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    There has been a server error that wiped some chests, banners, item frames, paintings, and signs on the Christmas server. Don’t pancake, buildings and floats remained unaffected, but those of you who haven’t been online in the past few days will need to check to make sure everything looks okay. We will try and help assist if some items on your build got wiped, although, chest items might not be replaced. We fully stocked the community hub to alleviate the stress. If you have any questions, please let us know here or on the server.

    Side note: We are no longer accepting any more float applications, but you are free to build buildings around the street where there is room. But keep in mind, show date is Dec. 18th, so start finishing builds and cleaning up temp shacks and scaffolding. Thanks!

    UPDATE 3: We are going to cut-off float applications on Dec. 10th, so if you want to build a float for the challenge, submit your application now! Don’t forget to give us specs on the length of the float. If you have questions about your float, please let us mods know. Again, the show date is Dec. 18th, so start finishing up builds and adding those details.

    UPDATE 2: Float building has started and some plots have already been assigned. If you don’t have a plot assigned, please let us mods know. Some floats still need some specs on length of the float. Some floats might need alterations to fit the theme of the build. Again, let us know if you have any questions. The Show date is December 18th!!! If you haven’t built anything or didn’t apply for a float design, there is still time to build or apply for a float. DON’T WAIT TIL LAST MINUTE!

    UPDATE 1: We are still building the town and roads and there is much to do. Those that are building floats, I ask that you please tell us the number of blocks in LENGTH that your build will take up. Keep in mind, the WIDTH of the build will be no greater then the street width. We will eventually plan out where each float will be, but please, be specific on the length of your float to help us plan. Thanks!

    He knows when you are AFK-ing.
    He knows when you’re on the can.
    He’ll hunt you down and smash your glass from here to Michigan.
    You better not camera hog, you better not over sign.
    You better follow the rules, I’m telling you turbos,
    Franta Claus is griefing your builds!

    On the first day of the Christmas build,
    the Mods did say to me:

    So this year the Christmas build will be creating a Holiday parade in small town.

    We will be looking for turbos to create Floats, giant balloons, and the things you find in a Holiday Parade, but that’s not all! There will also be a need for terraformers to lay out the land that the roads will go on. As well as builders for the surrounding buildings

    (please keep in mind that this is to take place in a small town on its main street, so no huge towers please! look to Mellis’ shop for reference)

    Be aware, these builds will be close together so COMMUNICATION IS KEY with your build neighbours. Be careful not to intrude on your neighbours build and be reasonable/understanding of the space you all have to work with.

    PLEASE maintain a maximum of one sign per build (for credits), we want to cut down on the amount reading Fraser has to do.

    DO NOT try and work around this by providing a written book, “Books are for decoration only!” -Mellisbaker, 2016
    In order to make sure we do not have too many of the same floats please list your build parade ideas below, you not not have to list your ideas for the surrounding town

    The Mods will also be assigning spots in the parade, so please don’t start building your float/balloon/etc until you have confirmation on its location.

    If you have been whitelisted in a previous build challenge then you should be whitelisted for this one as well. If not then you can request to be whitelisted here:

    The Link will also tell you how to access the new server.

    -We have traders in Mellis’ general store that will trade you various goods that are rare/unattainable on the server
    -Mob griefing and fire spread is off, for obvious reasons
    -Got any questions? Need clarification? Feel free to ask in this thread or ask a mod or helper that is on the server

    “Oh and if you see a Partridge, tell it to stay out of my pear tree!” ~Syretha

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    I am thinking of making a nutcracker but I don’t know how well it will work out. I am going to try :) thank you :)

    Edit: I will need 30blocks long
    Sorry for the late response :(

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    I’m wanna make a Delibird sprite on a float.

    Edit: Length will be 51 blocks.



    I’d like to make a float that is a Giant Fruit Cake hauled by a big rig



    Whaddya guys think of having a little outdoor skating rink, with a gazebo/skate rental, and benches on the island at, 218,64,-127 ? Also, probably some little bridges, curving up over the river, so people can, “skate” under.

    Anyway, just a thought, if that area isn’t needed. I think it’d make sense.



    Float builders, please read the opening thread and modify your float idea with the length of your float build in blocks. Thanks!



    hi i wuld love to jump one and help teraform i may make a building on the side but im not sher if im that good at building
    but i think if im allowed to make a flot i think i want to do a big cresmas presont with a terbo buddy poping out if that ok i mean

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    I’m making a snowglobe float with Santa Frash inside, I’m not quite sure how big it’s going to be.
    I don’t want it too big that covers the street, just big enough for Santa Frash to fit.
    I might need assistance on it as well.

    Edit: My blocks will be 13 blocks all around.
    It’ll be this big.

