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    Being someone who has been with VGA from the very beginning (I subscribed to FFStv for AVG, so I was there as the VGA series was being released), I’ve always wondered how others started off with VGA, as there’s such a huge backlog of stuff, and it might seem so intimidating to start watching.

    I ask this because when I want to introduce my friends to VGA I never really know where the best place to start them off is. So with that I ask, what was the first episode of VGA you watched, and why did it get you hooked?

    Thanks buddies! (Also I apologize if a thread like this was already made at some point in the past, I looked around a little but couldn’t find one)

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    @aeroflash15 Did we see the same episode?



    For me, it must have been an episode from Rhythm Heaven Fever or Phoenix Wright – Ace Attorney somewhere in early 2012, but I’m not sure. I have been a fan of these franchises for a very long time and I stumbled upon this show through these franchises on 2 different occasions, but I can’t remember which I saw first. I got hooked on the show and now I really hope VGA will soon return to either series.



    My first VGA episode was the Minecraft Giant build. For a while after this I only ever watched VGA’s Minecraft builds. I hadn’t even subbed to them on YouTube during this time. I’d just periodically Google search to see if they released a new Build Challenge.

    My first Live episode was the Minecraft AWESOME! one year anniversary. Kinda appropriate since Minecraft got me started with VGA. I still regret not Turboing earlier so I could have been a part of this.

    The episode that got me hooked was Episode one of Heavy Rain. I was really hesitant for the longest time to watch their other stuff. I figured if I hadn’t finished the game they’re playing I wouldn’t enjoy the episode as much. I kinda felt this way about most Let’s Plays for a while. (I did watch a bunch of Sonic Let’s Plays I’ll have you know.) But I said screw it one day and watched this. After a few moments of gazing upon Fraser’s parenting “skills” I was forever hooked to VGA!



    I believe my first VGA episode was The Walking Dead. I came for the series, stayed for the crew.



    First show was on Youtube and it was Bioshock 1. The fact that they were dressed up instantly got me hooked, also Frashys very charming and personable attitude lol.

    My first live show was the start of The Last of Us. I was but a humble shadow chatter then.



    My first live show was the survival horror night where they played Lone survivor, Home, Hide, Slender and the Justine DLC for Amnesia, and I’ve been a fan ever since.



    First show was one of the red dead shows, I think it was diplomatic immunity. way back on the old TGWTG



    I was a fan during the old couch era. AVG was a fantastic show. When they switched to VGA with the Punchout show I knew they had something special. The new show was a breath of Frash air.



    So there I was, on Blistered Thumbs, and I see this featured video at the top of the page. It features three people sitting on a couch, playing Ocarina of Time, dressed in costumes. I take one look at Fraser, say “That guy looks like an asshole”, and avoid the show for several months.

    Flash forward to March of 2013, Bioshock Infinite is out and I don’t have the money for it, and on the front page of TGWTG I see them all decked out in costume and playing it. I decided what the hell and watched it, and I fell in love because they had the same meandering, search every possible corner playstyle that I do. My first live show was the finale of Ocarina of Time, and I came in right in time for the “Pig Fuckers” thing. Damn, good times.

    I was totally right the first time about Fraser being an asshole, though.




    “Came for the costumes, stayed for the dick jokes.”



    My first VGA episode was probably the ‘Punch-out!!’ episode, I was looking for footage to see what the game was like and fell in love with the set up. I think I subscribed to them after their ‘Let’s play Ballerina’ episode, never laughed so hard in my life!

    As for my first live show that would be Portal 2, I remember waking up at 3:00 am to watch it. Really enjoyable stuff though.

    I forget how VGA has come a long way… :P



    I have followed FFSTV since AVG was featured on Newgrounds. My first thought was, this isnt even animation why is it getting front paged on newgrounds?! Then having watched the actual show i was hooked and never turned back. Ive been following them pretty extensively since.



    If I remember right, I think my first VGA playthrough was Kirby’s Return to Dreamland back in 2011. Having just finished watching another group’s playthrough of the game, I thought it would be interesting to see “those people with the couch I see on TGWTG’s sidebar every now and then” play it too. Needless to say, I was surprised, and my first impression was “Wow, these guys are assholes” (at the time, I was unaware that this was VGA’s trademark humor and thought they were actually hating on the game). I watched some of their other Nintendo playthroughs “out of spite” (SSBB, Luigi’s Mansion, Kirby’s Epic Yarn), and eventually I realized I actually enjoyed the show. Since then, it’s been one of my favorite channels on YouTube, and through VGA I’ve picked up a lot of cool games I wouldn’t have.




    This could get long, I’m remembering as I write.

