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    Post your favorite VGM here, and whenever you want to listen to some eye-popping ear candy, just search for this post

    EDIT – New Rule: Posts are only allowed to have up to 3 videos per post.

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    I’m so happy that Mega Man 9 exists.



    Here’s some more, just recently remembered this game:

    Also, @kikyoku, you made me start getting those Skyrim vibes again. God damn it, I already have 1000 hours into that game, why did you do this to me?!?



    @dwarf You can check out whenever you want, but you can never leave. :P

    Now, to keep this post on topic, and because this song gives me real, actual chills


    Sounds like it can be in a chase scene for an upcoming Disney movie.


    Jake Kaufman is a god of VGM.

    BTW Guys, if you ever wanna discover amazing VGM that you’ve never heard before, check out SupraDarky on YouTube. He uploads awesome VGM everyday, and half of the songs he posts, you probably never heard yet! Check him out!

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    Here’s some more, hope you enjoy. Also, nara got me thinking of guild wars, so this’ll be a bit of a double post.


    Here’s one I listen to once in awhile


    Growing up with seemingly stupid licensed games wasn’t all that bad. Considering what games like this have to offer at least.



    I’ve always never been the biggest fan of Dark Souls music, I always felt the boss music was way too over the top/melodramatic. However, I did like this:



    I really can’t choose tbh, I rarely have a favourite anything, just stuff I love so much that I remember them. And 95% of the time they’re only as great as they are thanks to the context in which you hear them.

    This is the theme music that plays when you are about to tear apart a frightened enemy army in one specific level…

    This is the theme music that plays when there is an epic half hour long fight against the final final boss of final bosses…


    Ah Lionhead, you genius bastards. ;)



    In my opinion, this is probably the best song in the whole Metroid Prime OST.



    I got more. This game was simply amazing, 2011 was a great gaming year…



    Ever tried listening to music 8 times slower? This link has it with a Donkey kong country 2 song.

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    @gazrielv, wow, that was haunting. I was not expecting that. Well, Inception did that too, so I shouldn’t be too surprised. Also, just remembered this one:


    @gazrielv Dem chills doe.

    In other news, at least seven people were sent to the hospital due to an overdose of awesome after listening to this.



    Despite the lack of interactivity, and that BS true ending DLC, this game was absolutely amazing.


    JRPGs are weird.



    Remembered some more.

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    KOTOR, the bestest-est BioWare game in existence (Please don’t kill me.)



    Manly tears incoming.


    Getting some Wind Waker vibes from this one. I know, this game came first, but I only finished it after Wind Waker, so that game’s soundtrack would always come to mind.




    Not the best of the Assassin’s Creed games, but gosh darn, this song’s been stuck in my head for a while now…



    Where to start, where to start?



    Chrono Trigger is great, and its SNES sequel deserves more love.


    One of my new hobbies is to dig deep into the bargain bin of my local Gamestop (which is filled with new games everyday!) and see if I can find something worthwhile. I’m honestly surprised I saw this game inside.


    Let’s kick this up Old School with a few of my favorites from back in da days.



    Time for more Japanese-only goodness with Rhythm Tengoku:


    The worst feeling in the world… is when you know there isn’t enough time to save it.

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