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    Well, it’s not ‘Us’ yet.. But! It will be.

    So this area is a Mushroom island, and my idea for it was a refuge/fallout area (Cause it looks weird with the mushroom stuff).

    It’s open to anyone and everyone as long as I’m informed first. You may build whatever you want anywhere as long as it’s not on anyone elses stuff or interferes with anything. And also I’d like it to be kept a good size not ‘Super Mega-Death Huge’ cause that would be bad.

    To be honest I have NO idea for this place at all, I really wanted people to come and construct the little town and see how it builds up. I have the Gate/Entrance done and a slight pathway inwards.

    Our Portal is located on the Teal Level (Very Bottom)
    Please do contact me if you wanna build here or just throw some ideas around for what I could put up.

    1. Intelligamer
    2. LuckyJinx
    3. Snappiercube9

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    Hi there. I’m new on the server and I wasn’t sure where to start. I’d be interested in joining. My user name is LuckyJinx.


    I just joined the server and would like to join your community. My Minecraft username is Snappiercube9.



    I’ve been there. If I may make a recommendation, you could build a kick as ‘evil lair’ style island fortress there. Make it a foreboding as hell place.



    Something like that will eventually be up.

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