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    As of today (7/18/17) PAX South tix for 2018 in San Antonio, TX have gone on sale. I figured I’d just go ahead and start the thread, since it’s never too early. I’m stealing the same questions from Quazi’s opening post in the PAX West 2017 thread in hopes to make this nice and smooth.

    Who is going
    Who need tickets
    Who has too many tickets
    Who needs a place to stay
    Who already has a place to stay

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    I guess I’m going to hop onto the post-PAX train and share my thoughts here.

    Parking tickets suck. Having parked under the Tower of the Americas, I had to have my car moved before midnight. Because of this, I wasn’t able to stay the full time any of the three nights. Oh well. On the last night when it was time for me to go, I said goodbye to only three people: Becky, Fraser, and @stacergames (thank you for saying goodbye to me). It was my full intention to say goodbye to everyone I had had a conversation with. I walked up to @inevitable and @skittlee , who were deep in conversation with some other Turbos. I don’t like interrupting people, so I stood there like a statue for about half a minute, then looked around and saw that pretty much everyone was deep in conversation with other Turbos. So I just left. When I got to the top of the stairs and onto street level I started crying. I cried because this was the first time in my life I felt among a large group of people I could relate with. Even if we have different personalities, we all share one common thing: love for VGA and this great community that surrounds it. I also cried because not long before I left on the last night, when I was being my usual quiet and sad self, somebody ACTUALLY noticed, and asked if I was okay. (You know who you are, thank you.) I put on my glasses so the people of San Antonio wouldn’t have to see a nerd walking around with tears flowing from his eyes, then made the walk back to my car.

    The only reason I came to PAX was to tell Fraser and Becky thanks for helping me through certain obstacles in my life in the past and current. I didn’t expect to meet so many great people, and I didn’t expect to be hit so hard by the feelings of grief when it all had to come to an end. I expect these feelings to be with me for a very long time, and I can say with complete confidence that I love every one of you.

    Until next PAX (I hope)
    ~Corey, aka celerypizza



    Ooooooh my gosh @tonyski! That picture of @gamingkid1998 and @quazi is AMAZING!!!
    (Also, I don’t think I even got to talk to you this year! I’m so sorry. I hope you had a great PAX!)

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    Also, thank you so much to everyone who came out! You guys make us feel so incredibly loved! Our favourite thing is seeing TURBOs chillin’ and talking and laughing with other TURBOs and we saw plenty of that during PAX South. Thank you for being such an amazing community!

    Ol’ Frash got hit with the PAX flu, so there most likely won’t be a show on Friday (tomorrow). But we will keep you posted on when it will be. Hope you guys didn’t get it PAX flu. If ya did, drink lots of water and OJ and get as much rest as you can. If you’re feelin’ the post-PAX blues, feel free to reach out for virtual hugs. Don’t be sad that it’s over, be happy that it happened buds. <3



    @celerypizza Aw dude, I’m sorry we didn’t give you a proper goodbye! I guess we’ll just have to meet up at a con in the future to make that happen.

    I guess I’ll just have to jump on the emotion bandwagon as well. Similar to Bulldogarcher up there, my parents were pretty sure I was going to be catfished and murdered while rooming with people I had never even seen the faces of, and were shocked to see just how happy I looked in the pictures I have. I have a hard time liking other people enough to make friends, and am probably pretty tough to make friends with, but almost immediately on day 1 of PAX a big friend group had formed and I felt completely comfortable with everybody. (For the first time in my life at Biergarten I mingled. Before that trip being so at ease in a large crowd was unthinkable.) It was a pleasure meeting all of you, and I love you buddies.

    On a side note, the PAX flu settled in last night (probably from all that hugging) and I have a full busy week of work ahead of me. I’mma blame Frash for this one.



    Hey yo PAX People.

    Thought I would share my google album of the event.

    I took more video than I did pictures.

    Thanks for the great times. Feel free to reach out. Miss you butts lots.



    Mmm. Getting lots of those virtual hugs, thanks y’all!

    @celerypizza I don’t know if I mentioned this earlier, but if you ever feel up to talking before Alpha Danger Cheese organizes anything, feel free to reach out. :) I definitely don’t want you to feel like you can’t be heard. I’m always down to hang out!

    @skittlee I save the murdering for the second con as a courtesy. ;) But seriously, I loved getting to hang out and I miss you lots!!

    @quazi The hat you got at Dick’s is prime.



    Thanks for the insight @euske . Indeed a huge part of my life consists of trying to make worthwhile memories, because there’s been a lot of things I can’t revisit anymore for one reason or another. But on the final day of whatever I enjoyed, I seem to know when it’s ending, so I do whatever it takes not to waste that opportunity and avoid taking it for granted. From there, I have a somewhat bittersweet goodbye and have a memory to cherish and a bit of comfort to some extent saying, “I was there and I got to experience what others may not have the same chance of.”

    Shame I was never available to go to PAX though. And honestly, I don’t have the financial stability to do so either. Oh well. Least I have the internet to experience a huge portion of PAX and VGA meetups, so I’m not completely left out.



    @k-16 I know this is going to come across as pure, stupid optimism on my part, but I feel like it needs to be said. That wasn’t the last PAX that VGA is gonna do ever. Just the immediate future. Besides that, a few turbos have been saying “Let’s all meet up in 2019 anyway even without the crew just to hang out.”

    I know your situation isn’t the best right now, but never say never. Something could change for you to be able to go to a future meet-up down the line.



    Oh I knew they will visit PAX again in the future. Or at least, that’s what it sounded like when they posted a video on Twitter. I just meant I missed out on all the previous ones, including the latest one. It’ll be funny to see how Fraser/Becky will handle jet lag in whichever one they will attend to in the future. Then again, euske seems to have pulled it off without issue. And arriving a full day early would probably fix that real quick.

    As for me, it is what it is. In a few days, I’ll calm down, go back to normal, and go job hunting, followed with joining a grocery store or something less rewarding. Then work until I somehow get lucky in life again. Also probably move somewhere cheaper and smaller to address the monthly expense thing. Say goodbye to my friends while doing that, but again, already mentioned the whole making memories thing. I’ll get over it eventually.



    Has there been a thread started specifically for sharing out photos of Turbos and the event yet? Or, should we post here?



    Peeps seem to be posting pics here @onebademu! Post away!



    Fair warning to any future PAX South goers. Do not order the michelada. :-)

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