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    I know everyone says to do majoras mask but i think they should play twilight princess while they wait for an HD remake of majoras mask what do you guys think?

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    I just read your GC/Wii comparison, and it seems to me that apart from the camera control that the Wii version comes out as the far superior game in that list?

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    Because of Fraser’s arm/hand problems, I think that instantly puts the Gamecube version in the running for which Fraser should play. Although sword combat only requires slight waggling, I imagine he might get strained by it. There are strengths and weaknesses for both versions, but the waggling sword combat (for me) simplified the combat in the Wii version too much (although TP is not a particularly a hard game using traditional controls as well). Also, I’m not sure how keen Fraser is on motion aiming in general, no matter how much simpler it is. I mean, there are pros and cons for both, but if I were to play the game a second time, I would go for the Gamecube version. I think the widescreen compatibility might also sway Fraser’s decision. An extra item slots isn’t a major factor, so aren’t the awful sound quality coming out the speakers of the Wii remote.

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    Meh, about those arm problems… Wasn’t he going to get surgery for that over the summer?

    Anyway, having played both versions I find the Wii map layout slightly more intuitive, but that’s just me. I’ve also noticed that the dust particle effects in the horseback scenes are better on the Wii by far. I’ll grant you the controls for the GC, though.

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    I’d argue a case that they should definitely stick with the Gamecube version because playing the Wii version after Skyward Sword is absolutely dreadful. I don’t recall having a problem with the game back when it was first released on Wii, but I played it again recently and it was incredible how frustrated I was with the controls. I kind of was expecting Skyward Sword movements when doing the inputs, but swinging is the exact same as pressing a button, which made it feel very unintuitive and clunky. I also really disliked the infrared aiming as opposed to the Wiimote Plus aiming. As a whole, it just found like a downgrade that I simply couldn’t get used to again.

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    Yeh, it is a bit odd. SS uses motion + for all its movements, using it for aiming and sword movements which register as swings in 8 cardinal directions.

    In TP, waggling is swinging the sword (as you say a substitute for a button swing). There is no direction attached except for two directions (horizontal and vertical). There are no gameplay situations that affect these directions, it’s only cosmetic. It was fun until you got into the pattern on wailing your hand about which was partly annoying, maybe due to the fact it was not engaging relative to SS. However, That does not mean I fully enjoyed the SS sword system.

    I much preferred the IR aiming instead of motion. I found it superior since it’s based on pointing instead of attached to the motion tracker in SS. It was more like a mouse shooter, and since I play shooters mostly on KB&M, I prefer it.

    Extra tidbit. When SS was in development, and before they started using motion plus in the game, they were going to either use traditional on the Wii remote/nunchuck. Who knows what hybrid that may have bought. I don’t think they were confident or happy at all with TP Wii’s control system.

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    Since Majora’s Mask is coming to the 3DS and they will likely wishing to go for that, I guess Twilight Princess is the best option right now.


    Probably Twilight Princess, since they’ve done OOT, WW and SS, that’s the last remaining main 3D Console Zelda.

    Majoras Mask would be good too, but they might as well wait for MM 3D and make that their next one. Then they’ll be free to do the Wii U one next with everything done in the 3D era.

    I get the feeling it’ll be Albw though, since it’s the most current.


    Link Between Worlds. Either that or CD-i Zelda, and I don’t think Fraser’s got the patience for CD-i Zelda…

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    So Fraser said on the latest Show and Trailer that Majora’s Mask will most likely be the next Zelda (yay!) Those familiar with the game know it’s a very different type of Zelda game, a huge chunk of the game play is actually sidequests and things you need to find on your own. How do people think this will play out on the show?


    It seems that Fraser may play Majora’s Mask 3D when it comes out to the 3DS, though I think out of any Zelda game, I really wanna see him and Becky put on a show for Twilight Princess. Keep in mind also that there’s a new Zelda coming out next year to the Wii U.


    They meant this for 2015.
    Unless if Fraser isn’t giving us a Zelda Christmas this year :(


    I think we should do something totally different! Lets play all the old Zeldas! Link to the Past FTW! :3

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    If they get the whole crew again, I think they should play Fibbage. I just heard of it,but has any of you heard of it?


    If this is a non-Zelda game, then wrong thread.

    Hmm, maybe Fraser could play 1 show for Zelda1 & Zelda2.
    I don’t see them ever long hauling this game, unless if they use cheats. It would be too stressful to long haul.

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    Majora’s Mask confirmed release for February 13! A lot sooner than I thought.

    Get hype, guys!

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    I would… but I literally cannot get any more hyped about this game. It’s my favorite video game of all time, and it’s so exciting to get to play a new and improved version! Can’t wait to see Fraser and Becky’s reactions! I hope they pick it up around the time it’s released.

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    Literally the only reason I’m not getting it is because I’d prefer to save my money for games I don’t already own in some form. Miiiiight change my mind for that Metroid Prime Trilogy re-release on Wii U…

    I’m glad for the apparent new feather statues that add more save opportunities btw. I was worried it might be difficult to make a good first show for VGA because of the game’s weird saving among other things.

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    Here’s some new features –

    Bomber’s Notebook

    – Shows your current quests, rumors
    – also shows completed quests
    – Bomber gang will tell you rumors
    – set alarms


    – save by using owl statues
    – more statues have been added

    Song of Double Time

    – shift time forward to any hour


    – 2 fishing holes
    – fishing holes have 10 different types of fish

    Pretty much all of these sound really handy for the show!


