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    As of today (7/18/17) PAX South tix for 2018 in San Antonio, TX have gone on sale. I figured I’d just go ahead and start the thread, since it’s never too early. I’m stealing the same questions from Quazi’s opening post in the PAX West 2017 thread in hopes to make this nice and smooth.

    Who is going
    Who need tickets
    Who has too many tickets
    Who needs a place to stay
    Who already has a place to stay

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    @thecvgun123 snoring doesn’t bother me, if you need a roomie, let me know via message.

    Just to let other know, I don’t need a roommate as I got myself covered. I just want to help anyone whom need one for a better budget.



    Minecraft is coming to PAX SOUTH this year in a big way!

    MINEFAIRE, a Minecraft Fan Experience!



    If anyone’s hotel is kind of out of the way and they need to use Uber/Lyft Im looking for a carpool buddy for safety reasons, mostly for going back to the hotel at night, and we could split the cost. Female is preferred. Also if any college-age women are in need of a roommate I’d be willing to share! This is my first Pax so anyone who could help me out would be great!


    So what are we doing Thursday night?



    If anyone is staying in a hotel near the Alamo and would like a walking buddy (especially in the evening), hit me up!
    I’m staying right across from the Alamo, and it’s not too far of a walk from the convention center or anywhere else, but I’m a firm believer in the buddy system. ;)



    Lloydie if you ever find yourself without an escort, us Canucks (Kruxy, Arc, & myself) can be your bodyguards, also check on discord with Grimjim as to where he’s staying (i don’t recall)



    Ooh I forgot to mention something!!

    The live action D&D experience (True Dungeon) is gonna be at PAX! I did it last summer and loved it. I doubt I’ll be able to afford it this time around (unless people wanted to go as a group – then I’d be willing to set the money aside), but I have a handful of tokens if people wanted to borrow them. Nothing too good, but I do have some good armor for clerics/paladins/etc. and some +2 to health, among other helpful things. I played a barbarian and paladin before so they mainly gear towards though. Just wanted to give people a heads up in case it was something anyone was thinking about!


    I’d be willing to share an Uber/Lyft with a buddy. My hotel is not super close to the convention center (but not too far either).

    Is there a schedule or plan of events? I may or may not be able to make it on Friday, I don’t want to miss the meetup.



    @inevitable I bought myself a ticket for True Dungeon, but took the last spot on a Saturday group, so I guess I’ll be the only Turbo in that slot. :P

    Those tokens I’m assuming might not be compatible in the event they’re doing at South, as it seems they’re doing the maze in an established universe from a fantasy book series (One I’m unfamiliar with), and I think what we got last year were probably just generic tokens to show what to expect from them, but I could be wrong on that assumption. But hey, they’re still nifty in the end so yay. :D



    @starkitsune I think that the Name of the Wind is just the theme, but I don’t see why you couldn’t still use True Dungeon tokens. I just remember one of the first times I did True Dungeon I went with a family that had clearly been doing this for YEARS and had books worth of tokens, while I just had maybe ten at the time and felt super weak compared to them. It was still fun, but I just wanted to help anyone that might be going in with just the tokens they first give you :)



    So I just took a quick peek at The Weather Channel’s and Weather Underground’s sites for San Antonio weather during PAX. Highs look to be around high 50s (Fahrenheit) to low 60s, with the lows dropping to around 40F. This is considerably cooler than past years, so definitely pack some warmer clothing than you would have in the past. Fortunately no rain, though this post is a week ahead of the event so that could change.

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    Coming off this blizzard that just dropped 18 inches of snow and negative degree wind chills ill take 40° to 60° lol



    What @thecvgun123 said. We’ve been consistently between -2 and -20 so I’m definitely looking forward to some San Antonio weather right now.



    @psych0ticbi0tic if you want to dm me we could rideshare ^^


    I am so excited about that weather!! Am going to be wearing a bodysuit. Was worried about gross humid heat.


    Now that all of may major prep is finished the excitement is really sinking in. I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone again!!!



