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    So I was rewatching Octodad: Dadliest Catch today, and I was just thinking how much I’d love to see them try to finish this game.

    Any other games on the show that they just touched the story mode that you’d love to see completed?

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    Evil Within


    Super Mario Galaxy.
    They are so close to the end!


    My top 5 are

    5. EarthBound

    4. Fran Bow

    3. Broken Age

    2. The Evil Within

    1. Sherlock Holmes

    There’s a few more but those are the ones I’d most like to see make a comeback.



    Hard to pick just one. Probably Sherlock Holmes.

    Honorable mentions go to Fran Bow, Darkest Dungeon, and Crypt of the Necrodancer.




    Undertale (Pacifist, Genocide would be interesting as well although I doubt they’ll play that).



    Saints Row 4 and Borderlands 2



    I’d really really love for Frash to play the Dragon Age Inquisition Trespasser DLC. Undertale true pacifist ending and Saints Row 4 would also be great



    Definintely would love to see Frash finish his Witcher 3 lonesome playthrough.



    Transistor, Sherlock, and Fran Bow

    Also a return to Stanley Parable


    Fraser has said he’d like to return to Sherlock if there is demand for it. Personally, I’d like them to do that or the second half of Broken Age.



    Earthbound, Broken Age, Fran Bow and Sherlock Holmes. Also Firewatch.


    Witcher 3, Dragon Age DLC and Earthbound



    Earthbound, Undertale, Saints Row 4, Wonderful 101 and Rayman Legends


    Definitely Fran Bow; it’s one of those playthroughs with such great reactions, and I want to see how they like the rest.

    Firewatch as well would be good to see.



    Earthbound is the number one choice for me. I also would not mind seeing them finish Fran Bow and Undertale. I would also enjoy more Sherlock Holmes mainly because Fraser`s commentary during those playthroughs is some of the most entertaining. :P

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    Ni no Kuni



    Sherlock Holmes and Rayman Legends



    @glitch47 I’d certainly love to see more Ni no Kuni, but of course Fraser made it very clear that they weren’t going back to it. The Ni no Kuni videos were what led me to discover VGA in the first place so they are special to me. Too bad they never got to meet the Cowlipha. I remembered their shocked reaction upon seeing the cat king so I was looking forward to seeing their reaction to a giant cow queen.



    Undertale, definitely. Fraser loved this game and it would be so sad to see him not experiencing the true ending, even more that the neutral ending feels a little bit lackluster (intentionally), because Toby Fox wanted to give a reason to go back.



    The Stanley Parable their is so much more to be discovered.


    Dragon’s Dogma. That one had some hilarious moments with Neanderduck and Tigerlily.

    I’d understand if they didn’t go back to it though because I recently tried playing the game myself and didn’t get any farther than they did before I got bored. :/



    Broken age, Southpark and Mario and Luigi dream team (though I really doubt this one)



    If you’re referring to South Park: The Stick of Truth, that long haul has completed. Part 34 is the final video, and due to stream issues, about 2 minutes of footage is lost (but if you read the comments, you’ll know exactly what part is missing, which isn’t really anything significant).

    Personally I want them to continue Sherlock Holmes, because I love the Watson abuse. I’m sad that demand for Sherlock is so low that they can’t bring it back. I don’t get what’s bad about their playthrough.

    I’m also on the fence for Broken Age. On one hand, I want them to see it through to the end and finish what they’ve started, but on the other hand, I’m uncomfortable with the reception and reviews on Part 2, so I’m not sure if we want to end on that note, when Part 1 had a nice cliffhanger. (Before anyone asks, I did buy Broken Age on Steam. No piracy here.)

    Oh and The Stanley Parable and The Evil Within. I want those back. Not necessarily get all endings on The Stanley Parable, but rather just one more show is enough for me. But definitely finish The Evil Within and its DLC, perhaps as an October thing. And… Maybe some Mario Galaxy couple’s co-op on the side to help Becky go back to brushing up on 3D platformers? Oh right DMCA, never mind. Thanks Nintendo.



    Sherlock, they’re only 1 final chapter away from done too.



    Harley Davidson Road Trip!!!

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    Just having rewatched it, I’d like to add Layers of Fear to the list. I hope Fraser and Becky return to play through the whole game (DLC included) perhaps this October for Halloween Month.



    the witcher 3 would be cool. Anything other than overwatch to be honest



    Sherlock and Fran Bow definitely. I’d like to see more of AC Unity but I suppose that show was meant to be a one off.

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    The Heavy Rain DLC.

    That is so damn unlikely. It’s been so long. :P

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