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    (HEY! Got your attention? Good, then add me on PS4, my username there is Zaziuma as well, let’s party up sometime!)

    Since I’m sure a lot of us are playing, I thought we should have a discussion page! Share your favorite heroes, your favorite moments while playing, or discuss strategy, whatever you feel like. I had a good moment that inspired this thread:

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    Two fun videos from me:



    Double Zarya on Attack is pretty disgusting. You want to break through that last point at Hanamura? Double Zarya.



    Yeah, fair enough. I do hate Zarya with a passion and double Zarya is kinda OP.



    So I’ve been accumulating some wacky videos with Turbo members so I figured I’d create a second Youtube channel for myself which is solely dedicated to VGA videos (although they will probably all end up being Overwatch videos). Here’s the link to my new channel (it’s called dragonmastrVGA but you won’t be able to type that into a URL because of the new Youtube rules where you have to have 100 subscribers before you can get a custom URL):


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    My 4th hero, as before, I focus more on the gameplay side than the story side. Also, check out my other heroes: https://www.reddit.com/user/Zaziuma/submitted/

    Name: Jane

    Real Name: Jane-Kaitlin Smith

    Age: 21

    Nationality: American

    Occupation: Adventurer

    Base of Operations: Kansas, USA

    Affiliation: None

    Role: Support

    250 Health

    Weapons and Abilities:

    R2 – Whip Attack: A melee attack, her whip shoots forward in a wave-like motion, dealing 50 damage per hit, its reach is a bit longer than Reinhardt’s hammer, but not as wide as it, requiring a bit more precision than other melee attacks. It’s rate of fire is 2 per second. Also, you are able to hit and destroy rockets and grenade-like objects, such as Pharah and Junkrat’s weapons, though spamming doesn’t mean you’ll hit them all the time, it takes skill (and luck) to hit them.

    L2 – Whip Stun: Same as the Whip Attack in terms of range and what not, hitting an enemy with this will stun them for 1.5 seconds, making them unable to move or attack. Cooldown is 8 seconds. It’s mainly meant to make you able to take out enemies with little health, while running away from those with higher health.

    R1 – Whip-up: If you are in a close range to an ally, you can hit them with the whip, which will boost their ability recharge speed by 30%. Only one ally can be boosted at a time, if you hit another one, it will switch to them instead. If you die, they also lose it. Even if there are multiple Janes on the team, you can only be boosted by Whip-up once.

    Triangle – Ultimate Whipping (ultimate): While at close range to an ally, hitting them gives them 50% of their ultimate ability (had it give it full before, but got feedback on it.)

    Appearance: Picture a female Indiana Jones, it’s pretty much that. Ok, to be more specific, she’s got a hat and has a roguish appearance, dirty and has scars and tattoos. Her whip, which is modified by Symmetra, is futuristic and long.

    Story: Jane is a girl with a lot of spunk, so says her friends anyway, she’s always on the move and likes to take risks. She loves her friends, but loves adventure even more. She has traveled to all continents at least once, and loves animals. She was once captured, and managed to escape, only by the use of make-shift whip, which let to her passion for whips. She met up with Satya Vaswani on a trip to India, AKA Symmetra, which noticed her whip and immediately wanted to make modifications to it.

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    (I’ve never played tf2, but I figure you guys might have and could be interested in this video’s take on the tf2/overwatch comparison?)
    Edit: for some reason this video is resisting embedding so here’s the link instead: https://youtu.be/-hj1haLcdI0

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    In case anyone missed it, new Overwatch Hero being announced on July 21st at San Diego Comic Con.



    Ya I heard the speculation continues revolving around it being Pharah’s mother. Can’t wait to see! :)



    I just watched the first gameplay trailer again, and it’s interesting to see how much have changed, and how much is the same, I totally forgot that Bastion had a shield for instance, though the stages all look the same.



    Unexpected surprise, they decided to reveal the new hero early! Her name’s Ana and she’s Pharah’s mother and a sniper!



    A buff/debuff sniper, could be very powerful in the right hands.
    I wonder how much damage her weapon is dealing, since in the trailer she kills Widow in one shot.
    Might be a bit situational, depending on the map and group, but I dig it.

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    More details on Ana

    Sniper support like we thought. Couple of interesting things:
    -Looks like her rifle heals in a burst (I think 75-80 healing/damage per shot if I’m seeing that correctly?) instead of gradually like the other supports, and it has to be aimed.
    -I was suggesting in chat something that could keep the other team from being healed when they were talking about support sniper, so cool that that’s happening
    -Wait, does that mean that if I put it on a turret, it can’t be healed/leveled up? That would be really nice.
    -Looks like the nano boost gives you at least twice the damage output if the hammer can one-shot Symmetra. That’s scary if combined with other ults (especially Soldier and Pharah, which seems fitting).
    -I wonder what the range of her abilities is, especially the sleep dart and the AoE of the grenade.

