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    The Minecraft Awesome Perma-Server World 3 has been updated to the recent version of Minecraft 1.11.2! There has been some big changes going from 1.7.10 —> 1.11.2, New items, new mobs. Unfortunately, some world chunks are too old for any of the new stuff, however to remedy this, we got some Villager Sellers to help (Located at hub by the fishing pond). Let us know if you need any help or have any questions. Special thanks to Nulani for getting this all squared away and to the mod team to help replace the buggy transporter mod for command blocks.

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    Way Cool!




    Well im moving back to minecraft for a while then XD wooop! Good work guys!

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    Couple issues cropped up. Working on fixing them. Resolved, probably.



    Oh WOW I did not expect this!
    Now, I need to reorganize my storage to account for all the new items. :(


    Some users seem to have connection issues, try direct connecting (to,, or or re-adding the server. Or just keep trying.

    It looks to be related to contacting the Mojang servers to authenticate.



    Praise be onto the mods!



    Thank you so much!!!! Looking forward to enjoying it!



    Best news I’ve had all week! Thank you all!!!



    Wooo, thank you Mods!

    I confirmed that the map is also working correctly.


    How do we get our hands on those new natural blocks?
    You making more villagers, because they didn’t have much.

    You resetting the ender dragon? There’s apparently an end temple in later versions.




    as for the dragon, don’t look a gift llama in the mouth

    BIG THANKS to Nulani for doing this for EVERYONE



    @gukingofheart What I’m sure you meant to say was, “Thank you mod team for using your days off to do something nice for the community that you didn’t have to, including bug testing and making sure everyone will be able to join without problems. I promise to act like a nicer, less entitled child from now on.”


    Thanks. “even when I don’t say it”
    But for me, questions is what I ask first.



    Well hot damn, that’s awesome!




    How do we get our hands on those new natural blocks? – All the ‘natural’ blocks are craft-able (Diorite, Andesite, Granite, Course Dirt, Red Sandstone, Magma Blocks, Bone Blocks).

    You making more villagers, because they didn’t have much. – The 3 villagers sell: Elytras, Prismarine Shards, Prismarine Crystals, Shulker Shells, and Totems. Most of the other 1.7+ item you want can be crafted or obtained.

    You resetting the ender dragon? There’s apparently an end temple in later versions. – The End and the Nether have been reset so they should have those materials.

    And yes, you should say thanks first, it’s polite. We’ve had this conversation before.


    Fair warning, we’ll be having this conversation many times… It does not come naturally!



    Fair warning, I’d like to direct you to the VGA rules, in particular this bit:

    “Don’t be a dick and don’t harass others.
    If you’re being rude, passive aggressive, or generally unpleasant, we don’t want you around. It is not your job to antagonize the crew or other members of the chat. We do not tolerate abuse. This includes constant badgering, personal attacks, threats, sexual harassment, and so forth. If you cannot tell the difference between a friendly troll and harassment, it’s best to keep quiet. If your goal is to cause anger, you will be removed. Playing Devil’s advocate just to start an argument or get a rise out of people is trolling.”

    Having awareness that you’ll break the rule in the future does not excuse you from breaking it.

    Oh and if you think we’ll be “having this conversation many times in the future”, you may find it’ll be had a lot less then you think

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    While yes, it’s always nice to say thanks when something like this happens; I gotta admit there was a little bit of an overreaction here. All Guking was doing was asking some questions, could they maybe have been worded differently, of course, but it wasn’t like he was being a “entitled child” as Iso had put it. The connotations weren’t rude or derogatory in any way so I see no reason why some of the responses to such a simple couple of questions had to be.


    Let me end this now!

    Just pretend I said thanks anytime I ask a question.
    It’s not a dick move… please please don’t overreact.
    Stop pouncing on me PLEASE



    Please remember that we’re unpaid volunteers. When you ask questions (which has, yes, happened before and, yes, why it may seem like we’re jumping on you) they’re often requesting features that are a. already provided for OR b. (somewhat obviously to us, at least) beyond the scope of our time or resources. That’s all. Questions are fine. But requests that may be reasonable to one may draw a reaction from another. Ya get whatcha paid for. Or… unpaid for. Whatevs.



    So I’m going to be honest, I did not see this coming in a million years. I thought Mojang screwed servers like ours so badly a couple years back that the only way we could get an updated server was by creating a new world.

    Now having said that, I can only imagine the amount of hell this has brought, the time, work, and effort involved in making this possible as well as the after effects that are bound to happen because of how fickle these things can be in the first place.

    So, from the bottom of my heart: Well done Moderators, and Thank You! Come our future build challenges if there is anything you ever need help with gathering for your own builds let me know and I shall make it a priority to hunt those items down for ya.



    Thank you so much for all your hard work!!! :D This is the best news Ever!!! :D <3



    Hey, awesome. Thanks mods. I wasn’t really expecting this, what with all the talk a while back about updating the server being a signal to move on to world 4 and all.

    I’ve been out of the game for a while being busy and having lost general interest in the game when I couldn’t keep up with the rapidfire updates Mojang’s been pushing out (and decimating parts of the modding community as a result). Maybe I can find some time to get back to building out my town.

    Anyone know if the odd quirks like lack of mob spawns is fixed with this? That was the one major thing that drove me crazy last I played. Made it so tempting to make mob traps, though I doubt even those would have worked too well. I could sit in the obsidian pit at the hub as the only one on the server and go ten minutes without a spawn.



    Looks like I’m late to the party, as I haven’t been on the Server in a few days. Much thanks to Nulani and the Mods for doing this for us! Looks like the Server’s more active now as a result, which is always a huge plus.

    Also now that purpur blocks are available, my Sonic gears are turning once again… Marble Zone anyone? :P



    We are still on 1.11.2, still working towards updating to the latest. We will announce once we do, but for now, keep using 1.11.2 on World 3 perma Server map. Thanks!


    Now upgraded to 1.12.



    Thank you Nulani for all your hard work! :D



    Oh dear. I am going to need to get on sometime soon and hope that my silktouched mushroom blocks haven’t been changed into the updated version. It would rather ruin their desirability as cakes, columns, and cushions.


    Now upgraded to 1.12.1.

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