• Thought we could talk about our handheld videogame (awesome) consoles. :)
    Of the online ones, I got:
    – Nintendo 3DS XL
    – Playstation Vita

    So far ain’t got friends (active ones, at least) on the former, so haven’t used it much except when going to conventions to get StreetPass hits, but it’s still an entertaining device; bought games like Fire…[Read more]

  • Thanks. :) Yeah, it seem abit like a ghost-town here, with the exception of threads like the Mod Report and others. Still hanging on to the hope of getting some friends, if not getting recruited by the VGA crew in GTA and Minecraft, at least here. Frasier, Becky and the gang are cool to watch on Tube, and would be so rocking to be part of the fans…[Read more]

  • Nice report. :) It sounds like you guys are doing Minecraft on pc only(?), but are there plans for a Ps4 World as well? I’m a console-gamer, and with the exception of an emulator-pack bought many years ago, I never played on the computer. Am greener than a Creeper on that stuff, and would be likely to do something wrong and so. X) GTA V and…[Read more]

  • This may sound like an attempt of cheating, but I find it more like a nice cooperation between us VGA members/folks: If we got a Turbo/VGA server where all members can visit, or just individual member worlds, can I join them and both help with obtaining stuff you all need as well as having you help me? -I don’t shy from a challenge, but regarding…[Read more]

  • Aiming hard for the Heists-Trophies in GTA V. :) And in Star Wars: Battlefront 2, it’s a hard battle against the Dark Side toward rank 50. By the power of the Jedi!

  • When my Patreon funding gets registered next month, and I then (might) become member of Turbo, is there any way to join World 4 via Playstation 4? :) I got Xbox 360 too, though being idle unless 360-friends (and you guys) only, requires to fire it up again. I love Survival mostly, since being one who likes to be the harvester/gatherer of wood,…[Read more]

  • Loved MC since first playing it on Xbox 360. A good game consists of more than just one category, and will say this game with it’s simple graphics (vanilla) proves it. The only thing I find abit sad is M.soft’s purchase of it, since that can (with a big C ) put the future in uncertainty, for us who play it on Ps3/4, mostly. It’s cool that the…[Read more]

  • May the gaming-force be with you!
    Hello, everyone. :) Am another new face here, and joined this Forum today after hearing about it on Patreon. This one is adult, and a gamer at heart, and while loving modern games these times, I also got loads of retro-consoles and belonging games in the shelves. Have gotten a real good taste for VGA/FFS’s let’s…[Read more]

  • Wizzrobotix replied to the topic Twitch problems on PS4 in the forum Video Gaming! 6 months ago

    I got both pc and Ps4, but since spending most time with the latter, that’s where I like to watch Twitch usually. It is a bit laggy on my part too, so uninstalled it some months ago, and gave it a second chance few days ago. Works okay now so far. Another problem it had around a year ago on Ps4, was prompting me to log in via the pc. -That is real…[Read more]

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    Am an adult norwegian who played games since Pong was modern. Love both classic and modern games, and owning Ps4, PsVita, Nintendo 3DS and Xbox 360 atm, whereas the former is my most/constant playing console. Currently, Star Wars: Battlefront II and GTA V Online are what the days goes into. :) I also love Minecraft, Street Fighter II and IV, the…[Read more]

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