun: A double-barreled shotgun, shoots out two precise rounds in a short range, each round does 50 damage, but she has to reload each time she shoots, which takes 2 seconds.

    Attack Drone: She launches an drone from her current position while she stays a stationary target, it is viewed in third person perspective, and she is able to fly around using the left stick/arrow keys in the direction you are aiming and able to aim using the right stick/mouse. It has 200 Health, and is able to shoot using an automatic weapon which is almost identical to D.Va’s Fusion Cannons, though you have a bit more speed, only halving the speed while firing (more details at the bottom due to length)

    Proximity Detector (passive): While you are using the Attack Drone or Overhead Strike, if an enemy gets within a certain range of you, you will hear a noise get louder or quieter the closer they get. As you are able to quickly cancel the drone, you can use you Cyber Shotgun to take care of enemies, or run to a different location.

    Overhead Strike (ultimate): Using this ability will show the map from above, and allow you to use target 3 spots, which are hit by fly-by airstrikes, which do 200 damage per hit in a splash damage zone. After targeting 3 spots, each one hits one after the other from above. Like the drone, you are unable to move during this time. You have 10 seconds to target locations before it cancels the ultimate automatically. If you die before targeting the positions, it will cancel the ultimate as well.

    Appearance: Natalie’s body type is normal, similar to Tracer and McCree’s, she’s a redhead with prominent freckles, has glasses, she wears a T-Shirt with a logo of her drone on it, shorts and earrings, her different skins make her have different logos on her shirt, earrings and different colored shorts. She has a backpack, which she carries a laptop and her drone in.

    Story: Trying to rework this since there were issues in regards to the lore.

    More details about the Attack Drone ability:
    You are able to see an outline of your current position, even behind walls, so you can protect yourself if enemies try to come close to you. You cannot fly too far away (or high up), otherwise you’ll start hearing a beeping noise and a display will go down from 3 to 0, and if it reaches 0, you will lose communications and the drone will crash and go back to you. You can cancel the drone at any time, which will also result it to crash, or if you die it also crashes. The drone cannot get health/armor/shields from pick-ups, nor any allies, nor can it gain speed boosts from Lúcio or attack boost from Mercy, Junkray’s Steel Trap cannot effect it, you can freeze it with Mei, which will automatically result it to crash (though that’s pretty hard to do since it moves around so much), it can be shot by turrets, McCree’s Deadeye can target it, Zenyatta’s Orb of Discord target it and Hanzo and Widowmaker’s abilities will show it to the opponent. In all cases you return to Natalie, you must wait 15 seconds to launch a new drone.

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    Oh man, Genji is soooo fun. I’ve got 55+ hours on Genji alone and my overall playtime is only something like 70 hours on PS4. Being a twitchy player, I took to Genji instantly. I notice Fraser asking a lot how Genji’s can jump and fire of Shurikens at the same time. I don’t know about other people, but I have a “claw” grip on my PS4 that allows my to press both analog sticks, all shoulder buttons on boths sides and 1 face button from both sides at the same time. I never even noticed it till someone pointed out that I hold my controller weird.

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    Check out the Lúcio experiment I did where I used only speed boost:



    Praise the blizzard gods for the Widowmaker nerfs. I wonder how much will affect the gameplay of Widow mains.

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    I was fooling around with Lucio in training, trying to find a good place to practice wall skating which I unfortunately have not found yet, when I noticed something about his pulse blast in regards to charging his ult. Maybe this is for all characters and I never noticed. His ult charges with every shit that hits, rather than by damage done. So while headshot are much more effective at killing, spamming body shots will fill his ult much quicker. Considering the defensive nature of his ultimate, it’s an interesting balance to try and figure out which/how to prioritize



    In case you want the dirty details on the update:

    Also, posted a new cool video, which sadly probably won’t be possible with the changes coming:



    Some updated thoughts:

    Genji: I’m not really interested in him. It seems to me that good opponents will just stop shooting him once he starts blocking, and his gameplay doesn’t appeal to me.