    Fraser shouldn’t worry about stress as much now

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    I just saw a video of 30 minutes of Majora’s Mask 3D footage for anyone interested.

    This is going to sound absolutely cheesy but I was almost in tears watching that video. Majora’s Mask has always been my favorite Zelda game and I’ve played it so many times in the past two years alone. I had been slightly worried that if they ever remade Majora’s Mask, and if they did it on the 3DS instead of the Wii U, that the final product might be underwhelming, especially if they followed the same route as with Ocarina of Time 3D. OoT3D was fantastic, but there were many areas where models and maps were left virtually unchanged aside from new textures, and speaking honestly here, Majora’s Mask needed a lot more than that if it was going to get a deserving update. Majora’s Mask was a very rushed game, and you can kinda see that in some areas. I was worried that an MM3D would have mostly the same models with a few new assets. I was worried that the subtleties of the original graphics that I did love, like the N64-era motion blur effects, wouldn’t transfer over very well. I was worried that colors wouldn’t be as vibrant as they used to be. As rushed as some of the models of the original game were, its art style was one of the biggest draws to me.

    But I’m already extremely impressed by that video alone. Clock Town has been completely redone, looking so much larger than it did in the N64, and with so many details packed into every corner. My jaw actually dropped when I saw the entrance to the Southern Swamp at about 22:36 in the video at the top (just look at how it originally looked.) I am just so happy with how this turned out and I cannot wait to play it, and I cannot wait for it to be played on the show, especially now that my original concerns of the game’s lack of clarity on how to progress seems like a problem of the past.

    Really, really excited to see this game played on the show ugh I can’t adequately express how excited I am :’).

    EDIT: Quick comparison image I threw together of the Southern Swamp entrance. It really left a huge impression on me haha.

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    I’m extremely excited for the game, I almost wish, that I can play it the whole way through before the crew starts playing it, but I think, they are going to pick it up on release date.

    Also for everyone who says, that it should have been a wii u game out there: This game looks beautiful as it is and it should never be on the wii u. I think a wii u hd version would look terrible. They would have needed to redo everything in the game to make it into hd. So they could have given us basically a new zelda game. Just saying for all the complainers out there, cause I’ve seen a lot of people complain that it does not come out on wii u.

    I’m extremely excited for the game! february 13th is the day, that I will spend all night and day playing games, with majoras mask 3d and Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate coming out.


    I’d really like to see Majora’s Mask only because of how dark and weird it is. There was clearly some interest during the show and trailer that featured MM, and some of the appeal came from the fact that it’s uncharted waters for many. However, I’m not sure the shows will be as epic as Wind Waker or Skyward Sword. I mean, Groose isn’t even in it…

    That said, however, my vote is for A Link Between Worlds because it’s the best in the series. “Whatchoo talkin’ ’bout, Metroid?!” Chill. I understand your surprise and befuddlement. I’m a life-long Zelda fan, and more than once defended that OOT was the best third-person game, and LTTP was the best top-down. It’s my opinion and observation that ALBW combines the solid gameplay of LTTP with a deep, interesting story. Additionally, it flows from one dungeon to the next, while allowing the player to explore an open world; a core staple of the Zelda franchise. Transforming into a painting doesn’t feel gimmicky, and is incorporated into the game seamlessly. I’m not a super fan or anything, but I have, more than once, considered getting a Lorule Triforce tattoo under where my Hyrule Triforce tattoo is going to go.


    7(Fri) – 9(Sun) more days(hopefully) til they play MM 3ds

    One small note. If they ask for tips, remember that there are differences between the N64 & the 3DS.
    Take the Stone Mask guy’s location for example, as he’s in a different place now. I also noticed some new heart piece differences.
    Just keep this in mind!!!

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    The game does seem more stream line too, so it might not be harder to find these things also.

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    There really is no doubt for me. They should play Twilight Princess next. Its the most logical choice…


    ^ Was. but now Majora’s Mask 3D is comming out, they said they would play it next, and Fraser called the N64 version out dated and that’s why they haven’t played it yet.

    After this game, ZeldaU would be the next logical choice.

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    I hope people don’t start telling them the answers to puzzles before they have a chance to think it over for themselves. People have a bad habit on zelda streams to start snarfing answers to all the puzzles and it seams like the mods let it happen despite that it should be considered spoilers.


    They haven’t let it happen for a while. Also, if 4 people give tips, I’m sure it’s hard to timeout all of them at once.
    Even if they get stumped, as long as they start a dungeon on Day1 and slowed time down, they should have no problems for the first 3 dungeons.

    The 4th dungeon I’m sure was reworked, because I remember having to reset time in the middle of it, because I got major stumped on a puzzle.

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    If they play Majora’s mask next, I can tell that those who haven’t played the new 3ds version that the new one do have some changes.
    I kinda can see that there will be misinformation going on the chat if they are going to ask for help, because those who haven’t played the new one will come with “outdated” info.

    And yeah agree that starting a dungeon on day one (slow down timed) is really helpful advice (as long the temple-song and a temple nearby owl statue is already activated, it’s safe going back in back in time).

    I do hope the chat don’t spoil puzzles before them trying first, I always find it interesting seeing people playing games a bit blind :-3


    @missblow for Majora’s Mask, if you still have the fairy costume, it would be perfect for you. I don’t know what you know how much “Zelda” is involved in this game.

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