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    Hi everyone! I am super hyped for Mario Maker and I think it will be a great game for the whole gang to play on the show!

    It would be awesome if we could post our level Id codes on the forums and have Becky and Fraser play courses created by the VGA fans!

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    Question is: how long until someone creates a dick level? Cause you know its gonna happen in some way.



    I wonder about them building a stage, and or if they will do the unlocking cheat to get everything for the show. Also maybe wait a week or so to give turbo time to build some stages.


    Other them short dick levels, I don’t see Fraser being able to be entertaining enough and make a good stage at the same time.
    However, playing Turbo levels would be cool.

    The theme of the levels could be “Frage Stages”
    Not impossible stages, but just hard enough to get some Frage.

    I do agree, that maybe they should wait a week to give Turbos some time.



    I feel it could make for a fun time, more so because I can see Fraser letting Becky play a bit more too.

    Best of all, no extra work for Becky, they already have a Mario and Peach costume, heh.

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    I’m just hoping they would come back to it to do another show, a turbo show where they only play turbos levels. But I think Frash and Becky will play this day one, but luckily the show will probably be just full of them trying to create levels, mostly them learning the game. Like you mentioned, they should come back the next week to do a turbo show for it.



    The only problem is, all those Nintendo copyright claims.


    ^ true, that’s one reason I suggested before of a Patreon support.
    Fraser just needs to want to do it, but if he’s thinking of skipping it due to the claims, Patreon could counter balance this.



    hmm a day 1 patch to remove the 9 day limit.


    ^ To get everything all at once, I heard you can just forward your WiiU clock by 2 hours.



    I assume the day 1 patch was because they forgot to add Mario to the game.



    @tjgalon watch it be something to do with Luigi



    Poor luigi, i still love the guy


    Hey Turbo Buddies! I just made a post in the TURBO forums where y’all can post your Mario Maker Level codes! Should be fun!



    Half an hour/one hour to mess with the level editor. Then the rest of the show to play levels by Turbos. Would make for a great show.

    Might be best to wait a week so people have time to make some great levels though.



    weeeeeeeeeeell THIS is a god-damn shame…

    and i was looking forward to making a level that they may play on the show



    Ok just a tad confused with something I see some of the biggest lets play channels on YouTube playing Nintendo games and lots Mario Maker as its just come out why don’t they get copyright ID claims? or what ever they are called.



    People don’t talk enough about Nintendo’s copyright nonsense being somewhere between “bizarre and random” and “biased towards certain Youtubers”.



    It must be so biased I’ve just become a fan of the game grumps and most of the games they play are Nintendo that’s why I’m a little confused why is it OK for some YouTubers but not others strange.



    Seem smart to remove the use of rom and emulator on video. So I can’t see why Fraser mad at them dealing with illegal programs.



    So long as they’ve purchased a copy of the game, does it really matter? Also note that Nintendo’s response made blanket statements toward anyone using their content outside of their approved program, not just people using TAS or ROMs. This isn’t so much a policy change as it is confirming they plan on continuing their policy of issuing copyright claims against anyone who uses their content in a video. I don’t think Fraser really makes much of anything off Nintendo videos anyway give their current policies, but it’s disheartening to hear they don’t seem to have any intention of working with the Youtube gaming community in the future.



    I get Nintendo not wanting others to make money off of the content they own, but to not allow people uploading content they create and not make a profit from and still get removed from youtube is just absurd and dumb. I love Nintendo but they make it harder and harder every time they do dumb stuff like this. I ranted in another place on how pointless it is to even take down speed runs and game hacks. Nintendo pretty much is saying this stuff is not allowed at all anymore.

    It’s sad to because Mario Maker is so great and there are some wonderful RomHacks of older mario games that Mario Maker cant and wont ever do. It’s just disappointing that Nintendo really have no understanding and refuse to understand the communities they are shutting down here. I can go on and on how silly and pointless Nintendo fighting this and refusing to listen is. Sure they may have legal recourse and are in the right, but they are also being bullies about it and just because they have the right to do so, does not mean they have to be assholes to a dedicated fanbase about it.



    I’ve made this comparison before but it just makes more and more sense as time goes on. The Nintendo of today is in a similar position to Sega in 1997. They’re pissing off their fan base. They’re scaring away third party developers who are more reluctant than ever to produce games for them, the Wii-U in particular. Also, the Wii-U is a poorly marketed console that’s not meeting Nintendo’s goals and is to be, by numerous accounts, replaced soon with a new one that is being “promised” to bring something new, the ‘NX’. The ‘NX’ is analogous to the Dreamcast.

    I don’t want to say Nintendo’s going to go the way of Sega. I really want them to bounce back and continue producing awesome games. They just really need to get their shit together and mend ties with their fanbase before things get out of control.


    I’m neutral about the subject. On one hand, Nintendo is technically right in taking them down because of piracy and copyright issues. On the other, they clearly don’t understand the large community that they’ve just abolished here.

    I don’t think this should be discouraging to Fraser to cover Nintendo games on the show, but I get his frustration with the whole ordeal.



    Disclaimer: I am only speaking on my own behalf, and not for Fraser or VGA.