    McCree: I played some McCree for fun, although I think I prefer Pharah, Reaper, and Soldier 76. I haven’t tried him after his nerf.

    Pharah: She’s my favourite offense hero. If I’m playing offense, she’s generally then one I’ll go with.

    Reaper: I play some Reaper, but not really that much. He seems pretty weak versus some comps, but stronger against other comps.

    Soldier: 76: He’s pretty fun. I might move on to him instead of Bastion since he’s more mobile and his heal is an AoE. I don’t really play him that much though.

    Tracer: I don’t like playing her all that much.


    Bastion: He’s pretty fun once in a while on defense, although I might move on to Soldier 76 for a similar role while feeling less cheesy against bad teams. Good for pubstomping though.

    Hanzo: He seems like a weaker Widowmaker. Kind of fun to play, but I’d rarely play him since I generally want to pick something that helps my team win, and Hanzo isn’t it.

    Junkrat: Meh, too spammy.

    Mei: Meh, too weak.

    Torbjörn: Meh, too passive and weak.

    Widowmaker: I feel kind of bad whenever I play Widowmaker, since I’m killing people without giving them much counter-play. I also kind of prefered TF2 Sniper.


    D. VA: I’m not a big fan of her. Her damage feels underwhelming and her ultimate is hard to use versus experienced players. Her defensive utility feels a bit underwhelming and she lacks crowd control.

    Reinhardt: One of my favourite tanks. Good team utility with the shield, gamechanging ultimate, and the charge is good for killing things. Also, his range poke isn’t bad.

    Roadhog: He’s a lot of fun to play whenever we need a tank and I don’t trust my team enough to go Reinhardt, Winston, or Zarya. He’s also fun if I just feel like landing hooks, or if we lack a Mercy or a Lúcio. A good Reinhardt can really counter him though (that shield).

    Winston: Winston is one of my favourite characters in the game. I especially like double Winston comps.

    Zarya: I play Zarya once in a while. She’s quite fun with her double barriers and great ultimate. She’s somewhat circumstantial though.


    Lúcio: I quite like Lúcio.

    Mercy: Mercy is probably my favourite support and top 3 character (maybe even #1) in the game. Healing feels very satisfying, good revives feel good as well, she has good mobility and can also boost damage.

    Symmetra: I don’t like placing traps, so I don’t like playing her.

    Zenyatta: Zenyatta is pretty fun to play, but I feel like he’s a bit underpowered at the moment. Specifically, he’s very squishy while not having any mobility whatsoever. The Widowmaker nerf helps him a bit (fully charged bodyshots don’t one-shot him anymore). I’d probably play him more if he were buffed a bit. His damage potential is quite good, which is his main appeal.

    So… Guess I could make a tier list based on what I like (no order within tiers):

    Top tier: Mercy, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Winston
    High tier: Lúcio, Zarya, Pharah
    Mid tier: Soldier 76, Reaper, Bastion, McCree*, Zenyatta
    Low tier: Widowmaker, Hanzo, D. VA, Mei
    Bottom tier: Tracer, Genji, Torbjörn, Symmetra, Junkrat

    *Haven’t tried him since the nerf, so he might be lower.



    Might as well give my impression on the whole cast of Overwatch. Played many hours, practicing with bots, until I felt comfortable enough to play against more human players. Not a fan of the whole micro-transactions, even if they are only cosmetic, I think the loot box drops should be more frequent and duplicates should give equal gold. But I digress, the gameplay is what really sells Overwatch. So here’s what I think of the Overwatch lineup:

    Genji: Quick movements! double-jump, wall climb, and his swift strike, gives Genji quite the maneuverability edge. His attacks are sometimes unnoticed until the kill cam shows he’s been behind you the whole time. His deflect attack is sometimes overlooked but it can seriously combat a Turret or an annoying Bastion sentry setup in “wipe out team” mode. I usually only play him a few times, but in random hero matches, I’m not disappointed when I do get him as a hero. His Ult can seriously wipe out a team. Overall: Solid Attack, Good Defense, Not best health.