    I am ridiculously excited. Just not looking forward to the 17 hours in the air and airports


    @psych0ticbi0tic I’d also keep an eye on Twitter, #VGAPAX. Turbos, and the crew, usually give a shout out on what’s going on.



    Flying out to Texas tomorrow afternoon, should be getting in about 4:20pm-ish, If any turbos wanna split a cab into town



    Anyone on Thursday want to check out The Alamo with me? I want to see it in person and Thurs would be the best time for me.



    @punisherab I might! Depends on when I get in, though. It’s a 5 1/2 hour drive for me, and depending on the kind of traffic I hit I might not be there in a timely fashion. And that depends on when I actually wake up, since I probably won’t get home from work until 1 AM on Thursday.



    @skittlee Cool. I should get there around 1-1:40pm I think they close at 5:30, but I don’t know if that’s just for the tour or the location hours. Still, I probably only visit it for 2 hours at most.



    Sorry, just got in to San Antonio and realized I don’t know where people are meeting up tomorrow. Where is the big meetup with Fraser and Becky?



    Woo! I got pictures this time to prove I was there!

    Frash doing his Q&A

    The Drone that was watching us.

    Someone carrying the candy bringer.

    Me and Frash!

    EDIT: Can’t have pictures be embedded in the page?

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    I had such a great time meeting and talking with everyone… some again, some for the first time! Thanks, VGA community, for making this weekend awesome!



    Oh my god, it was so amazing meeting Frash, Becky, and all the Turbos! I’m so happy I got to go!

    Thank you to all who hung out with me and welcomed me into this amazing family. It encourages me to be more active on the forums, and to try to make it to more of the live shows and meetups. You’re all the best!

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    That really was a great time, PAX was fantastic and it was awesome meeting you all for the first time! (I hope VGACon/Turbocon becomes a thing one day, maybe fan hosted?)



    What a way to start my year! Got to meet the Turbos AND meet Becky and Fraser! I had a great time and am glad I was able to go. I feel motivated to be more active and will see you all in the chat.

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    So, I wanted to say this at the Bier Garten meetup when people were a bit emotional. But I’ve never had a chance to talk this to anyone, so let me write it down here.

    It was a scene in an early Phoenix Wright episode. There was a Japanese calligraphy hanging on a wall, and Fraser asked its meaning. It was a famous Japanese phrase that any Japanese person would love to explain to you. It reads “Every chance is the last chance.” I replied the meaning, and then kshade (then Mod) asked me “is this a Japanese version of YOLO?” Indeed, the meaning is pretty close, though it’s normally taken a bit differently. My interpretation of this is that you should never expect the same thing happens again, so cherish every moment to its full extent.

    I know many people were sad when this PAX was over. But you know what, life is always ticking toward the end, like it or not. But let’s not give in to cynicism! We should celebrate what we have experienced, and let this experience shine you inside out. Hope it would give a renewed meaning to our days to come.

    Thank you for reading.

    P.S. I tend to say a lot of cynical things online or in person, but I have never actually been taken over by cynicism. I’m just a shy person, ya know?

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    I just want to say thank you to all the awesome Turbos I got to meet this year at Pax South.

    It was a truly amazing experience. The moment I walked into the group of Turbos at the food court on Thursday night I felt welcome as if I had always known everyone there. I met what would become members of Alpha Danger Cheese while making a Turbo Buddy at the Lego tables, and thank you to those great people for putting up with my puns for the whole weekend. Even though I was hundred of miles from home on my first solo trip, I was stress free.

    The Post Pax Blues have not quite hit me yet.
    And I don’t think they will for a little while. Since being back home my family have let me know that before my trip they had began to worry about my mental health. My Mother said I had lost the “spark” from my eyes, and that she is glad to see that spark back in my eyes. Though they were kinda leery of me going to meet up with people I only knew from the internet they are now glad I did. They think it was what I needed. This is something I realized on my way home. I feel better than I have in a long time. I hadn’t realized how numb I had become to life. I only have y’all, my Turbo Buddies to think for getting me out of the haze I had been trapped in.

    I am missing everyone, see y’all in the chat, in the forms, and/or on twitter until the next time we can meet up.
    Thank you all so much,

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