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    As of today (7/18/17) PAX South tix for 2018 in San Antonio, TX have gone on sale. I figured I’d just go ahead and start the thread, since it’s never too early. I’m stealing the same questions from Quazi’s opening post in the PAX West 2017 thread in hopes to make this nice and smooth.

    Who is going
    Who need tickets
    Who has too many tickets
    Who needs a place to stay
    Who already has a place to stay

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    Hey there buddies,

    So like others after hearing about the move, i feel like i definitely need to get on this PAX thing. But i have a few questions if someone can answer me?

    My biggest question, is on average what full week or so stay to PAX costs? i’m from the UK, and i know everyone will probably spend a little more for the last blowout, but just wanting to figure out an approximate budget.

    Secondly, i’ve been watching VGA since 2010, been in the minecraft servers since the start, been a turbo for a long time, but never connected with anyone in the community. Would it feel weird being there by myself?

    And i guess thirdly, what questions should i be asking that i’m not because i’ve never done this before? haha. in terms of preparation, i feel like there’s probably more i could ask.

    Thanks in advance, sorry for the big post, i appreciate any replies.



    @clokit @inevitable @skittlee

    I am in a similar situation. Was planning on waiting until next year for PAX, but with the announcement, might as well go this year. I just need to get the OK from my boss and I’ll be setting everything up. Everything is reasonable, but the hotel is a bit expensive solo.

    Info about me
    *I am female and 25
    *Can’t watch horror movies or medical procedures in TV without cringing, so not a serial killer.
    *Have a boyfriend who is interested in coming, but can’t work out the financial situation until december, so it’d be nice if you were open to a possible +1. (Yes, we would pay for 2 people if he did come. I don’t expect to sneek him into the room for free).
    *We/I would not be super gross. I’ve gone to a few cons sharing hotels and know how to act.



    @clokit @zabby @skittlee

    I’m down. What day(s) are you guys thinking of? With enough notice I can probably get anything off, though I might get a seasonal job to help pay for a plane ticket if this does happen.

    – Female and 23
    – Likes snacks
    – Also not a serial killer
    – Have not been to PAX before but have gone to plenty of local conventions. Have not traveled for one in a long time though so that’s why planes and hotels are a bit daunting.



    @inevitable @zabby @clokit

    Like the dingus I am I only saw Clokit’s reply in an email and didn’t even think to check the thread, it’s nice to see people up for this. I’d be wanting to arrive Thursday and leave Monday.

    -19 and female
    -jk I’m ancient and eldritch
    -Any serial killers now know who to target
    -First con in general, but I’d like to think that I have enough common sense not to be super gross when sharing a hotel room



    @inevitable @zabby @skittlee

    Do y’all wanna set up a group chat somewhere to discuss rooming together? Not sure what we’d use, maybe discord?



    @clokit @zabby @skittlee Discord sounds good! I’ve never created a server, but I assume it’s straightforward if no one else wants to make one?



    @inevitable @zabby @skittlee I created one, I’ll send the link your way via PM.


    I was planning on skipping this years. I’ve been there 2 years in a row and feel like I’ve pretty much done it. But with the recent news that this’ll be their last meet-up before moving, I’m definitely going to try and go.



    It’s always good to try to find somebody to room with and also will be great to see the newbies at Pax ??




    In past years I’ve done 4 nights (Thursday to Monday). The one year I did a hotel (Red Roof Inn), it was about $440 USD after taxes but this cost was split evenly between 2 people. As a group, we tend to have 1 group meal at Dave & Buster’s, which has food in the $10-$15 range, and I’m sure you’ll want to pay extra for the games and some alcohol. The group tends to go to 1 or 2 restaurants in the Riverwalk for a dinner, and they are also roughly in the $15 range. Last year we did a food court one night, which is cheaper. Also there are plenty of cheaper lunch spots (which are “fend for yourself”) as well, so don’t worry about every meal costing $15+. You will also probably want to have the Uber or Lyft app with some payment information on file, if you intend on needing transportation to/from your hotel and downtown, but this most likely won’t be the case as the hotels are within walking distance (definitely use it to/from the airport though).

    As for your second question, I personally don’t play Minecraft, but I met one or two people last year who were active on the server and hopefully they will return again this year.

    For your unasked third question, I’ll bring up weather. It will be fairly warm in the daylight hours and a bit chilly at night, so you probably want to have a light jacket with you. Also, bring a water bottle with you to the con, so you won’t have to buy some (snacks too if that’s your thing). I’d also suggest some comfortable walking shoes, because if you aren’t walking a lot in the expo, you probably will be walking a bit around the Riverwalk and downtown… and I do recommended stepping away from PAX some and check out some of San Antonio, like The Alamo and the Buckhorn Museum.

    If anyone wants to correct me or add on, feel free.

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    Never been to PAX South, just Prime/West, but while I was watching their Japan announcement show I went and bought tickets there on the spot. I’m still not sure I’ll be able to afford air travel + a place to stay, but I’m gonna try to make it down there this time. If there’s a room-sharing Discord for VGA members, I’d appreciate an invite, as that’s something I’d be interested in rather than having to get my own place.



    If anyone needs a place to stay, I don’t mind sharing. Again, I will be there from Thurs Night to Mon Mourning. Just me know ahead of time so I can change my room from 1 bed to 2.



