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    There has been a server error that wiped some chests, banners, item frames, paintings, and signs on the Christmas server. Don’t pancake, buildings and floats remained unaffected, but those of you who haven’t been online in the past few days will need to check to make sure everything looks okay. We will try and help assist if some items on your build got wiped, although, chest items might not be replaced. We fully stocked the community hub to alleviate the stress. If you have any questions, please let us know here or on the server.

    Side note: We are no longer accepting any more float applications, but you are free to build buildings around the street where there is room. But keep in mind, show date is Dec. 18th, so start finishing builds and cleaning up temp shacks and scaffolding. Thanks!

    UPDATE 3: We are going to cut-off float applications on Dec. 10th, so if you want to build a float for the challenge, submit your application now! Don’t forget to give us specs on the length of the float. If you have questions about your float, please let us mods know. Again, the show date is Dec. 18th, so start finishing up builds and adding those details.

    UPDATE 2: Float building has started and some plots have already been assigned. If you don’t have a plot assigned, please let us mods know. Some floats still need some specs on length of the float. Some floats might need alterations to fit the theme of the build. Again, let us know if you have any questions. The Show date is December 18th!!! If you haven’t built anything or didn’t apply for a float design, there is still time to build or apply for a float. DON’T WAIT TIL LAST MINUTE!

    UPDATE 1: We are still building the town and roads and there is much to do. Those that are building floats, I ask that you please tell us the number of blocks in LENGTH that your build will take up. Keep in mind, the WIDTH of the build will be no greater then the street width. We will eventually plan out where each float will be, but please, be specific on the length of your float to help us plan. Thanks!

    He knows when you are AFK-ing.
    He knows when you’re on the can.
    He’ll hunt you down and smash your glass from here to Michigan.
    You better not camera hog, you better not over sign.
    You better follow the rules, I’m telling you turbos,
    Franta Claus is griefing your builds!

    On the first day of the Christmas build,
    the Mods did say to me:

    So this year the Christmas build will be creating a Holiday parade in small town.

    We will be looking for turbos to create Floats, giant balloons, and the things you find in a Holiday Parade, but that’s not all! There will also be a need for terraformers to lay out the land that the roads will go on. As well as builders for the surrounding buildings

    (please keep in mind that this is to take place in a small town on its main street, so no huge towers please! look to Mellis’ shop for reference)

    Be aware, these builds will be close together so COMMUNICATION IS KEY with your build neighbours. Be careful not to intrude on your neighbours build and be reasonable/understanding of the space you all have to work with.

    PLEASE maintain a maximum of one sign per build (for credits), we want to cut down on the amount reading Fraser has to do.

    DO NOT try and work around this by providing a written book, “Books are for decoration only!” -Mellisbaker, 2016
    In order to make sure we do not have too many of the same floats please list your build parade ideas below, you not not have to list your ideas for the surrounding town

    The Mods will also be assigning spots in the parade, so please don’t start building your float/balloon/etc until you have confirmation on its location.

    If you have been whitelisted in a previous build challenge then you should be whitelisted for this one as well. If not then you can request to be whitelisted here:

    The Link will also tell you how to access the new server.

    -We have traders in Mellis’ general store that will trade you various goods that are rare/unattainable on the server
    -Mob griefing and fire spread is off, for obvious reasons
    -Got any questions? Need clarification? Feel free to ask in this thread or ask a mod or helper that is on the server

    “Oh and if you see a Partridge, tell it to stay out of my pear tree!” ~Syretha

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    Since I do a holiday story every year I’m thinking of doing a float incorporating some elements in a holiday theme: Most likely a group of miniature puppets (made from armor stands) working on presents around a tree.

    Also I have just noticed a rare endangered breed of Partridge eyeing your peartree…wanna borrow the shotgun or the crossbow?

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    Woo! Really Excited for This One! I’m trying to decide whether my float will be Grinch themed or Mickey’s Christmas Carol themed. I’ll update the post when I know. On a side note, I’m trying to log onto the server and it’s saying “I’m not Whitelisted” so any help is appreciated.

    EDIT: I’ve decided on a Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer Float.



    I’d like to do a float with a big Christmas tree on it. I’ll stand on top of the tree and be the “Star”.

    I’ll need 18 blocks for the length of my build.

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    A fellow turbo and I would like to work on a more winter-centric float. I was wondering if that would be alright? If not we can rethink and replan.

    Also, should those who want to build, submit plans or schematics in some way? I want to make sure that all my bases are covered. I haven’t proved myself as a strong build as of yet and I want to make sure that the two way street of trust that my partner and I won’t build something unacceptable is open.



    @infinitysorcerer625 Although it says it’s open I think the Mods haven’t gotten the whitelist part finished yet since it’s telling me the same thing.

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    I would like to make a float that is decorated to look like Santa. it would have a huge terrifying Santa head at the front of it.
    ill need at least
    10 blocks wide and 25 blocks long.

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    I’m not whitelisted either – and I should be.



    We are aware that the whitelist isn’t working propperly, and are trying to resolve it at the moment



    @gangstahwezel Thank you for the update.



    Thanks Gangsta for the update, appreciate it!



    Oh!! I see so it’s not just me about the whitelisting, I getcha!



