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    UPDATE: Start cleaning up the scaffolding and finishing your builds! The show will be this Saturday, Nov. 19th at 1pm PT! We ask that you don’t start building new builds at this time, only to finish builds that have already been started. After the thanksgiving build, we will do a quick update show of the 1.10 & 1.11 update before jumping into the holiday build. More details on that build later.

    What are YOU thankful for? Is that thing buildable in Minecraft? If so, do that!

    Because that’s what this build challenge is about.

    Want some keywords to help spruce whatever that is up? Have some: autumn, turkey, stupid-giant cornucopias, maize, thankfulness, over-eating, drowsiness, over-heating, arguments with your relatives, naps, a brisk wind, wistfulness, midlife crises, black friday, hangovers, leftovers, more turkeys (but made of hands instead of turkey), macaroni arts and crafts, terrible school plays, hangovers pt. II, all that pumpkin pie we just finished making, other things made of pumpkins, gourds in general, sigourdney weaver, christmas music, the crucible, football, the winter of our discontent, that dream where you’re flying, turducken, harvest moons, cheesy potatoes, family, or get your degree


    This your first time on the server? Don’t forget to read the rules! If you’re not yet whitelisted, make sure to check out this thread!

    If you’ve applied for whitelisting during a previous challenge, you’re good!

    -We’ve got magic villager salesmen hanging out to get you your elytra fix. Enjoy!
    -Is what you’re thankful for more of an idea/not easily representable? Don’t forget to check out those super helpful keywords!
    -Mob griefing and fire spread are off, so no worries about impromptu monster fire-parties!

    Stay tuned for possible updates and notifications about showtimes! See you in the challenge!

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    I will be joining this build
    I will be doing something very small compared to last build
    Other than that I am up floor gathering supplies for everyone else
    Question, are the mods making the cornucopia or are the turbos?

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    Any TURBO who would like to tackle the cornucopia is free to do so! But it that doesn’t end up being built, that’s A-OK too!

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    Alright im on the sigourdney weaver build no worries i got this.

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    I was trying to tame a horse that was chilling along the southern edge of the seed and it threw me through the barrier and then I got booted for “Flying is not allowed” XC I can’t get back in!
    SomeMODy Help Me!

    Nevermind, I phased my way back through :I

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    Hey Guys! I’m just curious if anyone has come across Acacia wood in the world yet? I’ve looked and I haven’t seen it, but there’s a chest for it in the community area so I’m not sure if I’ve just been looking in all the wrong places. If I had to guess, we don’t have an area that can spawn it, but again I may be mistaken.

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    InfinitySorcerer, I’m at work currently but will inquire about Acacia wood as soon as I can, (if it hasn’t been found by then)

    Mellisbaker is gonna add some around spawn, thanks be to Mellis

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    Thanks Mellis and Syretha!

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    Looks like the build will be on Sat. Nov. 19th at 1pm PT!

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    Please read the update to the thread, thanks!

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    Oh crud! Things have been so insane that I totally missed the challenge. Definitely gonna bring it for the winter/holiday build(if it’s still happening of course).

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    Hey everyone, i made a ship to be thankful for those who have served. If you want you can post a sign on the ship with the name of those you know who have served to say thank you. The location is 68, 128. There is a chest with signs and sign making material if you need it.

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    Good Job Everybody!

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    Great build guys! I’m thankful for ALL of you!

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