With the focus on AVG, does this mean VGA is dead?

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    Besides overwatch, besides movie night… I’m wondering with all the focus towards working towards Awesome Video Games, & Moving… if the main show will suffer to a point of like 2 shows a month. (and these shows could end up being overwatch :( )

    Without shows I love, I wonder, will I (and others), get bored of VGA where we look for a new streamer?
    It sounds like all long hauls are done (even started ones sadly), due to lack of time.
    Let’s also not forget, that they will most likely focus all their attention for moving by at least April.
    (It also sounded like the E3 show is canceled, or by their last statement, which would be a shame).

    I love VGA, but I hope you guys don’t end up disappearing to the point where you lose your fan base!

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    don’t know if you have heard but FRASER AND BECKY ARE MOVING TO JAPAN.

    not the whole crew, just Frash and Becky, so they need to put focus on AVG in order for it to live.

    As well, they are moving to an entirely different continent/country, this is not easy.

    and no one ever said that being a VGA fan meant ignoring other streamers, diversify as you wish!

    Fraser and Becky have the move, AVG, VGA, and their own personal lives to live, they’re only human,

    Some things just have to be put on hold. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

    so chill out, maybe go for a walk or read a book.


    I’ll edit my post, I do know about the move.
    I’m just wondering if there will be any months where Fraser & Becky will do lots of great streams.

    Also, I hate books!



    Seems like there won’t be a range of games but there still will be shows here and there. A focus on a small handful of games.

    Fraser’s already mentioned a couple of specific games on stream.
    – Overwatch of course – guessing there’ll be a few shows on it soon as next themed event is Chinese New Year starting some point next month, plus I’m guessing random shows and comp.
    – Red Dead Redemption long-play is planned to be continued

    I don’t know about other games but if there’s a big game they wanna long-play they could do that. There’s still gonna be shows here and there but it’ll be very specific.

    TBH I’m glad in a way, lots of shows would be too distracting and having a focus on the Japan move, AVG, and a couple of specific games will be much better for them and a stress-free work environment without jumping through different games, prep, and the energy it takes of being on stream for people for a few hours.

    I’m probably seeing this from a different viewpoint than many VGA fans – I’m not much of a watcher of people’s let’s plays and streams, I’m more of a review/documentary/analysis watcher when it comes to video games stuff, but VGA feels different and people I actually enjoy watching stream. But if really cutting shows down is best for their creative pursuits and personal life, I’m all for that. At least the VGA fanbase aren’t as demanding as Angry Joe fans though, yeesh.

    Plus if people want AVG – and keep asking them about it since the announcement – then VGA would to be reduced, even if they weren’t moving to Japan!



    Is there a source for this? Did they talk aobut it in, say, one of the PAX Videos?

    Does that mean we won’t get any Ace Attorney until after they moved to Japan, perhaps not until 2019?



    Either a recent Overwatch or Red Dead stream (maybe not?) or during his update, “State of VGA adress” thing. That’s a 20+ minute vlog so I’m sure there’s an answer in there. Also while he was doing the Dead Rising stuff lonesome over Xmas he did talk about shows but I can’t remember what he said there.

    But there will be stuff, even if infrequent. I’m sure Fraser specified in some show/vlog recently about RDR/OW, maybe my brain has made that up, but I’m pretty sure he’s mentioned those 2 ha. There’s loads of games coming out (including new Red Dead :D ) so maybe others will happen?

    Also noticed up in the OP one of the lines about them not doing E3 – they did say in a recent show they’ll be streaming E3 conferences if I’m not mistaken?

    Apologies to Fraser if I’ve remembered it wrong and just blabbering bull. I’ve just got rid of a stinking head cold and brain’s all fuzzy still.

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    State of VGA Address did mention Ace Attorney. Which would be after the move to Japan. Overall, it’ll be reduced shows (not necessarily no shows as this is their last chance to get the gang as often as possible for both AVG and VGA), as they focus on finalizing all preparations for the emmigration to Japan, as well as filming AVG as much as humanly possible.

    I mean, this is basically their last chance at filming AVG, unless they somehow find space to build an AVG set in Japan (probably rent another place for only one month from a crazy generous landlord solely for filming a few seasons of AVG), and then fly all of them over on an agreed upon schedule, which is very impractical given adult lifestyles and schedules.

    So basically whatever they film will be all that Fraser will have for the rest of AVG. Although the footage will likely get us around 2-3 seasons, depending on how many episodes is in a season (5-6 I guess?), so we’ll have a few years of content to slowly consume and enjoy. Maybe even have the gang on Skype to watch AVG and provide commentary in a S&T for even more content.

    Not sure how the Patreon rewards will work, given I recall hearing something about the rewards needing change. But if livestream BTSs are still happening, then I guess we’ll still get a lot of livestreams, albeit exclusive for Patrons.

    Personally, I’m just silently sad that I won’t be in the correct timezone to watch a show live eventually. I do understand a bit more about how Europe felt about live shows in Vancouver, and I imagine they are now estatic that it’s their turn to enjoy livestreams at long last. Meanwhile, I would have to be lucky enough to coincidentally be at the computer during the random times that Fraser/Becky screw up their sleep schedule to catch a livestream. Oh well, there’s always the archive. Hmm… So much for being silent. Oops.



    Ha, we in Europe won’t see much either. It’s 8/9 hours ahead of us in Japan so evening streams will be during work/school/college and early streams we’ll still be asleep for.

    Vancouver was better for Europeans because if they streamed like 1pm their time it’s 9pm here in England so perfect timing with earlier streams at least.

    Not complaining of course, catch up is what YouTube’s there for.

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    D’OH! Swing and a miss on my part! My bad! I dun timezone know good…

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