    McCree: 1 vs 1, McCree is a killer. His stun and fan-the-hammer combo is what makes him an Ace death-dealer (Ha! I have his gambler outfit, thought that was appropriate). However, when up against a tough team, its best if he was in the distance, firing shots to build up his Ult. His Ult is quite powerful, but can be easily avoided, as long as you’re not in his “High Noon” range of sight, plus found out Genji can totes deflect his attack. Ouch! Overall: Strong Attack (1v1), OK Defense, OK Health.

    Pharah: Her explosive shots are not to be messed with. It packs quite a punch and can seriously mess up turrets in the distance. Her flight ability gives her the advantage, and sometimes disadvantage, in a fight or a way of jumping out to safety, but can sometimes make her an easy target. The concussive blast shot she has really helped on maps with baddies near a cliff and for moving a pesky healer out of the way. Her Ult is really powerful, and can easily wipe a team out if not on the lookout. Overall: Strong Attack, Good Defense, OK Health.

    Reaper: Reapers are deadly when sneaky. Getting a Reaper behind the enemy team can be devastating. However, He is pretty weak when on the frontline. It does help a bit that he recovers health from the dead, but it is a drop in the bucket when getting slaughtered by a team of Bastions. Thank goodness for his wraith form, but wished he moved a little faster when in that mode, just to get away. His death blossom Ult can really kill off a team, but is only really effective when in the middle of the enemy line. Which is why I play sneaky Reaper. Overall: Good Attack, Bad Defense, OK Health.

    Soldier: 76: Solid, well-rounded hero, He has a powerful helix rocket attack and his rifle attack is not too shabby. He can be quite the healer too, which is quite awesome that his biotic field can slowly recover the teams health. When in a pinch to get to the point, his sprint gets you there. His Ult may not be as flashy as the other heroes, but it can sure do some damage. Overall: OK Attack, OK Defense, OK Health.

    Tracer: Tracer is like a buzzing fly, just there to pick on the enemy team. Her damage is not the best, but she can sure drain health if you leave her alone. Blink is really handy when making it to the point. Her recall has saved me so many times when getting into the heat of a battle. Her Ult is nothing too special, but sticking a pulse bomb on a slow moving, high health baddy is so very satisfying. Overall: Bad Attack, OK Defense, OK Health

    Bastion: Play of the Game. Play of the Game. Play of the Game. Love him or hate him, this robot packs a punch. He’s slow, but makes up for it in power. His sub-machine gun is quite good, But where he shines is in his sentry mode. I cannot count how many times a Bastion has slaughtered an entire team in sentry mode. As an added bonus, he can self-repair. His Ult is also overpowering, a Tank. When you hear this bot sound the victory charge, get out of his way. His flaw, however, is that he can be easily picked off from a distance with a sniper or constant shots from Pharah. Overall: Strong Attack, OK Defense, OK Health.

    Hanzo: I love my snipers. Hanzo takes some time to get used to the arch of his shots, but boy have I ever cleared a strong team with a hidden Hanzo. His sonic arrow helps his team to where the enemy is hiding, not as strong as Widowmakers Infra-sight, but good enough to combine with his powerful Ult attack. His scatter arrow is quite powerful too, I usually aim for close quarter areas, giving my arrow more chances to hit. Like most snipers, low health and low defense. Overall: Strong Attack, Bad Defense, Bad Health.

    Junkrat: This bomb wielding hero deals the damage. Just need to learn how his lob attack works and you will be golden. He’s best at crowd control, blanketing the area with frags. His steel trap has helped me trap some strong players, especially good on Reinhardt. I tend to hold onto my concussion mine for emergency use or for an easy kill. His Ult is a team killer, as long as your tire isn’t killed before it makes it there. Overall: Good Attack, OK Defense, OK Health.

    Mei: She is so much fun to play as. A real game changer and helps the frontline. Her ability to Ice Wall can be helpful to separate or slow the enemy, but can also really screw a team member if misplaced. Her freeze ability with her icicle shot makes for a deadly combo. Her ability to turtle and regen health has saved me many times, even from D.Va’s powerful Ult attack. Mei’s Ult really helps when protecting a point. Nothing quite like a free-for-all on a frozen team of enemy statues. Overall: OK Attack, Great Defense, OK Health.

