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    Hey guys! I could use a little bit of help on the Patreon membership to Turboship thing:

    I went ahead and paid for the $50 patreon tier for the month of February(I’m going to change it to a bit less each month, but I thought since I’ve watched the show for such a long time I’d go for being a Turbo!). It’s now March and I’m still not able to access the Turbo forums, etc. Is there something I’m doing wrong?

    I know there’s a post somewhere down the line that suggested messaging Becky about it on Twitter, but since her DMs are closed I didn’t just want to yell through the void at her, haha.

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    I’ll bring it up with the other mods, stand by



    I’ve passed on word but there is no garuntee on
    when it’ll get read, things are crazy busy.
    So sending a Tweet or email to Fraser or Becky
    would be your best bet.


    Alright, thanks so much! I’ll try that.

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