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    As always when Youtube does this kind of stuff I think it’s best to just wait and see how it develops.
    They tend to be too vague and grey with their language and in 99% of all cases the changes aren’t as severe as people thought.
    So far I’m seeing quite a few “drama-channels” being hit, with videos that directly attack others in the thumbnail and the video itself.
    The titles of these links go a long way to agree with me, btw…
    Haven’t seen anything about “normal” videos yet, like gaming or news stuff in which they use profanity, only politically divisive content and attack videos with young dudes screaming about the evils of feminism.
    Call me an asshole, but we’re not talking about censorship here.
    Remember that ad-revenue comes from advertisers, big companies.
    You think they want to have their new juice advertised on a video titled: “Stupid feminist loses her mind, laugh at her”.
    I wouldn’t.
    …and no, I won’t get into another big debate here, these are my two cents, I don’t have the patience for another argument about politics in my damn hobby.

    Fact is, these things happen again and again and every single time people freak out, there are threats and arguments and fights and in the end nothing of consequence happens.
    Will Youtube turn into a “SJW-propaganda-dictatorship” as some people are already calling it?
    Will gaming channels suddenly be destroyed, because they said “fuck” a few times?
    Probably not.
    Google stands inbetween their advertisers, the guys who make them their money and who want to protect their brand…and an army of creators, some of which make their money by riling up their fanbase against others and talking about politics that the advertiser might not want to be associated with.
    It’s gonna be another battle of compromise and nothing of consequence will happen.
    And if it does there are literally a hundred other video-sites just waiting to become the new youtube.



    Apparently these aren’t new guidelines, just that they are just now enforcing them.



    I wouldn’t mind a return to the day when Youtube wasn’t so full of drama and sjw-anti-sjw shit, but it seems like the crackdown is a bit more broad than that.

    Certainly some of the expected targets show up here, but while people like Rob Dyke do participate in some of the drama nonsense, the videos targeted don’t seem to be focused on that topic. Some of the videos targeted also seem to be from people that are not involved in that scene, so it seems like this is more than just an effort to snuff out drama channels.

    As Hrot said, I’m sure Youtube isn’t going to let this go to the point where they’re losing major channels to other sites, but I do worry about the potential problems channels like VGA could face before they end up backpedaling and realizing this probably wasn’t a great idea.



    Nothing new and not censorship. Just like television networks, YouTube has to answer to advertisers. If a video could possibly hurt their relationship with an advertising company, they don’t want the ad attached to it. Censorship would be YouTube saying “I don’t like what you’re saying, so I’m removing all of your content”. And even if they did do that they are part of a private company and (if the terms and conditions allow) can remove content for any reason they want. I have no issue with offensive videos, language, or content, but if YouTube doesn’t want to risk losing money because of content they have every right to flag and remove content.



    I like hrotgarmr’s perspective. Using reasoning to see both sides of the argument, and avoid joining groupthink (or just overdramatic reactions in general) is something I respect in an opinion. Same with bundro’s insight.



    The guidelines are so broad that it basically means that they can de-monetize anything. But thats nothing new with youtube and unfortunately there is nothing people can really do about it. No other video site gives you any fairer of a situation, it’s just too big to fall which means they can fuck people how they like.


    Let’s panic more when a channel who does not deserve this, gets screwed over.
    My guess is Youtube is finally dealing with the drama channels.



    Boogie has had videos demonetized, as well as people posting videos about depression and even a makeup channel, so it’s definitely not just hitting drama channels. The issue seems mainly with how a video is tagged, so something like using depression or suicide in a title or description could get a video demonetized even if that video isn’t offensive. Youtube certainly has the right to do whatever they want with videos on their site, that argument is always a bit of a straw man, the question is whether doing so is good for the community or them as a company. While this guideline isn’t new, it’s clear that there has been a notable increase in its enforcement.

    I understand that they need to be appealing to advertisers, but if they push this to where only safe, family-friendly content is tolerated, that’s going to drive a lot of people away. I doubt this will happen, whether they come out with anything publicly or not I’m sure this is being discussed internally and we’ll see things level out, but it could have been handled better.



    It’s not a straw-man argument, that would mean it doesn’t pertain to the discussion which it completely does. People throw around that definition without understanding what it actually means. I don’t see a noticeable increase in it’s enforcement, since I don’t see more videos being flagged than in previous years. I hope that it doesn’t change, and that more videos are flagged, but who knows. I think that it falls upon YouTube creators somewhat also to realize that they just can’t spurn out any content they want without repercussions. No creators that regularly watch, but some content creators seem to just churn out any old crap they want knowing that their fans will watch it regardless. Hopefully this check on their demonetization will fix that.



    A straw man doesn’t mean the argument doesn’t pertain to the discussion, it means that you’ve constructed your own version of an argument that isn’t being made and are refuting it. No one I’ve seen is arguing that Youtube doesn’t have the legal right or authority to restrict monetization on videos posted on their site, the debate is whether that is a good choice and being handled appropriately.

    You think that several big Youtubers suddenly coming out saying they’re losing monetization in a very short period is just coincidental? It’s not impossible, but to me that seems unlikely. And if you haven’t checked out the article I linked yet (I know, Kotaku is bad and evil, but it has tweets in it) there are plenty of people that make quality content that isn’t at all toxic to the community that are having this issue.



    I hope this won’t hit VGA, there’s quite a bit of swearing in their videos. What about Let’s Plays for games with violence or swearing? Like South Park?



    I doubt they’re combing through every video for bad language, I mean Pewdiepie is known for his strings of obscenities and he’s the biggest thing they’ve got. It seems from what I can tell and from watching H3H3’s video on it, that it’s mostly about keywords found in the video description or tags that get automatically flagged as not advertiser-friendly. That’s why you see certain drama channels that aren’t being affected, and other channels that don’t post objectionable content that are because they included some words that got caught by the system. At least that’s how it seems right now, all of the videos that sort of leave you scratching your head wondering why they were targeted had words like depression, suicide, or rape in the tags or description.



    They’ve hit people like Smosh and Philip DeFranco so it doesn’t matter the size of your channel if they deem it acceptable then they will pull monetization.

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    It seems the more YouTube tries to be more like television, the more drama happens.



    From what I’ve been hearing it’s much worse than that, people don’t seem to understand how bad it is. Plain and simple, YouTube needs competition, Twitch or Netflix or whoever needs to start something like YouTube and put YouTube in there F’in place, like what this guys says: Warning, lots of profanity..

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