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    Hey Guys, I just recently picked up a PS3 and I’m having a hard time picking out what games to try. I was wondering what do you guys consider to be a must buy/play for the PS3?

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    I have a personal dislike of the controller, so cross platform games I tend to go with the 360, but the Uncharted series is definitely good, and Heavy Rain is great, though it may be less fun if you’ve watched the playthrough already. Not sure.



    Do they need to be PS3 exclusive or do you already own a 360?


    For exclusives I’d say Uncharted 1, 2 and 3 plus Heavy Rain are must buys. The rest depends on what kinda games you like. Speaking for the one’s I’ve played:

    Littlebigplanet 1 and 2 – Should be fairly cheap to pick up now, good fun and has Stephen Fry Narrating the whole thing <3

    All the ratchet and clanks – Very solid platformers, there’s also A ps3 HD remake collection of the first 3 games.

    Infamous 1 and 2 – Smashy Smashy

    Metal Gear Solid 4 – If you’ve played the previous one’s this is an amazing end to the series. If you haven’t you’ll be confused by the story.

    ICO & Shadow Of  The Colossus HD – Pretty awesome ps2 games now in HD.


    If we’re talking cross platform then I’d recommend:

    Fallout 3/Fallout New Vegas – Both great RPG’s with very cool settings.  I prefer New Vegas because of it’s story and faction system but 3 Is pretty much as good.

    L.A. Noire – Beautiful Graphically, Good story and well voice acted. It’s a little on the long side but if you can get if for cheap it’s well worth it.

    Read Dead Redemption – A must have from this Generation. I can’t really add anything that hasn’t been said by the VGA guys over time.

    Portal 2 – Speaks for itself

    Arkham Asylum/City – It’s Batman. City is better but both are very good.

    Deus Ex human Revolution – First person RPG, Interesting story.Not amazing graphically but plays very well and has a lot of choice in how you approach stuff.

    Mirror’s Edge – Very Underrated First Person Free running game. It’s very short which is why it tanked on release but you can pick it up second hand or new for hardly anything these days. I got my copy for £6/$10 a couple years ago.


    Hope that helps.



    As exclusives I’d recommend:

    Uncharted 2 & 3

    inFAMOUS 2

    3D Dot Game Heroes

    Little Big Planet 1 & 2

    (MOVE Titles)


    …Eyepet. Yes, I am serious, it is a fun little game to play for a bit. Not amazing, but, the technology is pretty neat and is some decent fun at times. It is probably cheap by now too.




    What genres do you like? That would make it a bit easier.


    Woah, I didn’t expect responses so soon.

    @tracken: Deffently was looking foward to picking up the Uncharted series and  heavy rain. I only remember about half of the story of Uncharted 3, and i forget easily, so I should be fine playing through those. Heavy Rain I guess could be kinda spoiled, but they have different paths for me to try also.

    @lights: Woah! Thats a lot of suggestions. For exclusives I would deffently pick up LBP for me and a few buddies to play. I already played Shaddow Of the Colossus, but I haven’t played ICO and I heard the HD remake is to beautiful to pass up. Metal Gear is something I’ve deffently been missing out on, Isn’t there an HD remake with them all bundled together? For the cross platforming I have played many of those on the 360, but I was thinking about Arkham asylum/city for the PS3, and oh yeah I completely forgot about LA Noire.  Thanks for the huge list. :D

    @BlueHawk: I don’t think I’ll be picking up the move anytime soon so I’ll have to miss out on the exclusives for it.

    @eldango: Its hard for me to put genres because then I feel I close my self to potentaly great games. The genres i usually don’t get into are mmos, most fps’, and fighting games. I really like games that can suck you into its story/world. Sorry if that doesn’t help much.

    Thanks for all the great suggestions guys.



    Well based on that I would definitely recommend Arkham City (probably Asylum too, though I haven’t played that one). You’d probably enjoy the Oddworld games as well, although those are somewhat old, but I think you can get them all on PSN (not sure about the third one), or you can wait until the remake of the first game comes out:

    There’s also Limbo, which is pretty similar in concept.



    I’d actually be very careful with the more recent Bethesda games on the PS3, as in my experience they can be extremely glitchy on that particular platform, even more so than the 360 or PC.



    I second the Ratchet and Clank games. Very fun 3D platformer and is the closest thing to a mascot Sony has right now. Good humor, addictive gameplay, downright BEAUTIFUL (particularly A Crack In Time), and the best weapons in gaming evarr (all counter-arguments are nulled unless they have a gun that can transform baddies into explosive sheep). The PS2 games (Ratchet and Clank, Going Commando/Locked and Loaded, and Up Your Arsenal) are best played on the PS2 though, since my experiences with the HD collection make me believe the game was stupidly rushed with how many glitches there were. Still, the main series PS3 games (Tools of Destruction, Quest for Booty, and A Crack in Time) are more than worth your while. Mr Zurkon commands you at least try them.