    Hey everyone, I’m more of a lurker but after the announcement I’ve been really wanting to go to PAX South, if anyone still is looking for roommates we should try and coordinate

    About me:
    -I’m a 22 year old female
    -I’m a student studying CS
    -I’m not an asshole roommate
    -Also am not a serial killer

    I’ve been trying to get my boyfriend to join so that is a possibility for a +1, if we start to get something together I’ll force him to decide yay or nay



    I have a question for some of the PAX South veterans. How bad are the badge pickup lines for people who don’t order theirs in time for the mailing cutoff? This is my first time planning to attend PAX and according to my budget I might have to hold off on preregistering. I have my room booked and days off work locked down and all I need now is the badge but im scared i won’t be able to afford it before they sell out. Also how does the availability display work on the PAX site? Does it only show green or red for available/sold out or does it let people know if badge numbers are getting low? Any advice would be appreciated! :3



    @zenokage, The site will show a particular badge (3-day pass or indiv. 1 day passes) as having “Low availability” when they get to that point. Not sure how many badges constitute low availability, but you probably should get yours at that point if you are trying to wait it out.



    To be honest I should have saved some money and waited to buy my 3-day pass not on day one LOL



    Thanks a ton! For a while I was scared that they were gonna suddenly go from Available to Sold Out. This puts my mind at ease at least knowing when they might run out.



    Guys I am getting PUMPED! That was all great advice @menoseegood! Thanks duder.

    PAX South tickets usually take a long time to sell out. And, if I remember correctly, in previous South’s there were one or two of the days didn’t even sell out by the time PAX started.

    I think we’ll probably do the Rivercenter Food Court again this year. That way people can eat within their budget a bit more. Previously we’ve met in the foodcourt at the end of the Riverwalk, through the double doors under the half circle that says RIVERCENTER. It closes on 9pm most days, but 6pm on Sunday. So we will most likely do something different on the Sunday. Maybe a dinner on the Riverwalk? Like Cafe Ole or Casa Rio or something.

    I don’t think we’ll do an official Dave & Busters thing again this year, but people should totally check it out if you haven’t been! (Or even if you have. That place is super fun!)

    Just a reminder: Mi Tierra is basically THE GREATEST Mexican restaurant in San Antonio (fight me!)! It’s open 24 hours, so Fraser and I like to hit it up for breakfast. But GO EARLY! It fills up FAST! I highly recommend going there (early) on the weekend, because just outside the restaurant is Market Square. On weekends they set up little stands where you can buy local crafts, more food and they have fun events/singing/dancing!

    As usual, we’ll keep an ear out for parties that might be interesting… but… let’s be honest. We’re the real party here.



    @zenokage Best day to pick them up is Thursday if you can, as they hand badges out a day early, but double check on twitter before hand for exact times they’re open. Another thing I’d note is that if you wait until fifteen to thirty minutes after the show opens, you can usually just walk in after the initial mad rush, unless there is something you really wanna see.


    This will be my first PAX ever! And my first out-of-state convention.
    Could definitely use a roommate. Or two. Preferrably female ones, but beggars cannot be choosers. Also, I prefer to sleep in minimal clothing (shirt and boxers at least), hopefully that won’t bother anyone. I’m from Colorado, heat is not my friend.



    Hey all, long time YouTube watcher, semi-short time Turbo here.

    I desperately want to go with my best friend, but money is a real tight issue. Anyone want to go in for a room together?

    About me: Male, 39, I work direct support in a group home for the handicapped.

    About my friend: Male, 34, works as a manager for a group home for the handicapped (not the same agency).

    We can only afford to go from Thursday night through Friday night, leaving to return home Saturday afternoon.

    Please, please, please. Meeting the VGA crew has been on my bucket list for a while now. Let me know asap if this is possible, because we are planning on getting plane tickets and event passes tomorrow, and we’d like to reserve a room as early as we can.

    Thank you!

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    @missblow Thanks for the suggestions! I’m starting to put together a Pinterest board of ideas so if anyone else has any recommendations I’d love to hear them. :)



    Just got my tickets/flights/hotel in a last minute decision, glad everything wasn’t totally sold out :D, I really recommend Expedia they have good bundle deals for hotels and flights (also they were very helpful when I accidentally booked everything for December instead of January, glad I caught that haha)



    Looking for a possible roomie who either doesn’t mind snoring or snores themselves


    So, because I’ve never done one of these before, how is transportation usually handled? Public transport? Or is it feasible to get a hotel close enough to the event location?



    @psych0ticbi0tic I’m not speaking with any experience, as this is also my first PAX, but there’s a bunch of hotels near the convention center. The PAX South site even has a section to help you find them and get good deals. They’re a lot more expensive the closer you get, but there’s still a lot of hotels near the Riverwalk that are walking distance. My hotel’s like a half mile walk, I think.



    Bookings done! I’ll see you guys at #VGAPAXSOUTH!



    @psych0ticbi0tic Regarding transportation, the convention center is downtown and walkable to pretty much all nearby hotels, food, etc. However, if the hotels are filled and you need to book a bit out of walking distance, San Antonio also has Uber (and I believe Lyft too), which I have used in the past.



    If anyone still need a place to stay, I got 2 beds at my room. Just message me and we can arrange a plan! Again, I will be there from Thurs to Mon.

    Anyway, See you all at Pax South!



    @punisherab I would love a roomie though with me snoring like a wildebeest lol my options are limited

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