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    I can’t get the chat to load on any browsers, I’ve tried Chrome, Mozilla, Internet Explorer, and Safari. There’s a little blue loading circle up at the top that never goes away. Has anyone else had this problem that knows how to fix it?

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    I can confirm I have the same problem, but no solution…



    I had the same problem as well. My problem was my Anti Virus (Kaspersky) did not allow my twitch chat to load. once i turn it off it load it fine.

    In case your story is similar to mine it might be cause of your anti virus setting, sometimes. I still have some trouble though. and the lack of chat makes the twich stream lag as well.



    Maybe try Opera? I use it and the only time chat doesn’t load is when either I reopen the stream tab after accidentally closing it, or accidentally navigate away from the stream and hit the Back button to return. Refreshing the page fixes it.



    I’ve had this in the past, it always seems to be on my end though as turning my internet box (see why I don’t post in this topic that often?) off and on again seems to sort it out.



    I actually got mine to working today. It just seemed to fix itself. Thanks for the help though! I think twitch was just being buggy for me.

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