What's your cathartic "cheer up!" game I can play in PC/Wii(U)/PS3/3DS?

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    Sometimes I need a specific game to turn my mood less rotten, it used to be Dead or Alive with it’s mesmerizing visuals, then I got bored of the game then it became Senran Kagura with it’s addictiveness. But I kinda played that game to death and now all I got left is Dark Souls.

    I just read about a particularly gut-wrenching Nintendo-related news, and for some reason ganking people in Dark Souls just isn’t as exhilarating as it used to be. Everyone seems to be so well geared and prepared for my sudden invasions that it dulled the fun of invading.

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    Not sure if that’s what you’re looking for, but when I’m really down and sad I like to play some Audiosurf/Audiosurf 2 or Dyad. The last one is probably the best, I like the trippy atmosphere and the music and colors make me super “happy”, i guess?

    Other than that, I like to drive around/traverse open world games like GTA, Saint’s Row, Just Cause, I don’t usually murder tons of people, just drive around, observing the views etc. If you want to destroy stuff etc. Red Faction Guerrilla, it’s set on mars and it has an amazing destruction system where you can just blow up and destroy 99% of the buildings you see, super cool and satisfying.

    I dunno, that’s what helps me in really bad times when it comes to gaming. Maybe play your absolutely favourite game of all time, that helps sometimes too.



    I always start up some runs of the Binding of Isaac, which really helps me forget everything, because I need to focus and have a lot of fun (although that I need to mention that I don’t play The Binding of Isaac as much as some people do, just now and then).

    Also I play Splatoon, just for the fun of it.



    @nara I was just about to say Binding of Isaac as well. I get so into the game that I just kind of forget what is going on around me.



    @nara @Matt-Giersoni Hmmm…Retro City Rampage DX and Binding of Isaac are on the 3DS and is quite cheap. I always wanted to give it a try! Maybe it’s time I give those games a go?

    But before I pay money for them, did Nintendo pull the same crap as they did with new Fire Emblem? I love Nintendo. But they always find a way to ruin my day.


    Pretty sure Binding of Isaac is N3ds only on the 3ds.



    Yeah Binding of Isaac is New 3ds only cause of the hardware difference.


    Games I like to play to relief myself for recent examples are Rocket League (PC) and Mario Kart 8 (Wii U). Even though those games do get my blood boiling at times, it does somehow relax myself each time I play and have fun.

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    @freelywillynilly Dammnit Nintendo!

    Oh well…that makes my choice easier I guess, Retro City Rampage it is. But again, did that game suffer any of Nintendo’s shenanigans like Fire Emblem did?

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