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    IMO Fraser missing & misunderstanding lore stuff got really annoying to watch in the recent episode, to the point where I’m really seriously considering paying for Turbo just he can take me more seriously, whenever if I talk to him.
    It also didn’t help that there was hardly any Turbo in the chat that was helpful.
    Now I know people are entitled to their own opinions, and nobody is perfect, and that it’s harder to do things live compare to pre-recorded gameplay.
    But my god, has almost every VGA show in the past few months, pissed me off(or facepalm) one or another, wtf happened.

    For the record, Fraser misunderstood that the notes he found on Libertalia, were not from the Avery era, but around 100 years after. It was a expedition that pre-dates Drake. He also missed many more notes like this in the Island chapters, including a lore room(before the puzzle).
    Only the notes in Madagascar was from Avery era, for which there was more notes he missed.
    The fact that how Nathan Drake unrealistically is always the first to discover a location/treasure, has obviously been a running complaint since the first game.
    And with how often Fraser is poking fun of that fact in UC4 more so than the other UC games he played(maybe due to the slower pace of UC4, so he notice it easier), I’m surprised no Turbos has pointed that out to him by now.
    Lastly the notes looking like they’re still in good condition after centuries, is because they need to deliver lore, there isn’t any way to get around that in game design.

    PS. @missblow for the love of god please pass this on to Fraser before the next playthrough, and make sure he say that he knows he missed & misunderstood the lore on stream, it should calm the nerves of people who watches(eg. through vod or on youtube, and me I guess).

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    I’m gonna take the risk to sound like a dumb fanboy and use the old excuse (not that one is needed): Playing on your own at home and at your own pace it not the same thing as on a show while trying to entertain people, talk to someone and look at several screens to make sure the whole thing is working as intended.
    And I’m gonna be honest: I didn’t get it either and thought it was from Avery’s time.
    I love Naughty Dog, they rule and their games are polished and awesome, but they always do this stuff.
    It makes no difference if the paper is 300 years old or 200, it can’t be in such good condition, especially right after a scene with a huge thunderstorm that nearly killed the main character and lying right in the open on a rotted, skeletal corpse.
    I’m fine with it, since it’s a game and all, but I can totally understand why it would annoy others.
    Not to mention that Fraser and Becky are making some fun, not having a big rant about it.
    Naughty Dog games are amazing and polished and their characters are natural and mostly believable, but that makes these little details even worse, because it sticks out.
    Dumb games get away with it, Uncharted doesn’t.

    Is that unfair?
    Yupp, but that’s what they have to deal with for being on top.
    A Hollywood blockbuster is gonna need to be more careful than Z-grade shlock, that’s just how it is.

    “Lastly the notes looking like they’re still in good condition after centuries, is because they need to deliver lore, there isn’t any way to get around that in game design.”

    Yes and No.
    I know what you mean, but it’s not a good argument.
    That’s like saying: “That character did something stupid, but only because that’s what the script says.”
    There are other, better ways to give lore and Naughty Dog has some of the best storytellers of the industry.
    Instead of 200 year old letters in perfect condition and present-day handwriting you could tell the story entirely through the environment and Drakes inner monologue.
    Maybe you’ll find an old battleground and follow clues to that corpse,maybe with one of the hidden treasures he might have stolen.
    It makes it more believable, gives the player something to do and context to the collectables.
    Wouldn’t that be cool?

    I love The Last of US, especially the story of Ish.
    But even I can admit that it’s super weird how he kept bringing his book with him, wrote down important events, ripped out the page and left it on some table before running away from danger.
    Make the player explore and piece it together on his own instead of grabbing him by the hair and rubbing his nose in the plot you want to give out.

    Just my two cents.

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    Good points all around, Fraser is just the type of person who has to point out any time he isn’t buying something, or thinks it is silly. I believe Becky mentioned during the Quantum Break show that it makes watching movies and shows with him difficult sometimes, it is just the way he experiences media and he can’t turn that off. I’m sure if Fraser would keep track of the lore if he could play the game in back to back sessions, but he has other games to play in between and can have weeks in between Uncharted episodes so he isn’t going to remember who previous explorer is, or that the letter that started their treasure hunt in Panama was to him.

    I will say though, to the argument about google maps not finding it, they don’t really bother mapping remote areas in high quality. It is just a trope of the treasure hunting explorer story though, and I think at the end of the day, it is our willingness to buy into certain tropes that effect our enjoyment of any given show/book/movie. I love Uncharted 4 and none of Fraser’s nitpicks came into my mind because I bought these tropes and once you do that it is like putting on blinders.

    Also note, I LOVED Uncharted 4. It is my game of the year so far, and definitely in my top ten of all time, so I’m not just kissing up to Fraser (something people often get accused of just for defending him). I just don’t let his nitpicks or opinions bother me, I had any amazing experience with the game, and if he doesn’t love it as much as I do, and if he experiences differently then I, that’s fine, it doesn’t cheapen my experience or invalidate it.

    Fraser will nitpick or straight up hate games that the audience loves and that’s okay. People can have different opinions then you, just don’t let it bother you, who needs that stress for nothing. Whenever Fraser says something that I disagree with, I just remember the words of The Dude.

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    My concern is the auto aim. Fraser thinks the game is really padded but I think the auto aim is just throwing off the pacing.

    Auto aim creates two huge problems in my eyes. (Plus is he playing on easy? I missed that part.)

    1. Makes the combat so easy and very one dimensional. Every combat encounter Ive seen Fraser play seems to be stand up and shoot everyone, damn it! After stealth has failed of course. This takes away strategically moving around the map taking out key enemies and using the environment in interesting ways. Heck, he doesn’t even have to use power weapons most times as any ole gun will be just as effective.This game has the best combat set pieces the series has to offer, but you wouldn’t know that from this playthrough.

    2. Combat is so short and since there is less of it now to create the new form of pacing. That pacing is ruined by blowing through combat sections in seconds. Downtime is games like this are very important. Combat all the time is taxing and is a big no no in action games. You need a lull to keep players unfatigued. But since the combat here is so braindead because of auto aim. That isn’t an issue. So it just makes the padded sections seem boring.

    While uncharted 4 could have used maybe one more big set piece like the convoy…everything else is gravy man.

    As for Fraser not liking the story…ugh. He’s always super critical of everything. At this point I’m just here for Becky’s reactions because she is the opposite. In fact, Becky is a godsend to this show, without her there to balance Fraser… I don’t know man…I don’t know.

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