    Torbjörn: Play of the Game. Play of the Game. Play of the Game. Just like Bastion, Torbjörn can pack a punch. He is by far the glue of a team in defense. His turret when lvl 2 can deal quite a bit of damage, and can really wipe out a team when lvl 3 during his Ult. Torbjörn rivet gun is also quite powerful, and when Ult’d, gives him quicker rate of fire. As an added bonus, he shells out armor packs when collecting scrap. Overall: Strong Attack (when paired with turret), Strong Defense, OK Health.

    Widowmaker: Ask Fraser how I am with this sniper :D. Her head-shots are lethal. Her machine gun can also help when an enemy is close. Her venom-mine is not strong but does have a purpose, it can slowly drain a little health, but most importantly, notify you if someone destroys or activates it. Her Ult is quiet and is a definite help to the team, showing where the enemy is. Best thing to do with Widowmaker, grapple to a good sweet-spot and pick off the enemy one by one. Overall: Strong Attack, Bad Defense, Bad Health.

    D. Va: She shoots shoots and shoots some more. A real easy Hero to play. Her defense matrix can block some attacks, But not as strong as I was hoping she would be. She can fly a bit, to help push an enemy or to get you to a hard to reach area, but she’s best paired with Reinhardt or damage boosted by Mercy. Her Ult is by far the most devastating out of all the heroes. Overall: Attack OK, Defense OK, Health OK.

    Reinhardt: When on the attack, Reinhardt is the best on the frontline. His barrier field protects the team, while they, in turn, shoot through it to attack the enemy. His charge move is powerful and I usually use it when my barrier is weak or I need to get to the frontline fast. His Fire strike is an OK ranged attack, but his rocket hammer is so much stronger. The weak health enemies don’t have a chance when against his hammer. His Ult knocks the enemy to their knees, which I usually save for a high health baddy or if I’m in a pinch. Overall: Good Attack, Strong Defense, Good Health.

    Roadhog: There’s a bit of truth when he says “I’m a one man apocalypse”. His close-up scrap gun is powerful, and when combo’d with a well planned chain hook, its lethal. Best practice with Roadhog is, reload whenever possible. It’s embarrassing chain hooking someone and then reloading. He’s a bit of a bullet sponge, but luckily his ‘Take a Breather’ ability can help regain that lost health. His Ult is strong and has a bit of kickback but can push the enemy back from a point. Overall: Good Attack, OK Defense, Great Health.

    Winston: Takes a while to get used to his attack, but is best when played attack and hide, drain the health of the enemy, and jump away when things get rough. His Barrier Projector can help save a team mate low on health, giving a healer time to get in there, but it can be easily broken quick by a turret or Bastion sentry. His Ult may not be as damaging but on the right map, can push enemies off the map. Overall: OK Attack, Good Defense, OK Health.

    Zarya: Her Particle Cannon is not super strong, but if enough damage is absorbed, look out. I enjoy playing as her, she can really push an attack and clear an area with lobs. Her Ult, when well timed, can spell doom for the other team, helpless in her Graviton Surge. Overall: Strong Attack (When Charged), Good Defense, Good Health.

    Lúcio: Combat medic! His healing may not be as strong as mercy, but when making a push for the point, he can certainly change the outcome. His Sonic Amplifier is not a bad weapon, and can be overlooked when clearing a far off Turret or Sentry. His Ult certainly helps the team when making that final push. Overall: OK Attack, Bad Defense, OK Health.

    Mercy: She can turn the tables of a loss into a win, her Ult can revive a whole team if the right conditions are met. She heals faster than Lúcio but can only heal one at a time. Her damage boost can also help the team clear a tough enemy on the point. Her Caduceus Blaster is weak, but does help when an enemy is on low health. Overall: Bad Attack, Bad Defense, Bad Health.