    Whitelist is fixed now, people can join



    @jesslb429 you don’t have to give us schematics, just say what you plan to do (ex: Snowman boxing)
    and don’t be hard on yourself! I personally can say that you have great skill, both from working with you and your solo builds. The mods were impressed with your builds in Olympics. So don’t worry about meeting a high standard, just focus on having fun


    I’m pretty sure no one would have accidentally copied my idea, but I’ll list it anyway. It’s kind of a two-parter, but it can easily fit within the road size and the small town parade theme. It’s a float of the little Christmas tree in “A Charlie Brown Christmas” being pulled by Cousin Eddie’s RV from Christmas vacation.



    My idea would be the float from the homestarrunner cartoon: Fall Float Parade. Specifically the “Coach Z you Jerk” Float. It would be 18 blocks long.

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    Hello, so Polymethodic and I are thinking and planning on trying to do a float of some kind of the Snow Queen from the 1957 movie adaption of “The Snow Queen”. Not to be confused with anything “Frozen” related. Most likely it’ll have to be done in some kind of a balloon, due to the limitations on the width of the street. So, ours will most likely be ice themed.



    I would like to build (or help to build if someone else wants to) the Polarexpress. could do it on the ground or as a float.

    Build will be 9 blocks wide and around 40 wide

    Edit 2: now that im done testing i would actually more then 40, but i dont want to take away to much space either, do we have a max lenght i can adjust me onto or something? >_>



    I’m about to hop on the server, and start scouting, gathering for the peeps, etc. but off the bat, I’m thinking I’ll build a backyard shed for my starter home, then do a proper small house, with brick and wood, and whatnot. As for a float, I don’t have any ideas yet, but I think I’d like to try repping the Rosebowl Parade, by using flowers to cover my float, so that should be an interesting learning experience, as I don’t know how to plant flowers, as of yet… To the Google, Bat-person!

    Edit: Ugh, so apparently MC wants Java 8, but like… soonish? IDK, but I’ve been trying to sate it, this whole time… I had to give up and get synaptic package manager to put the outdated open source one back on… I got the normal 8 installed, but MC refuses to open with it? … !!!

    Anyway, if any badass nerds wanna help me, that’s awesome, but otherwise, I give up. lol. Anyway, I’ll be on tomorrow, and I’ll deal with outdated Java, when the time comes. Time for a beer… or two… or three. :-P

    Seeya buddies tomorrow!

    Edit: So, now, instead of a house, I plan to build a small-town mechanic shop/garage. I should be back on, tomorrow, and very likely to start then, pending some checking. I can change my planned location, if need be, of course.

    Edit: Just to be clear, I’ve yet to come up with any float ideas. If I do, I’ll make a new comment, with all the requisite information, to request dat sweet permish!

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    @syretha Thanks! I’m constantly hard on myself. I try to stop it, but it can be over whelming. But thanks again!

    Before I mention what we are planning, I know 100% that this is kind of a trolly build.

    LaurenB518 and I would like to build a Frozen themed float, primarily featuring the snowman Olaf. We thought it would be fun if we, as two sisters, built a snowman and we ran with it. At the back of the float will be the snowman and the rest will be snow/ice/Scandinavian patterns. Stuff similar to the movie, but can be aesthetically pleasing regardless.

    If this is too much of a problem we can rework. We realize that the crew does not like the film, so if this is a problem let us know.

    I added a picture of the general structure of the snowman. It is feasible in the vanilla server. I haven’t completed his face, but I wanted to be transparent.

    LENGTH MEASUREMENTS: I went in and looked at out projected projected and we can work with 20 blocks long. Olaf is a “puffy sticker”. His back is flat to conserve space. We would prefer 30 blocks long, mostly to leave things a little less claustrophobic looking, but we understand the need to conserve space and if 30 blocks in too much, we can minimally take 20.

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    I am thinking about doing a Baseball stadium float!- unless we want to keep it holiday themed

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    I’m really pushing for a Pokemon float. Think of the possibilites! Pokemon Sun and Moon came out Friday and we must honor it….with a float in a Christmas Minecraft….Parade.

    Edit: I’m making a Delibird Pokemon float. A wooden cart will be holding up a one block wide and 20 blocks long Delibird. Over all it’ll be about 30 blocks.

    P.S. The attached file will show what the Delibird looks like.

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    I would like to build a scene from the Claymation Christmas special, the ‘here we come a waffling’ scene.
    26 blocks long is ideal

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    The minecraft server is down for the moment, not sure what happened and can’t connect to the server to restart it. Will have to be patient a bit until we can get it running again. Thanks!



    Ho ho ho! Merry Frashmas!

    I may have more ideas later, but when I think holidays, I can only think of one thing… Die Hard!

    I know there was a musical a couple years ago, and I would not dare try to match that.

    But a float depicting the climactic scene (with possible diving pool) is what I want to build.

    Update: I should be able to start soon. My float and car pulling it will be 55 blocks in length.

    Thanks again!

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    im buildin the Joker Float from 1989 Batman.




    I’d love to get back in on the build challenges, especially a Christmas one.

    I would like to do one of the “classic” parade balloons. I’m leading towards Spiderman.



    I’m thinking of doing a float that had a x-mas tree on it but it fell over and crashed into a house (that i’ve built) but want to make sure that’s okay? It’d mean that I’d need to be able to build my float right in front of a house i’ve built/an empty plot so that I can build it (I have a house pre-built already, but if the location isn’t okay, let me know and i’ll try to find somewhere new?)


    — Ignore post :) —



    We’ll be assigning float locations later once most of the roads have been built. For now, collect materials, help terraform, and build a town for the parade to go through.



    I would like to build the Coca Cola Christmas Truck! Complete with logos :D

    It’ll be 36 blocks long.

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