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    Lol, this is amazing.

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    Biotic Grenade seems like it will be an annoying thing to deal with, now you can no longer run and get health anymore, which will let a lot of heroes that chase shine.



    Thankfully, all the snipers who play Widowmaker and Hanzo can now still be sniper whilst supporting the team more. It’s painful having bad Hanzos and Widows on your team in Competitive.



    @serjohny: They might add a 1 hero limit for Competitive, so that should limit the amount of snipers on your team to 3 (Ana, Widowmaker, and Hanzo).

    Imagine the randoms raging since someone else took Hanzo. :D



    @sylian: Never really had a problem with hero stacking. Just people trying to play sniper when they have absolutely no skill with them.



    @serjohny: That’s good. I’m glad they’re adding a limit though since some combos are just too strong (double Zarya, double Winston, dobule Lúcio, for instance).



    @sylian: Yeah, I agree. Hero stacking needs some limits at the very minimum.



    Remember guys, you can play around with Ana in the beta. Just go and select what region to play in, and find “PTR: Overwatch”. I discovered a few things:
    – Sleep Dart has a 12 sec cooldown, and Biotic Grenade has a 10 sec cooldown.
    – The Sleep Dart acts like a stun, but once they get hit they begin their “getting up” animation.
    – Her rifle can’t get headshots.
    – She has 200 health, all normal.
    – She has a 6 shot clip, and the rifle fires the same regardless if the scope is up or not.
    – Her Ult charges decently fast. Every kill I got with her uped the progress by about 20%-25%.

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    @dwarf: Beta? Is this on PC?



    @dwarf: Beta? Is this on PC?

    @serjohny, Yeah. PC.



    How does she restore her own health? Biotic Grenade? Or a passive healing ability like Mercy?



    @sylian, yes, biotic grenade heals her. It heals herself and all teammates for 100 health, and gives them a buff that makes other sources of healing heal more.



    Sombra : Yes or No?

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    So, the PTR patch notes. Interesting stuff, for sure.

    So, first off: “If a match goes into Overtime for more than 20 seconds, the fuse will now start to “burn down” more quickly
    Players now respawn more slowly during Overtime (increased spawn time by 2 seconds)”

    Comment: This is probably a good thing, it’ll make it harder to stall Overtime.

    “Competitive Play matches can now only have one of each hero per team.”

    Comment: This removes a lot of balancing issues (double Zarya, double Reaper, double Winston, double Lúcio, 5x Tracer, etc) for Competitive play. I approve!

    “Self-healing abilities now charge ultimate abilities. As a result, some heroes’ ultimate costs have been adjusted (see below).”

    Comment: This is an interesting change. This is an indirect nerf for supports, especially Mercy, since it’ll be harder to heal off of allies since they might want to heal themselves. This is most notable with Roadhog, who used to be an ultimate charge battery for Mercy. Bastion, Soldier 76, and Lúcio got hit with a 10% ultimate cost increase, which isn’t bad. I suspect the “self-healing charges ultimate” more than makes up for it. Roadhog, who has a pretty massive self-heal, got hit with a 45% cost increase. That’s pretty significant, and will hurt him when he’s not getting hit much (or when he’s getting killed before he can heal) and when he’s playing with a Mercy. I think they may have nerfed him a little too hard, but chances are Roadhog will still be good (he’s not that ulti reliant).

    Mei and Reaper will have their ultimates up more often. I approve of the Mei buff, but was it really necessary to slightly buff Reaper?

    D.Va (pronounced “Diva”, not “D-V-A”) got some pretty good buffs. First off, her E now lasts for up to 4 seconds from 3 seconds. It’s also a toggle now, which makes her more flexible. Furthermore, her ultimate got buffed: it now takes 3 seconds to explode instead of 4, and she doesn’t hurt herself. Lastly, the cost was decreased by 15%, making it charge slightly faster. I predict this will make D.Va a bit better, though I doubt she’s going to be a top 10 character or anything. We’ll see.

    Comment: McCree got a really nice range-buff. His left-click now has significantly less range fall-off, meaning he can attack from mid-long range and still do significant damage. I suspect this will help him a lot, although I doubt he’ll be top tier again from this change alone. I could see him being high tier though.