    I remember discovering lets plays after researching some cinematics. I tried a few, and while some were interesting, they were meh to me. The commentary ones were better, but it was still amateur and I watched it more to appreciate the hobbyist group. I googled the top lets play and pewdiepie almost made me give up on the genre all together. Some may like it, but it wasn’t for me.

    Then I think it was closer to bioshock infinite time where I discovered VGA. I think it was just a random video I accidently clicked on the side panel and I gave a chance. It’s strange how close I have been to watching VGA for so many years but never knew about them. Going to Newgrounds, My Machinima stage, that guy with the glasses. I somehow always avoided them until that moment simply by never knowing about them.

    I always had a fascination watching people react to things, Side effect of the my job, so I found this animated group who were having conversations with each other and weren’t giving only a face shot but a actual couch view in front of a well designed layout. It felt really immersive and made sense, especially since the reactions and commentary were genuine and usually flowed well moment to moment.

    If Fraser has a way to track his views on YouTube, he would have seen someone was hooked and watching a bunch of his playlists one after another for a good straight 2-3 weeks. I would go to work, come home, find a playlist, and leave it running all night long. I’d often wake up to some Frage, and have to go back a few episodes to catch up on the episodes I had missed.

    Then I came across the four swords play through. I was contemplating becoming a shadow by then, and maybe checking out the chat, but after watching the ending to four swords, I knew I was invested. I went created a Turbo account, that day, bypassed shadow status all together, and waited for the next live stream. I think I got timed out for using too many capitals my first stream.

    I never really watched the show for the games, I play a few religiously, but my gaming library has always been sparse. I’ve always watched for the banter, and the humour. Now that I’m participating more than watching it also has become a strange dynamic. I’m not sure any more if I want to play certain games first, or wait for VGA to cover them, purely because now I feel like I am reacting with them, and I like experiencing that. Games I never gave a chance before are now some of my favourites because of VGA. I think it’s been something like 2 years for me now?

    It’s interesting to see the show grow steadily and I am super curious how some of the efforts like Youtube Live streams, Movie nights, and merch have and will effect the community.

    Yup it got long.



    Back in 2013 February or March right before Fraser and Becky did the PAX Prime cosplay contest. I was a fan of the rap group of Broken Pixels if you guys remember them. They were guys who I was following and was hoping they become big one day. I searched for them on youtube many times and I remember seeing the Saints Row VGA show & Trailer video of them listening to Broken Pixels. At first when I watched it I was like, meh (I wasn’t really into the whole reaction video concept at the time) but one day I was really bored that I looked up Broken Pixels again and watched that same VGA video on Broken Pixels and decided to watch other stuff from VGA to see if I liked them. I turned out I did and what helped me to keep watching were the many VGA highlights that our editors made so I can get the gist on what the show is like. Subscribed to them ever since.



    Mine was the legend of Zelda Skyward sword episode. The day I found them was around the same time I was having my high school exams and during a hour break before going to a math exam I was watching a video while doing a quick study but got into the video so much it made me nearly miss my exam XD however I been into vga since then :)



    The first, pre-recorded Minecraft playthrough. Started off just watching their Minecraft stuff, but by Frasia I was watching their other shows too. At first I watched VGA about as much as I watched the rest of my favourite Channel Awesome guys, but the nature of VGA has meant that it’s become something a lot more than that.


    If I’m not mistaken, the first episode I saw was their first look at minecraft.






    First I found the AVG episodes on Youtube – so I thought “Those guys are cool, what else have they produced?”

    So I watched Deadly Premonition and liked it a lot. :)

    The first LIVE show was the “Valtentines Day Special” – that was one of the best shows ever! :)



    I introduced a friend of mine to the Rhythm Heaven series, and he got really into Rhythm Heaven Fever. He found and linked me to the Donk-Donk video from VGA’s Rhythm Heaven Fever playthrough (it was the first time either of us had heard of them.) We both thought they were pretty funny, so I checked out their site to see when they did live shows. A few days later I saw they were starting an Ace Attorney: Justice For All playthrough (another favorite game series of ours) and we watched it together.

    Donk-Donk Video <3



    ( :3 ) ( :3 ) ( :3 ) ( :3 )






    The first VGA episode I watched was Bioshock. I had just finished the game and didn’t want it to end. So I googled it and up popped the videos. I loved how they were dressed up and the easy way they conversed and joked. Hooked ever since.


    A former buddy of mine enjoyed watching Let’s Plays on youtube, and he showed me the first episode of the Ocarina of Time episode, and I swear I saw them before, maybe just a picture, but I started watching and loved it, and have been hooked ever since!

    The costumes were awesome there for sure as well.



    well i saw them on youtube back during the youtube revel, there unique setup and editing was far past others with basic split screen…there pretty cool



    Mario RPG

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