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    Just curious what all you VGA viewers do to pay for all those games, haha.

    My job is kind of an odd one. I repair band instruments. Saxes (mostly saxes, which is what I play), clarinets, tubas, things like that. I’ve been at it a couple of years now after a year in repair school. Currently I’m working from home with my parents while I stock up on tools and possibly wait for one of my repair school buddies to either get me an in where she works, or go into business with her.

    That, and there’s only one other repair shop around where I live, and though I did interview and do some trial work there, I decided I didn’t like their methods and the quality of their work… DON’T JUDGE ME! D;

    I’m not making enough to live on my own yet, but I am making enough for some rather expensive tools, along with supporting my gaming habit.

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