    Heard good things about Infamous 1 and 2.

    Ico and Shadow of the Colossus are the poster children for artsy games for a reason. Just…damn good. The definitive version of Ico (for NTSC region people) is also here, since it includes all the cut content that was featured on the PAL versions. SOTC is more or less the same, but the frame rate is smoothed out (at the cost of some pop-up and a more fiddly Wander). Still, 2 damn fine games. SOTC is a frequent favourite of a lot of people, especially on PS2 lists.

    Sly Cooper’s HD collection is great if you missed them on the PS2. Jak and Daxter too. Sly 4 is also coming out this February and things so far are looking good.

    Okami HD is exlusive on PSN for $20, but the game can last you well over 30 hours. Personally it’s my favourite game and visually it is the best looking HD collection out there (the colours REALLY pop out). Pretty much the only problems with the game are ones that the longtime fans would toss Capcom off a bridge for (like switching the pretty credits music with something that doesn’t fit…and not giving an explanation for WHY)

    Tokyo Jungle is another PSN exclusive. It’s a survival-focused game where you play as animals in the post-apocalypse in Japan. Any game where you can have a bikini-wearing tiger with a bowler hat maul a pride of lions (like a boss, I may add) is worth at least looking at. It’s only $15, which is great for an addictive, weird little Japanese game. It’s my dark horse GOTY for how surprisingly good it was.

    Journey. Just…Journey. It’s one of the highest rated games this year. Beautiful, peaceful, interesting multiplayer mechanics, and great music. $15 may be a bit steep for a 2 hour TOPS game, but check it out. The same company also made 2 other artsy games called Flower and flOw which I hear are also good.



    Well I wouldn’t call it a “must play” for everyone ;but if you like tactical RPGs I would highly recommend Valkyria Chronicles.

    Despite Fraser not enjoying it, I still think Closure is very much worth playing as well. Though it’s also on windows so it’s not exclusive.

    Other than that, everyone has already listed what I would’ve said. Both LBP and games for sure.  Uncharted 2 & 3 as well. And without question if you have not played it, get Red Dead Redemption. To me it is without question the best game of this generation.



    The one thing I’d recommend that hasn’t been already said Disney is subscribe to Playstation Plus if you haven’t, you can get either a years or 90 days membership and every few weeks they release a couple to a few games completely free for Playstation Plus members, in the UK today we got Arkham City, Limbo and Vanquish though the titles usually differ in the US I’m sure the ones over there are just as awesome.

    It’s really one of the best deals going in gaming right now.



    I haven’t checked today but I actually got PS+ a few days ago. Downloaded like 6 or 7 games already, including Little Big Planet 2, InFamous 2, Outland, and Double Dragon Neon. So yeah definitely agree with that.


    God of War 3 and the God of War HD collections are also great exclusives.



    Portal, Portal 2, and Red Dead Redemption are MUST HAVES in any game collection (admittedly, the two portal games you can probably get a bit cheaper on steam, especially if you wait just a little bit for the Christmas sales)

    LBP and Uncharted, and Infamous series’s  are great.  You Don’t Know Jack and NBA Jam are great for some somewhat silly fun, especially with multiplayer.

    I would highly recommend getting Playstation plus. LBP2, Infamous 2 and quite a few other games are free, and a lot of others are discounted.  And the free offers rotate.  For example, at one point Red Dead was free.  Also a BUNCH old sega stuff, especially sonic is either discounted or free



    The Playstation 3 has some great downloadable titles. The Unfinished Swan, Journey, those kinds of things.

    If you’re looking to get into Metal Gear than you will need to have the HD collection and catch up. However, it only has Solid 2, 3 and the PSP game Peace Walker (along with the original Metal Gear games). But you can easily download Solid 1 off of the Playstation Store.


    I missed out on sooo much.

    I the system came with a free 30 day, I believe member ship, and if I like it I’ll probably continue it. I mostly was excited for the downloadable titles. After watch VGA play Journey, I played it at a friends house and was even more in love. It was the first game I play when I got the system, its just so beautiful and everything about it is just fantastic. I think I’m going to get games like ratchet and clank or sly after the holiday because I still need money to go shopping for family and such.

    Again thank you guys for all the input, I feel over whelmed by the content.

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