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    With the introduction of build challenges one year ago I feel the need to ask a question to all our builders out there:

    Of all the build challenges you participated in, what was your favorite personal build? I’m not asking which build challenge you liked the most but rather the build you made in any of the build challenges.

    Here’s a quick list of all of our build challenges this past year:

    Christmas 2015 (Size: Large)- build anything that was related to the holidays.

    Tree Build (Size Large)- Trees, lots and lots of trees.

    Pun Build (Size Small)- visual builds based off of puns.

    Disney Build (Size Large)- Creating a fantasy Disney Park where the rides were up to the imagination of our builders.

    Camp Build (Size Medium)- Two camps around Lake Walrus who continually antagonized each other.

    E3 Build (Size Small)- a mini build added onto the Camp Build based around E3 2016.

    Olympics Summer Games 2016 (Size Large)- A two part build, the first half consisted of building a city inspired by Rio, the second part held a week later was another go at the VGA Summer Games last held in 2012.

    VGA Pumpkin Party (Size Medium-Large)- It was a party, and no one was invited! Halloween builds based around the magnificent gourd.

    Thanksgiving Build (Size Small-Medium)- What are you thankful for? Build it to share with the rest of the world!

    Christmas 2016/Holiday Parade (Size Medium-Large)- The town of Wintergreen was founded and built in the span of a month, and to celebrate the upcoming holidays the townspeople are having a parade!

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    To give an example,

    My favorite was the Pumpkin Party build with my Pumpking Castle and the Hauntking monster. I am honestly amazed at how perfectly the Baby Zombie that appeared was unable to get me and entertained us-until the royal guard dogs gobbled him up that is.



    I really liked the pun build. If only because I got to see Fraser’s soul die slowly.
    Otherwise, I loved the Summer Games because it had both the free-form Rio build and the more complex Olymp-I mean Summer Games City build.

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    I liked the Thanksgiving build
    My build was small but meaning full, anyone who saw it one the server or on the show were certainly shocked and amazed!
    I loved Fraser and Beckys reaction to it.
    I played it over and over again for family at Thanksgiving



    I have two I loved – the Disney build was my very favorite. I loved all the different rides and creativity. However, the Pumpkin build was fun to do. I did a lot of TJ’s and my builds this time.

    I was unable to take part in the Thanksgiving or Christmas builds due to injuring my right knee on October 26th, followed by sewer issues, followed by plumbing leaks in the bathtub/shower pipes/faucet. The knee is improving now, and that makes my life easier. The sewer and plumbing are now repaired. Maybe I’ll get to enjoy Christmas AND the next build.



    The Summer Games Build was my favorite. I’m a really big fan of the more structured bigger builds.



    I loved the Pun Build because I have never been as active in a build before that one. The show itself was a blast just to watch Fraser get so frustrated.

    Christmas 2015 holds a special place in my heart too, because I had just moved out on my own for the very first time as that was going on, and it was a little scary, but having the build centered around warmth and spirit help relax me on those cold winter nights.



    Of my builds, I’m most proud of my jokes in the E3 build, but as for what I like most, I think the insanely impressive builds and just any builds with cool architecture are my favorites. I’d start naming names, but I know for a fact I’d forget some really cool shit… Also, some of you are just ridiculous… you know who you are. :-P

    And Dawn, that’s really heartening to hear! … sorry, I had to. But, seriouly, that was actually one of those… “What the hell, eyes?! Is that water?! Are we really doing this, right now?!” kind of moments. But then, I’ve been getting really bad about that, recently… like… even just people talking with a lot of nostalgic joy in their voices readily makes my eyes go a wee bit shiny. It’s kinda starting to get out of hand.



    To me it was the recent Christmas parade, since I overall invested to it in many meaningful ways (I think). Still wonder how my float got the first place (as in position, rather than merit) in the parade, but I am all the more humbled by it.

    I am also very fond of my Tree build island campsite, even though the neighbors (respectfully!) rocked it by comparison.

    I really wish I had better build ideas before the actual show, when I seem to get the better ideas.

    Overall I think it was a really solid year for builds in general and I can’t wait to see what we will cook up next year!



    @urbanbanner your float probably got the first place because of how perfect it looks from a distance. Being one of the taller floats made it really stand out when you stood at the edge of the road out of the town.



    @fatecreator Yeah, I guess that makes sense. Fair point!



    Oooo, tough one…

    Pun Build will always hold a special place in my heart. Partly because I love puns, partly because I really went all-out on that one (I made seven builds, lol – Crabapple, baseball bat, boxing match, sub sandwich, brainstorm, Dr Pepper, and sleeping pill).

    Tough choice though, certain elements stand out from every build I took part in. :)

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    Hmm… I would have to say that the Tree Build was my favorite. It was a massive build, yet it didn’t feel too overwhelming at the same time, if that makes sense.

    The Disney build will always have a place in my heart because I love Disney and because it helped me through a difficult time in my life, but it was a stressful build.

    So, yeah, I think the Tree Build was my favorite. :)


    Tough Choice Indeed. My Favorite Build From The Build Challenges This Past Year Would Have To Be, As Well As My Favorite Build Challenge, Would Probably Be Summer Games. Not Being Turbo’ed When It First Happened, I Wished That We’d Get Another Olympi- sorry Summer Games Type Build And Alas We Did. It Was Fun Hanging With The Turbos Watching You Guys Compete While The Crew Cheered You On. And I Got To Be Creative With My Skins For The Events I Played (Bikini Genie FTW)! On The Other Hand, My Least Favorite Build HAS To Be ToonTown During The Disney Build. I HOPE We Get Another Disney Themed Build In The Future Because I Know I Could’ve Done A LOT Better. Truth Be Told, I Had A Lot Going On In My Life At That Time And Had A Build Concept That Might’ve Been Too Outlandish. What I Ended Up With Was Truthfully A Half-Baked Area That I Really Wish I Could Do Over. It’s Honestly Something That Makes Me Skip Over That Portion Of The Episode Whenever I Rewatch It, I Just Feel That Bad About It.



    I didn’t participate in that many, the summer games, pumpkin party, thanksgiving, and Christmas. Out of the four, I’d say my pumpkin reaper was my favorite build that I did. I was a bit bummed that the upper part of the interior wasn’t filmed during the show, but there was a lot to see that was fairly spread out, so I can understand. On the flip side, I was most disappointed by my summer games build, since I felt like it was just kinda basic. It was my first time participating, so I was a bit intimidated and also a bit late joining, but compared to pretty much EVERYTHING else I did, it wasn’t much.

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