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    If you didn’t catch the latest show and trailer you might have missed the announcement: VGA is coming to Helsinki, Finland!

    Well, more specifically it’s just Fraser and Becky that are going. Fraser didn’t elaborate on the reasons why they’re making the trip yet, but they’re planning on having a fan meetup on one of the days they’re there.

    The meetup day is March 14th, Saturday.

    The main initial meetup will happen at 1 PM at the Market Square. (Specifically at this fountain statue

    UPDATE: Food plans have gone up in smoke. We’ll see what happens. Prepare to just eat a healthy meal before the meetup so you can hold off till 6PM when we get to the bar. They serve pizza and sandwiches.

    After eating we will head out to a bar called Thirsty Scholar ( – Location: We have a 50-seat reservation there at 6 PM. Even more than 50 can come, there’s a maximum capacity of 250 and the owner says Saturdays are usually slow days for them. We’ll be there “all night” -Fraser 2015. Thanks to @wakacha for setting up this reservation for us!

    The End.

    Fraser lays out this plan in a new vlog:


    Share this thread with any finnish (or anyone else you think might want to attend) VGA fans you know, in case they didn’t catch the show and/or are not frequent forum users.

    Also join the Skype group @velvetripper set up for us if you want to stay up to date with people and happenings in real time both before and during the meetup.
    VelvetRipper: “Just add ossi.muurinen on skype and I’ll add you to our group. In there we can easily plan meetups and other stuff. Remember, skype is also available on your smartphone! ;) Also, it’ll be so much easier to get in touch once in Helsinki if everyone attending will be in the group.”

    Torilla tavataan! ^^

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    I’m not an active forum goes, but thank goodness I checked the activity section anyway. Nice to meet you all!

    My boyfriend and I already got our bus tickets, so we will be coming for the meet up, and leave Helsinki the same day. We too aren’t much of an alcohol drinkers so we will see if we stick around till the evening, but I see there are surprisingly many of us who don’t drink!

    I’ve been to Helsinki a lot, most of my family lives there, but I only know my must go places. Best Chinese place is definitely Meilin (despite their weird website, but it’s a small joint and should be reserved in advance (probably if we whole lot want to go to eat, better reserve in advance..). That’s as far as my recommendations go and there’s been plenty of other good options already mentioned so, eh. :’D

    Fazer cafe is good but it’s also expensive so be prepared for that, but that’s my student budget speaking..

    I’ll be eyeing this thread regularly. See you guys next week!



    I haven’t been to a Fazer cafe in years, this would be the perfect excuse.
    As far I can remember, the food was expensive, but oh so good. Can be expected from such brand as Fazer.



    WOOT! I’d like to join the meetup as I live nearby.



    I have gained a list of names for places to visit, I’ll collect more details as I hear / read about them in detail:

    Helsinki is a great city when it comes to city limits traveling. HSL provides day tickets, which you can use in metro, busses or even in the ferry if you are going to Suomenlinna.

    Suomenlinna is basically free. You just have to pay the ferry and if you want to visit Suomenlinna museums, they cost extra. They also provide hostel and other services. And no, I don’t work for them, just freshly read all that stuff. :)

    I’ll put up more info when I get it.



    I know the owner of thirsty scholar if You guys are still looking a place To get few drinks just need To know how many peeps are coming and what time~



    Yes yes YES! Will definitely be there! Coming from Tampere myself. :)

    Tortilla tavataan.

    PS. Sorry for not being so active lately. Been super busy with stuff.

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    I’ll definitely be there! i’m not 18 years old yet though, so i won’t come drink beer with you :P but i come to say hi!



    You guys… Coming to Finland?!

    This is an opportunity I cannot miss, I will be coming there with one of my friends then, we live pretty close to helsinki and can easily take a train there. Fortunately were not 18 yet so no beer for us, but I guess that doesn’t bother too much when we get to see you guys. ^^ But yeah, me and my friend will be there, looking forward to see more info about this meeting! :)



    Err… Anyone going there from Oulu? Notice is so short so it’s a tad bit difficult :x
    Sort of might’ve flipped my table as I saw the youtube video about this since holy cow.



    I’m usually not so active on the forums, but i’ll let you know that i will be joining. I wont be drinking anything as my body takes it as well as trying to swallow a porcupine. This will be the perfect thing to relax after a hard week of studying.



    I don’t really visit forums but I created this account just to say that I’ll try to be there! I live like a couple of minutes (walking) away from Kauppatori (the market) so it’ll be easy for me to at least stop by and say hi even if I have other plans. I just turned 18 this year so depending on the time and place I would love to have a beer or two with you guys.



    I just created this account too to say that I’m so excited and I’ll come to see you. I just went to Helsinki last week (I’m from Kouvola. Pretty close by.) and visited the Fazer cafe for the first time ever and I must say it’s just lovely. Bit expencive, but everything is so delicious it’s worth the money.

