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    Every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday at 7:00pm GMT / 11:00am PST for around 3 Hours!

    Q: What is the TF2 Turbo Schedule?
    A: It’s a regular set of days and times where players can join the Team Fortress Awesome server and play the game! Basically if you ever wondered when the server is active, now you know!

    Q: How do I join the server?
    A: You can find the server address in the ‘Play!’ tab at the top of the VGA site. You can also add the server to your favourites and join when opening the game. But remember to read the rules about the server first!!

    Q: It says I’m not whitelisted. What do I do?
    A: If you’re a Turbo and are unable to join. Please refer to this thread!

    Q: Are we forced to leave the server once the 3 hours are done?
    A: Not at all! You can stay as long as you like after the 3 hours! The 3 hours are there just for the sake of those who’d want to know when it’s mostly active.

    Q: Can I play on non-schedule days and times?
    A: Yes indeed! Turbos can play on the server any time, any day! In fact, Turbos are welcome to join our fan-run group!
    This lets Turbos know when others would like to play using events. But please read the rules and follow them! Also take note that you might end up waiting for a long time, since we usually wait for 5-6 player per team for a decent match. So be prepared for that! You can join the steam group here!

    Q: Will there ever be more days and times?
    A: That’s up to you guys! The thread that originally planned this schedule is still open to discuss other times. But if we just notice a huge amount of players on non-schedule days and times, then we’ll add them to the schedule! You can find the thread here!

    Q: What if I’m not good at TF2?
    A: Nothing wrong with that! We happily accept new players to come fight with us! :D

    If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask!

    See you on the Hat-infested battlefield!

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    Fair Approves!



    Thanks for doing this. Big-Ups for Plesky.



    The world is in your debt.



    thanks pesky i enjoy a lot of my time playing with the other turbos in tf2 see you guys in tf2 this Friday


    If anyone here finds themselves not able to make this schedule, feel free to post what times you are available.
    Even if we can get a large group to make a game, maybe we can either have mini-games, or do something else.
    Let your voice be heard!




    By that he means post the times you’re available here:



    Someone beat me to pinning it lol.



    Totes good jowb, Pesky. So much easier to just hop on when sessions are scheduled, instead of trying to get people to fill the server on your own or constantly checking if there’s people playing. I’ll definitely try to make it to at least the friday one as often as I can, since that’s at a perfect time and day for me personally.

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