    Symmetra: Best when used when on the defensive. Her turrets might not be as strong, but when grouped together and overlooked by an enemy, it can be fatal. She has a minor shield she can give to players, but Torbjörn’s Armor is much better. Her charged attack is slow, but can deal a bit a damage when fired into a group of enemies. Her Ult is by far the most helpful when on defense, allowing her team to get back to the frontline when fallen. Overall: OK Attack, Bad Defense, Bad Health.

    Zenyatta: He is one of the most overlooked support. His healing is not the best, but makes up for it in attack. His Orb of Discord when paired with his regular attack is quite powerful. His Ult is best when used to cap a point with his team, otherwise save it for when your teammates are low health. Overall: OK Attack, Bad Defense, Bad Health.

    I really like all the heroes, each one has a special ability that can tip the game in your favor. I try and mix it up and play all the heroes as much as I can. Because, why be only good with one hero when you can be good with any hero.



    Fun fact: Apparently Torbjörn has the highest win-rate on console. On PC he’s probably one of the worst characters. Have fun balancing that, Blizzard! If they buff him for the PC version he’s going to be a beast on consoles (I assume).



    @sylian If you think Torb is one of the worst characters, you haven’t defended Hanamura with six of him.



    On the PC version, just to be clear. Against that comp I’d try running Lúcio, Mercy, double Reinhardt, and double Pharah. The Reinhardt’s would block as much as possible while the Pharah’s focus-fire the turrets. Mercy damage-boosts one of the Pharah’s and helps with the healing + Revive in case someone gets killed, Lúcio adds some damage + healing and his ultimate should make it easier to deal with the turrets. Once you’ve destroyed a few turrets they won’t come back that easily, while you can use Revive to bring your team back.

    Winning with a niche comp doesn’t say that much about a character though. I’ve won a game with six Mei. Mei is still one of the lower-tier characters. The game is balanced well enough so no character is awful, though. Even the worst character in the game might’ve been lower-mid tier in other games.



    My 2nd hero, as before, I focus more on the gameplay side than the story side. Also check out my other hero: https://www.reddit.com/r/OverwatchHeroConcepts/comments/4oc866/natalie_the_drone_expert/

    Name: Volca
    Real Name: Nicholas Mardas
    Age: 34
    Nationality: Greek
    Occupation: Firefighter (formerly), Inmate at Mental Institution (formerly), Pyromaniac
    Base of Operations: Ilios, Greece
    Affiliation: None
    Role: Attack
    150 Health/100 Armor

    Flare Blaster: Holding the fire button charges the weapon, similar to Symmetra’s alt fire, the more you charge, the straighter, farther and faster it will go, a simple tap will result in short range in a downwards arc, hitting an enemy does 30 damage, plus it will ignite them for 5 seconds, dealing 10 dps. An enemy can only be ignited once, hitting them again will not result in them being ignited again. Turrets can also be ignited. Fire rate is 1 rps, 15 ammo, reload speed 1 second.

    Lava Canister: You throw a canister in front of you, similar range as Junkrat’s Concussion Mine, resulting in a pool of lava that last for 5 seconds. If an enemy steps into it, they will take 100 dps until they step out of it. You can also take damage yourself, so be careful. Cooldown is 12 seconds.

    Blazing Leap: Shoots you up in the air about 10 meters. You can hold the button to charge it for 5 seconds (where it automatically launches you) to shoot yourself a total of 20 meters. If you hit an enemy before landing, you will ignite them the same way Fire Blaster does. Cooldown is 10 seconds.

    Flamethrower (ultimate): A constant stream of fire in front of you, while an enemy is being hit, they take 50 dps, and are also ignited in the same way as Flare Blaster does. It also destroys an Ice Wall pillar instantly. It lasts for 10 seconds.

    A suit with spikes and flames shooting out from it, he has belts where he carries his Lava Canisters and looks like something out of Mad Max. His face is covered with a helmet, like a firefighter’s flame resistant suit. The color scheme is that of a volcano, red and black ash-like colors.