    “Damage Boost
    Bonus damage increased from 30% to 50%
    Effect will no longer stacks with bonus damage provided by another Mercy

    Ultimate charge cost increased by 30%
    Movement is no longer prevented during activation
    Guardian Angel instantly resets upon use”

    Comment: These changes are quite interesting. Mercy was indirectly nerfed by the self-healing changes, and her ultimate cost was increased by 30%. This means her ultimate won’t be up nearly as much. The damage boost is quite good though, and rewards her for properly switching between damage boost and healing. Now you’ll really have to gauge: Should you heal to keep them alive or damage boost to kill the enemy faster and then heal? If you make the wrong decision you might end up losing.

    The ultimate mobility change is quite significant. She can now jump in, Resurrect, and then jump out. This is going to make her a lot safer and she’ll be less likely to die when using her ultimate (although she gets to use it less often). Overall, I suspect the changes will leave her about as strong as she is now. She’ll be stronger than before when playing with competent players, I suppose, and potentially a bit weaker when playing with players who don’t make use of the damage boost well. Also, she benefits less from playing with Roadhog now.

    Soldier 76: “Spread recovery will begin after a short delay (rather than instantly)”

    Comment: I approve of this nerf. This ruins many scripts (which is a good thing) and also removes a counter-intuitive part of Soldier 76’s ideal gameplay (the whole “attack, stop, attack, stop”). It is a nerf though, and experienced Soldier 76 players will be a bit worse off. Still, if he ends up too weak as a result they could simply buff other aspects of his kit.


    “Base shields increased by 50 (now 50 Health/150 Shield)
    Orb of Discord and Orb of Harmony
    Projectile speed has been increased from 30 to 120
    Movement speed is now doubled upon activation
    Healing amount increased from 200 to 300 health per second”

    Comment: Wow, those are some pretty big nerfs! It wouldn’t surprise me if Zenyatta ended up top 10 after this. He’s now significantly bulkier than before, his Orbs are slightly more reliable, and his ultimate heals 50% more (not sure how much the movement speed matters). Zenyatta is the #1 winner of this patch, likely moving from bottom tier to probably mid or high (or maybe even top).



    So, this time the statistics from Planet Overwatch have changed a bit. Instead of being based on pick-rate, they’re based on time used. This means that characters that are mainly picked for short amounts of time (such as Tracer at the end of the game) go down in usage. As such, I won’t compare all that much to previous weeks. Oh, and note that 1 hero limit is back.


    Mercy: 97.15% overall usage rate, and this time pretty much tied with Lúcio on King of the Hill, Mercy is currently a staple on every team, with 100% usage on Attack and around 97% usage on Defense. I wonder if the PTR changes (buffs to Zenyatta, new healer, and changes to Mercy) will reduce her usage a bit?

    Lúcio: The second most used character is down to around 75% overall usage, probably due to how the new system works. His Attack usage is around 75%, his KotH usage is around 90%, and his Defense usage is around 60%. The buffs to Zenyatta and the new secondary support, Ana, might make Lúcio drop a bit in usage.

    Reinhardt: He is the most used tank in the game, with really high (around 80-85%) usage on Attack and Defense. His KotH usage is lacking, though. In many cases, having a Reinhardt on your team for KotH maps is a good idea.

    Pharah: Her Attack usage is above 75%, her Defense around 55-60%, and her King of the Hill usage at a respectable 45%. What’s interesting is that the three top Offense heroes (Pharah, Reaper, and Soldier) all have pretty similar use on King of the Hill (Tracer dropped hard due to statistics being based on time used and not just picks). Pharah stands out as the most use Offense Attack hero, with good usage on Defense and KotH as well.

    Soldier 76: With the new time based statistics, his “usage” rate on Defense dropped a bit, but it’s still a respectable 80% or so, the highest of the Offense heroes. His attack usage is around 35-40%, which isn’t bad, but he’s definitely preferred on Defense.

    Reaper: He has an overall balanced usage around 50%.

    Zarya: Her Defense usage is fairly low, her Offense is almost at a respectable 50%, and her KotH usage is around 90%, making her the premier KotH tank and a solid Attack tank.

    Roadhog: His Attack usage is around 55%, Defense around 50%, making him solid on Payload overall. His KotH usage is laughable. I wonder what will happen after the PTR nerfs to him?

    Winston: Winston has a pretty mediocre 20% usage on Attack and around 35% usage on Defense. His KotH usage is near 70% though, making him the second tank with good KotH usage (with Zarya being #1). Without double Winston comps he’s somewhat of a niche pick on Payload maps, though I personally think he can work on certain comps. He struggles vs popular Reaper and Roadhog picks though.