    Just a quick, sleep-deprived two cents: The focus of the article that’s been circulating does focus on modded/speedrun videos, but does specifically suggest that if you plan to use ANY Nintendo game for recording, to use Nintendo’s own service, regardless of whether or not the game has been modded. “As the owner of the copyright in the games: Mario Kart 8, Super Mario World, and Pokémon, Nintendo has the exclusive right to perform the games publicly or to make derivative works based on the games” … “Nintendo encourages fan engagement on YouTube through the Nintendo Creators Program. Under the program, participants are granted a license to use Nintendo’s characters, games, and other intellectual property, subject to the Code of Conduct included with the agreement.” Suggesting that any first party Nintendo game is subject to copyright infringement. And even videos that people point to as being “still online” are subject to Nintendo’s “Yeah, but we get the money from your vid, dude.”

    The big sticking point isn’t as much that Fraser could get flagged one way or another, but that this is more of Nintendo trying to get their content off of Youtube entirely, or at the very least, that Nintendo based content should not be applicable for ad revenue. Remember, just because a Nintendo video on Youtube wasn’t taken down, doesn’t mean the content creator is making money off it.

    No, not every Nintendo video will necessarily be flagged, but this is another push on their behalf to force Nintendo players to use Nintendo’s own service, which favors them in terms of percentage of revenue.



    It really hard to say who is right or wrong in this. On one hand, i want to see the VGA show be good and fun, on the other, Nintendo is perfectly right to want to defend their works. There a lot to understand, and I guess I should have thought it be hard to make a mario maker episode, cause of the trouble vga has with Nintendo and them trying to make money to produce it.

    edit” some reading I done, it seems there a outdated law that may be making Nintendo have to crack down on the rom hacks and such, though it just an opinion, it does make sense.

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    Well that’s frustrating to know. I haven’t delved any deeper into the issue, but it really does feel like this is just a way to direct more people to Nintendo’s creators program in a way that doesn’t feel forced. Very subtle on Nintendo’s part.



    Since this is a better place for conversation than… twitter replies I guess I’ll give my view here.
    Disregarding the content of the article and focusing on the e-mail itself, I understand that the message contained “As the owner of the copyright in the games: Mario Kart 8, Super Mario World, and Pokémon, Nintendo has the exclusive right to perform the games publicly or to make derivative works based on the games…” is rather unsettling for let’s plays; here I why I think it doesn’t really matter. This is an anti-piracy issue, not a copyright issue. It says at the end of the e-mail “Sincerely, Nintendo Anti-Piracy Team” Nintendo is a big company, they probably have separate divisions with separate people working there, and communication might not always be perfect; the guys that decided, let’s take down all the let’s play, aren’t necessarily the guys that said, let’s take down all the ROM hacks. To go further into this (based on what I gathered) Nintendo has been taking down ROM hacks from Nico Nico Douga (Japanese Youtube) for a while even before this happened, they never took down any let’s play material from Nico Nico Douga.
    Heck I though Nintedo got more lenient on the whole contend ID thing, they’ve recently given some popular let’s players early looks at Mario Maker, outside of their content creator system. This shows to me that they’ve gotten a better understanding of things.

    Going back to the main point of this article, taking down play troughs of modded ROM’s.
    I’ll clarify for those who aren’t familiar. There are sites that distribute ROM Hacks, or Speed Running Tools, these things are used with a patcher to modify the contents of a certain game like the levels, game play elements, etc. The problem with this is that you need a ROM (a ripped version of the game cartridge) and an emulator. Distributing these ROM’s is illegal and considered pirating.
    Nintendo is claiming that these kind of video’s are promoting piracy and, they’re not completely wrong to be honest. Someone that sees a Youtuber play a ROM hack would be motivated to do the same which would involve them pirating a copy of the game. I don’t think however that Nintendo has the right to take this video down, the let’s player probably owns the game, and he can do with it whatever he wants as long as he doesn’t distribute it. This includes ripping the ROM himself for personal use. Nintendo doesn’t have any prove he didn’t do so. It’s not a perfect analogy but think of it as this: I bought a game of monopoly, I don’t think the prices are fair so I scribble my own numbers on the board, now I make a video of me and my friends playing it.
    Let’s play’s/ Speed Runs are a derivative work since you technically use the game assets to make money for yourself, modifying the game, and then having a derivative work upon that might be a bit of a grey area.



    “Nintendo has the exclusive right to perform the games publicly

    Nintendo didn’t get better. They didn’t change from the moment they started hitting everyone hard. Just because some people don’t, for whatever reason, seem to get flagged, doesn’t mean Nintendo stopped. Several channels started muting gameplay audio from Nintendo games or stop doing them altogether. Or, gave in and are giving Nintendo the percentage they demanded. You can go through Fraser’s Twitter and still see the screenshots from all the Nintendo games they’ve done that were flagged.

    The e-mail from Nintendo specifically suggests that if you want to record a Nintendo game, use Nintendo’s application.



    The wording yes does leave it open and such, so it hard to argue with that, but atm, i took it as about public as in, people viewing the hacks and such is not how Nintendo want to publicly show off the game. Yes the thing about the partnership advertisement makes it hard to say other wise too, it just a bug cluster mess, with grey areas and out dated laws and such.



    So I was on youtube, and saw that Fraser uploaded a Mario Maker video. I was excited to watch it, but decided to watch a short video first. Then I went back to view the VGA video, and it was gone… Did Nintendo already take it down or something? :*(

    I am so hyped for this game, and hope to get it soon, and I was hoping so much that Fraser would play it. I’m glad that he did, even though he knows he wouldn’t get any ad rev for it.

    Fraser is so awesome to do this.. That’s why I’m a patreon.
    I guess I’ll have to check out the twitch stream if it don’t get back on youtube.

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