    Nicholas was a firefighter in Athens, and a quite good one at that, however he was unable to save a kid, which he was blamed for. This got to him, and he became a pyromaniac and losing his mind. He has was eventually caught and put in a mental institution, though he escaped and left by mainlands to Ilios, where he is now developing new tools, and a new persona, calling himself “Volca the Ashbringer”, or Volca for short.



    I’ve changed my mind on Symmetra a bit. She’s pretty good as a secondary support (together with Mercy or Lúcio, preferably Mercy) on Defense. She’s pretty bad as a solo support or on Offense though. Zenyatta is probably the weakest support (he’s kind of a weaker Soldier 76, I think, though the debuff can be pretty good versus some enemy comps, good for shredding Roadhog, just be careful so he doesn’t hook you).

    I think Mercy might be the best character in the game right now. Those heals + Revives are really significant.



    When pigs fly…they tend to come back down again:



    This post is about usage of characters in competitive play. In other words, this whole post is about the metagame. This post might be worth reading if you want to know which roles characters like Roadhog (Defense) and Pharah (Offense) are mainly played in. If you don’t care, then skip this post.


    Character usage: http://static1.squarespace.com/static/56b3cac001dbae7de45090ec/t/576a2a189f74567d14ef197e/1466575416980/?format=1500w

    So, in tournament play, Mercy is the most used hero, followed by Reinhardt and Lúcio. Following them are Reaper, McCree, Soldier 76, and Pharah, all being somewhat equal in usage (Reaper slightly more, Pharah slightly less). Following them are the tank trio of Roadhog, Zarya, and Winston, all with around the same amount of usage, and following them are Tracer with slightly less usage. After her we drop down to 25%, where Junkrat sits, and following him is Symmetra, with slightly less usage. Slightly below 20% is Widowmaker, having dropped hard. Genji and D. VA are around the same level, with Bastion slightly lower. Then we drop down to “very limited use”, where Mei, Hanzo, Torbjörn, and Zenyatta reside. I’m not going to talk much about those four heroes, since they’re basically not used in tournament play right now, for one reason or another.

    So, Mercy. Right now she’s almost 100% used on Defense, and 75% on Offense. I’ve noticed that she’s super common in Quick Play too. It wouldn’t surprise me if she’s next in line to get nerfed, although I hope they don’t overdo it.

    Reinhardt is interesting since his usage on Defense is really, really high (around 90% or so), his usage on Offense is tied 2nd (Mercy being #1 with 75%), but his King of the Hill (from now on, KotH) usage is less than 25%. Reinhardt is a tank you’ll want to bring on Defense, and he is also the most used on Offense (with Zarya and Winston being pretty close too), but he’s not a tank you’ll generally want to use for King of the Hill.

    So, Lúcio. Lúcio was hurt a bit by the 1 hero limit in tournaments, since double Lúcios were really good. In Offense he’s still a staple, and is used almost as much as Mercy. In Defense, however, he’s used around 35-40% of the time, having lost a lot of usage to Symmetra. His KotH usage is around 100%, which doesn’t surprise me at all. Overall, Lúcio is really good still, and a great secondary support (especially on Offense) and possibly the best character on KotH.

    Not much to say about Reaper. His usage is high overall and he’s used somewhat equally on all modes. Same with McCree.

    Soldier 76 is the third most used hero on Defense overall, with pretty good (50%) usage on KotH as well. His Offense usage is pretty low though, only around Widowmaker level.

    Pharah is the most used Offense hero on Offense. Her Defense and King of the Hill usage is lower (but still higher than Genji’s).

    Roadhog, as a tank, has a clear usage on Defense, but not that much usage on Offense or KotH.

    Zarya is the opposite of Roadhog, with high Offense usage, low Defense usage, and fairly high Koth usage. Both have about the same overall usage though.

    Winston has really similar stats to Zarya.

    Tracer‘s usage is carried by KotH. Her other usage is pretty low.

    Junkrat has quite a bit of Defense usage, but very little Offense, and no KotH. Symmetra is similar, although she had 0 Offense use in those past tournaments.

    Widowmaker, post nerf, had some Offense use, but it wasn’t much. Genji had some mixed use, while D. VA had a little Offense and some Defense, but not much.

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