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    My float idea is to build Dr. Robotnik (Eggman) dressed as Santa in his eggrobo (which is in place of a sleigh) all while being pulled by his badniks (in place of reindeer). All of this is, naturally, from the Sonic universe. Big surprise right? :P

    The float will be 40 blocks long. If space is an issue, I can shorten it to 30.

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    Hey Mods I was wondering if we could do this for the main street road heading north since it runs into a mountain: The current road is at Y 67, the area behind the mountain is elevated to Y 72ish (give or take a few blocks), I was wondering if the road could be slightly elevated at that point to make it more convenient for the road crew so they don’t have to mine an additional five layers for the road after passing the mountain?



    I have a float designed with a penguin dressed as Santa riding in a sleigh. The total length is 14 blocks

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    Alright I have an accurate prototype of what I want my float to look like. The float is 16 blocks long and 9/15 blocks wide. The body of the float itself is only 9 blocks but the wings suspended in the air add an additional 3 blocks to both sides. The street you see underneath uses the same dimensions in the server. In addition there will be a slight bit of redstone on the underneath, which causes the four lamps to light up via a minecart at the flip of a switch.

    In the meanwhile I was thinking about building a clock tower for our town since Polar Bear Park is completed. I don’t see a good plot for it at the moment so I may hold off until more of the road is constructed.

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    How big can a balloon be? What’s a good recommended size? I’d like to make a pikachu balloon, but I don’t want it to look bad because it’s too small, but I don’t want to take up more space than is allowed either.

    My first rough draft is 10 blocks from left to right, 15 blocks from front to back, and 14 from top to bottom. The 14 doesn’t really matter as much, since it’d probably have to be higher off the ground anyway.

    I’d like to see if I could make one that’s 20 blocks or longer. Also, I haven’t added a scarf to make it look more like the Macy’s Day balloon yet.

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    OK, here’s my second draft, with a better photo. It’s 14x21x19

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    Alright so I have made a map of our town as it currently is. This is more for organization purposes as this map shows the name of the builder and what he/she is building in that part.

    For a small town, we sure do seemingly love our coffee shops!

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    So if the parade is taking place on a road in a town, will you guys need people to build little buildings and such? I’m new to the servers, and don’t really have the Minecraft chops to build a massive float or anything yet, but I still would love to help out!



    NightMere, the town, itself, is actually the order of the day, at the moment! We’re focusing on the town, and then they’ll tell us when float building can commence! So, make sure ya read any updates, in this forum, (And the comments too, I’ve found.) and hop on in! There’s always helpful stuffs to be done, ’til you get an idea, and/or ’til you get approval, and lotsa cool people to hang out with… also me. :-P

    … also llamas… you can sit on a llama, and they may or may not murder you by making you suffocate in a wall. :-(



    Is this design acceptable as either a float or a statue? Dimensions are 13 / 7 / 49, the bigger one is 28 / 12 / 84.

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    wish I could help but 1.I can’t seem to find my account credentials and 2. I stink at building



    I hope to be able to help Monday – but I won’t be building this time. Just too much happening real life. (needs to sneak in and look around)



    hi how do i get in this years Winter Holiday Parade Build Challenge? i am new.. i will like to do something star wars for this movie this year!

    p.s. anyone want to help me with a star wars for this Parade?

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    Do you have to be a Turbo to be whitelisted?



    I don’t have any build ideas right now but I’m willing to help forage and/or terraform.


    You have to be a Turbo to be whitelisted, yes.



    @justdewitt77 If you’ve never been whitelisted for a build challenge before, you’ll need to do that. But then… that’s mentioned in the post we’re commenting under. (hint hint, in case ya didn’t read all the things.) After reading the rules, reading the post, reading the rules, reading the mod report, reading the rules, reading War and Peace, and getting whitelisted, I, personally, recommend starting out by hanging out, lookin’ at teh stuffs, and helping out, a bit, even just working the community farms and stuff. I find that always helps me get my bearings, and feel somewhat comfortable.

    Oh… and also, I reccomend checking the top of this post for new updates from the mods, before every time you login… They do have Ouija Board technology, but they seem to prefer this method for their badass demonic messages. :-P



    Ok thanks.


    I was thinking of making a marching band for the parade. It would be 27 blocks long, and 5 blocks wide.

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    If I can build in float in one day how late can I submit a request for one? I like to look at the builds of superior builders before I build something. I always seem to do it not right with the theme or style or something so I wanna see other builds first.



    The following Users that have submitted float proposals need to also submit the Lengths of their float, ASAP!


    Thank you

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    We have assigned plots for the people that have submitted sizes for their builds.

    If you have submitted dimensions but your name isn’t assigned to a plot, your build has probably been denied. You can ask/pm me or mellisbaker if you want to know why.

    we are assigning you a plot but we fear that your model of olaf might be a bit too wide, if you can make him just a tad smaller to make him fit the width of the road you’re good.

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