The TURBO Club is a lifetime membership for $50 with a suggested annual donation of $50. It has nothing to do with Twitch's Turbo program. Perks currently include

  • A Free TURBO Tee!
  • Access to the TURBO! forum
  • Chat access during the show
  • Free Minecraft AWESOME! whitelisting (check the Turbo forums)
  • Access/Priority Access to our TF2 server
  • And more!

Please try to go to the TURBO Club forum after the payment went through. If you can enter them you're a Turbo member! If not please forward the PayPal receipt via e-mail to fraser@ffstv.com with a short explanation and your username on this site at the top. Keep in mind that chat access will take some time to work. Give it an hour.

Please put a link to your Steam profile into the Steam field in your site profile, that way we can invite you to the Turbo Club group which is used for accessing our TF2 servers.

If you've got a technical problem please contact Nulani.

If you're here to renew please just use the buttons below or directly PayPal fraser@ffstv.com

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