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    Just curious what all you VGA viewers do to pay for all those games, haha.

    My job is kind of an odd one. I repair band instruments. Saxes (mostly saxes, which is what I play), clarinets, tubas, things like that. I’ve been at it a couple of years now after a year in repair school. Currently I’m working from home with my parents while I stock up on tools and possibly wait for one of my repair school buddies to either get me an in where she works, or go into business with her.

    That, and there’s only one other repair shop around where I live, and though I did interview and do some trial work there, I decided I didn’t like their methods and the quality of their work… DON’T JUDGE ME! D;

    I’m not making enough to live on my own yet, but I am making enough for some rather expensive tools, along with supporting my gaming habit.

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    I play guitar for musicals.



    I’m a veterinary technician. It’s like being a nurse for animals. I restrain patients, monitor surgeries and in-house patients, scale teeth, help medicate, stuff like that. While I do get to hug all the puppies and kittens that come in, it also means I often go home covered in various body fluids or hair (sometimes both) and have to use ninja skills to avoid being ripped apart by the crankier patients…and owners.



    I live off welfare, and I work as a volunteer at a club/bar for at least 24 hours a week.



    Generic IT Manager. I even look generic!



    My diploma in english would probably translate to Network Technician.

    But right now I’m kind of a small network Administrator, tech support, database developper, and anything else related to computer or network guy.



    Im a student, but I make money by doing just a bunch of odd jobs.
    Some graphic design commissions, tshirts, youtube, various junk.



    By trade I’m a timber framer, which I get many people don’t really know what that means. Its pretty much just fancy joinery at a large scale. Its just my father and I at our business, but if you’re curious you can check out our website i guess haha. (Logsmith.ca) #shamelessplug I’m not planning on staying a timber framer however, I’m currently in my 3rd year of game dev at Durham College in Ontario.



    I’m an entrepreneur video / audio / graphics guy. I have been working for myself for a year now and it’s been ok businesswise. I’m not sure if I will keep doing this forever, for several reasons, but currently it is still pretty sustainable and fun.



    I believe the correct description for what I learned is IT-Systems Engineer.
    Currently I’m working for a small company in Germany where I work with Chip-Programmers.
    I’m adding support for new (and old) chips to our BX-Programmers, that means a bit programming and a loooot of reading through datasheets to find out how some chips talk.



    I work at my local college managing student data and helping students with their questions about financial aid, registering for classes, changing their major, etc. A lot of the time the questions are very easy to answer and the students are very nice, but every now and then we’ll get one who is very difficult to deal with. The pay makes up for it, but it does wear me out by the end of the day.



    I’m just a student at a community college learning business. Hopefully it will help me in whatever business I’ll get interested in. Someday I’m hoping to run some sort of business of my own or at least something on the side. Also I’m currently searching for a job. I’m just starting life



    Currently working a retail job as well as being a full-time college student majoring in Pharmacology. I’m certified to be a Pharmacy Technician and I’m currently looking for work as one.



    Plumber exterminator (peskyplumber excluded)


    Package Sorter at FedEx.



    Apprentice carpenter.



    I’m working production line right now, meanwhile I’m taking my level 2 in British Sign Language which I’m going to use to go into assistant teaching hopefully.



    What an interesting thread! I’m a new grad Nurse about to start as an OR Nurse. (yay for not being broke anymore! lol) Children is my passion though so I hope to go back to school and become a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner :)


    Right now I live on the money my municipality’s student grants… What a weird word though… I live i Sweden so we don’t really have states. We have… municipalitys…



    Right now, I’m volunteering with a youth group while I’m job hunting, but I recently graduated with my Master’s in Social Work.



    Just got my Master in Academical Philosophy after I got my bachelor in Philosophy. Now i’m looking for a fulltime job, but in the meantime i make some money delivering mail.



    I’m a student majoring in CompSci going into software engineering. Planning to become a game programmer but for the mean time I’m working part time.
    This is an interesting thread, it’s fun to hear what everyone does! xD


    Corporate Security for a large pharmaceutical company.



    I teach in after school Chess programs. K-8. I’m at different school every day of the week. I also have private lessons with some of the kids and the company hosts a few tournaments through out the year.

    When I have time I also perform at theatres in the area. I’ve only done a couple of paid shows, but it is great to get paid for something I am passionate about.



    Business analyst for a non-profit in Washington, DC. Work specifically in the audit division supporting the auditors and doing a ton of reports/process improvement/product owner for intranet sites/etc.


    I’m a PhD fellow, studying medieval manuscripts.



    Currently I’m a free-lance animator/Cartoonist. But I’m also working as a Lead animator (Sort of) with a small studio that my old friend runs, he’s worked in the comic/animation industry before like Disney, Warner Bros etc. It’s nice seeing him again because I use to attend his Saturday classes to work on my comic! :D



    I’m a food product packager. I work at Treetop and we make Apple Sauce and Juice and almost every flavor of ocean spray juice! Wanna know a secret? All of your American brands of apple juice are the same recipe! Its cheaper than flushing the tanks for other orders as we also have contracts with places like Ocean Spray and Smuckers. I package and review those new small to-go pouches of Apple Sauce. I also get sent out to farms in the summer to package and ship cherries! Cherry season here is a crazy month and a half of getting those suckers out as fast as possible because they are so delicate, you basically agree to work till you hit the floor for a month and a half. Then apples start up again and back I go!



    I’m too busy being a nerd =/



    I work meat dept at a walmart supercenter



    Currently looking for a new internship.

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