    And that’s it for characters with good use. Let’s look at some niche characters, shall we?

    Widowmaker: She still struggles to make an impact after the nerf. Even though tournaments have some of the best Widowmaker players her Offense usage is only around 25%, and her Defense and KotH usage are laughable. The PTR changes are likely to make her even less used (with Ana, buffed Zenyatta, Mercy with damage boost, and McCree with more range).

    Tracer: Her KotH usage is just around 30% now, and her Payload usage is laughable. Seems Tracer might be a bit underpowered when stacking is banned, especially if they go through with the Overtime changes on the PTR.

    Genji: You’d think Genji would see more tournament play, seeing how he’s a “hard to master” hero, yet his usage is pretty poor. His KotH usage is around 15%, which isn’t exactly good but it could be worse.

    Junkrat: Lackluster usage rate in Defense and KotH, yet some of my friends keep insisting that he’s good… I’m not seeing it. He seems like a poor man’s Pharah most of the time to me. I’m not quite sure how they’d buff him without making him super annoying to play against. His Offense use is nearly non-existent.

    McCree: Still not used much, but the PTR buffs might change that.

    Hanzo: Around 10% usage on Offense, though apparently some teams use him to troll the other team, so I’m not sure how much of those 10% is actual good usage. He probably needs some buffs, but I don’t know how they would be able to buff him without making him frustrating to play against. Faster ultimate charge, perhaps?

    Symmetra: Symmetra has one niche-job: To provide a Teleporter at Point A on Defense. This translates to around 10% usage on Defense, which tells me that many teams don’t even run Symmetra on Point A on Defense. Maybe throw in a 10% faster ulti charge rate and see what happens?

    Torbjörn, D.Va, Bastion, Mei, and Zenyatta: These characters see little to no tournament use. D.Va, Mei, and Zenyatta are getting some buffs on the PTR (Mei thanks to self-healing charging ultimate). I think Zenyatta will see some tournament use in the future, though we’ll see. I’m not sure about D.Va, Mei probably not. Torbjörn and Bastion have fundamental flaws that make it hard for them to be good in tournaments without being horribly broken in pubs. Blizzard seems to have decided to leave them weak in tournaments in order to not break the game for low to mid level players. That’s probably the right call.

    And that’s it. So, summary:

    Attack primary: Mercy, Lúcio, Reinhardt, Pharah, Reaper, Zarya, Roadhog.
    Attack niche: Soldier 76, Winston, Widowmaker.

    Defense primary: Mercy, Lúcio, Reinhardt, Pharah, Soldier 76, Reaper, Roadhog.
    Defense niche: Winston, arguably Symmetra on Point A.

    KotH primary: Mercy, Lúcio, Pharah, Soldier 76, Reaper, Zarya, Roadhog.
    KotH niche: Tracer.

    9 heroes stand out as strong in this meta: Mercy, Lúcio, Reinhardt, Pharah, Soldier 76, Reaper, Zarya, Roadhog, and Winston. After Winston the usage falls off pretty heavily. I wonder if the PTR patch will shake things up?

    Note that characters aren’t necessarily bad just because they’re not used at tournaments. A skilled Junkrat player can still do well (though they might’ve done better if they were a skilled Pharah player). Bastion is really good at killing teams that don’t know how to deal with him (but pretty bad versus teams that do know how to deal with him).



    @sylian: “Junkrat: Lackluster usage rate in Defense and KotH, yet some of my friends keep insisting that he’s good… I’m not seeing it. He seems like a poor man’s Pharah most of the time to me. I’m not quite sure how they’d buff him without making him super annoying to play against. His Offense use is nearly non-existent.”

    I’ve seen a lot of Junkrat on KotH specifically. Usually just sitting at on side of the point, holding down the button to spam bombs. His entire design is based around area denial so it makes sense people would think he’s good on KotH.



    No, I think Sombra is the 23rd Hero. I think she’s a different character than Ana.



    Torbjörn pronoinciation guide: The “o” is not like “Ore”, or “Four”, but rather like “Who” or “Zoo” or “Rule”. The “ö” is like… the “i” i “bird”, maybe? In some dialects, at least, although not in standard Swedish, though I don’t think English actually has the standard Swedish “ö” sound. Say after me: Toor – Byirn.

    Here’s one way of saying it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wQxlCtgIeNI

    Note that he has a noticeable accent, the initial “o” in “Tor” is a bit long for standard Swedish, but the “ö” in “Björn” is mostly standard.

    Also, D.Va is easy, it’s “Diva”, like a female pop singer. She even says it every time she’s picked, and in several of her voice lines!

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