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    Pax Banner

    Yo you Butts.

    It’s that time of Year. Figure we need a thread declaring:

    Who is going
    Who need tickets
    Who has too many tickets
    Who needs a place to stay
    Who already has a place to stay

    You know what to do next.

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    Quazi is going.

    Quazi Needs tickets (I Want a Saturday, and Sunday if possible. I am of course willing to pay including shipping and handling costs.)
    Quazi has a place to stay, double occupancy, traditional single bed. Sultry eye wiggles ensue. Be warned I snore.
    Sheraton Seattle Hotel & Towers


    I’m also using this tool to help me track when tickets go on sale. I used it last year to great success.

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    Nightshade might be going.

    Nightshade has ticket covered by someone else (don’t ask please).
    Nightshade needs a place to stay in order for him to decide to go.



    Starkitsune might be going too.

    Starkitsune has hotel booked, but not paid.
    Starkitsune just needs to focus on ticket purchases and staying in budget to afford said hotel.


    Gamingkid1998 might be going as well.

    Gamingkid1998 has hotel settled.
    Gamingkid1998 now needs to wait until PAX West tickets go on sale.

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    CV is going

    CV needs tix but not entirely necessary as I love the meetups more then the con

    CV needs a place to stay (I snore so if nothing comes up it’s ok)

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    I have booked the Crowne Plaza for PAX (Thursday until Monday so 4 nights) with a Quad room. Anyone interested to room with let me know.



    SeriouslyLeRoy is going w/ gf

    Managed to get Friday badges (but would love to pick up Saturday as well)
    will probably get a cheap motel somewhere in the area



    Crazed is going.

    Crazed lives in Seattle, though probably can’t host anyone (gotta do some roommate talking).

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    Hey dudes, deffiantly want to attend just looking for Friday, Saturday and or Sunday badges! If anyone has extras they’d like to sell please hit me up.

    Update: I was able to snag fri-sun passes because of this beautiful community, thanks dudes!

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    Hello everyone.

    Me and my dad were planning to go to PAX West so if anyone has any extra badges, please hit me up. I have my hotel set up but we didn’t get the tickets in time.

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    I have two extra Monday badges if anyone is interested just let me know.

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    I wouldn’t mind taking that sunday badge off you if you are willing?


    Shawn From PoCo is going (1st PAX).

    Have my badges for 4 days (No extras sorry).
    Have a hotel room.

    Need a ride from Vancouver area (and back).

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    Hey I’m from Surrey.

    I’m planning to drive down Thursday night, go home, then leave Friday and come back sunday.

    If you need a lift on those days you are welcome to join me.

    Not sure what you will do Monday. You may need to catch the train or bus up.



    Wasn’t able to grab any passes due to being at work when they went for sale, if anybody has any extras I would be very grateful to get some if possible. ^^



    f*ck pax let’s have TURBOCON lol


    Just a reminder guys, PAX West still has Monday badges on sale. If you’re backing out because you can only secure Monday, I suggest you don’t. Come to Seattle, hang out with us, and there is a large chance you may be able to secure another day. Every PAX West I’ve gone to there has been extra badges floating around for some random day that happened to go to another turbo that needed it. So still jump on those Monday badges if you haven’t. :D



    Caffe is wise. Picked up a monday even though I will be leaving Sunday.

    Worst Case, we hock it to a scalper and get some money back, best case we get it to a Turbo.

    Actually since it’s actually labour day weekend, I expect there will be a larger crowd monday than normal.



    Secured my Monday pass, thanks Caffe, but am still planning to be there for the full PAX time just in case I can make it in by miracle. ^^

    Seattle, here comes the fox! >:3



    I have changed my reservation for a double occupation room (two beds). If you’re looking for a room for PAX West, let me know. Alternatly, if you have a room for PAX and is looking for roommates, let me know as well.



    I don’t hold out any hopes because of my snoring but it’s always wise to at least ask



    I’m going and I have 2 full extra sets available.



    Hey SytYoshi, any way I can get a Saturday if no one has claimed it.



    Will be there the full weekend and already booked my hotel with some turbos staying with me. Can’t wait to see you guys there!



    Quazi claimed a Sat. badge. So there’s 1 full set and a Fri, Sun, and Monday if anyone was still looking for badges.


    I want to go, but I’m not sure if it will be viable money-wise. I probably wouldn’t even go to the actual PAX. It’s kind of up in the air at the moment.


    I’m in dire need of a set of badges for me and my gf. :( :( :( :( We don’t need all four days, but we want to go to the same days together. Peeps, if you have badges available, I’m going to be slippin’ and a-slidin’ into your DM’s to find out what you want for them!


    Also, may need a place to stay…but badges first, place to sleep second!

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    GUYS! This shiz is SOON! Are you gettin’ PUMPED?!



    I am!!! Lol though wish I was doing both gamescom and pax but oh well

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