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    It’s still doing great!

    My hats off to everyone who gives each and every month.

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    Just curious, has Fraser or Becky announced when they’re going to do the Kingdom Hearts show?

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    Define “great”. I mean, yeah, it’s wonderful how they are coming through on “perks”, but the “milestone goals” seem to have been ignored (we don’t even have a date for KH awesome).
    Lucky for them I don’t think delaying/unfulling goals is against TOS, where as not going through with perks are.

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    In fairness, Fraser pretty much said from the start that if the Kingdom Hearts goal was reached, there would be no guarantee it would be gotten to in any reasonable amount of time. Several months was the original guesstimate? Becky has been cracking away at costumes for it, so it’s not as if it’s not going to happen. The milestone goals were pretty much just there to be there. Not to hold content hostage. We may not have a date for Kingdom Hearts, but we don’t really get a date for anything period outside of movie nights.

    Much of their focus was put into monthly movie nights, which they’ve been sticking to pretty hard.

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    Also Fraser did say it would be a full 5 person VGA episode which means 5 separate costumes. I’m not sure how long it takes Becky to make 1 costume so I’m sure 5 would take quite awhile especially since they’re gonna be super detailed given it’s Kingdom Hearts.

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    We know Becky has been making costumes for it, so no worries. I expected a delay due to the costumes.

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    On the latest Fallout 4 lonesome Fraser and Becky said February for the Kingdom Hearts show.

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