    I haven’t been to Suomenlinna, but that sounds fun too and all the important museums are close to the city center, if you guys want to see some finnish history. Welcome and torilla tavataan! :D



    Fraser and Becky, in Finland? Oh my gooooood :D This is one of those “once-on-a-lifetime” situations you simply cannot miss! I definitely have to come and say hello! I live moderately close to Helsinki (approx. 100 km), so it’s just a quick train trip!

    And if there’s enough space, I’ll absolutely have a beer or two with you all, too.

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    Oh this was a supprise around the corner…i would really love to come meet you guys. you should try to keep somehow up how many people will be showing up cause might be a bit weird if there’s 200 people waiting for you :D



    I’m new to this site but I’ve been watching the show for years now. I’ll definitely come and meet up y’all. Terveiset Tampereelta!

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    Yesh! this is like a crazy fanfic coming to life, won’t miss it!



    Wtf why didn’t any of my buddies tell me about this earlier?

    But yeah I’ll be coming to that, sure! But I don’t know any good eating places in Helsinki, as when I’m there on my own I have the tendency to eat in fast food places… xD

    I’ll be coming from Kouvola, probably by train in case there happens to be some other turbo coming from same direction who wants travelling company.

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    Hecks yeah. I live in the area, so of course I’ll be there. I also know the lay of the land if needed.

    If anyone needs a place to crash I’ve got a sofa-bed that can comfortably fit two people. Coincidentally I own three pillows, so that’s the max anyhow. PM me if you need somewhere to sleep. Reserved.

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    I’m from Estonia but I should be able to come to Helsinki via boat in the morning and leave in the evening.
    Have been watching the show for a few years now, never thought I’d have the chance to actually meet you guys.
    I’ve never travelled abroad alone and, honestly, I’m scared… Really scared. It’s worth it though! THE CHANCE OF A LIFETIME!

    The only problem is that I arrive back to Tallinn around midnight and have to wait 6 hours for the train traffic to start again in the morning so I could get home :/

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    Tere! Travelling from Tallinn to Helsinki only lasts about 2,5 hours if you’re coming by ship, so you don’t probably even notice you are abroad at all. I’m currently living in Estonia too because of my studies so I should now.



    Just signed up to forums to say that I’ll be there. As I don’t know anyone else who watches the show, it’s gonna be a crazy day for me meeting a bunch of new people!



    I’ll definitely be there! Just booked bus tickets from the neighbouring town Turku to Helsinki.
    Arrival at 10am, departure 01:30am the next day. 11 euros total. Not bad, right! :D

    There are TONS of places to eat and drink, everything @missblow suggested will work out fine, and if for some reason it
    doesn’t, there’s another place to go right around the corner, don’t stress over about it. :)

    Anyway, I just woke and I’m practically chocking over excitement here, so I’ll come back later with suggestions and
    further planning!



    I have to figure out where to stay for two nights (and actually think about this for more than half an hour because I promised myself I’d stop doing things on impulse…) but I’m like 50% sure I’ll be there! maybe it’s a bit ridic making my way over there all the way from oslo but… 8)



    I am so excited! Definitely going to be there! I’m staying in Southern Finland for the whole weekend so I can tag along all day. :)

    Seconding Oluthuone Kaisla (, been there once with my brother. They have a large collection of beers and other drinks, and the place is pretty big as well. Loved the atmosphere. Otherwise I can’t really say much about where to eat or drink.

    Torilla tavataan!



    @skauing Not too ridic cost-wise at least. I was talking to another turbo in the turbo chat who was seeing how much it would cost him to fly in from Oslo, and the prices were pretty much the same as for me coming on a night train from northern Finland. Now that’s ridic! (I am paying a bit extra to have a bed spot, but still!)



    100% coming!

    Torilla tavataan!



    Just made an account to inform that I’ll be there. Coming from Jyväskylä via bus! Will arrive around 12PM and I’ll leave at some point later. Will probably not drink alcohol, but I’ll hang in there with you!

    //Oh yeah, there is this place I like to visit pretty much every time I’m at Helsinki, called Kakkugalleria.
    It pretty much is all you can eat cake buffet for 12€
    Unfortunately they (don’t seem to?) have an english webpage. :l
    I like cakes.

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    This is so cool! My heart sunk though once I heard it’s on the 14th, I can’t come unless I plan to lose my job. :( I might take the risk anyways.

    I do wonder why Fraser picked Finland for a visit. Regardless, I can’t wait for the videos to show up of them sightseeing our little country. ^_^



    All right, a friend who lives near helsinki offered me some couch space for the weekend (and I threw that whole “thinking about it for a bit” thing out the window oops) so I am 100% sure I’ll be there now!! I don’t really drink so I’m not sure I’ll stick around all night but I’m still incredibly excited :D



    Just joined this forum, but been watching the show on-and-off for quite a while now.

    It’s amazing you come to Finland guys. Me and my friend are seriously thinking of coming to Helsinki for 2 days (we live in Estonia). We just need a place to crash for one night.

    But omg… it’s so exciting! :D

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